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  1. There is no museum set in Ave x yard. Those cars are there for CED and Track Dept. to practice re-railing.
  2. When did you work the R9s? I asked around and not a single person knows who you are.
  3. The R40's through R46's all had the same end signs when they came back from GOH. The R68/A's also had Eastern Div. routes and Train to the Plane on their original signs too.
  4. If you think there is something they might give you trouble over, go to your personal doctor NOW and get it taken care of. before I was hired at PATH, I went to get my eyes checked and it was a good thing I did. I failed the vision test without glasses, but passed with them. Had i not had glasses, I would have been passed over.
  5. They don't have the train crew put it out? My first week switching at Harrison Yard, I had a track fire and i put it out using my water bottle so we could keep doing moves.
  6. It was all reading comprehension, it was a very easy test and it asked noting about tools.
  7. Finally someone said it, I've been holding back for a while. Just make sure you get a bottom yellow at 4 ball.
  8. In school car for the TA, how much time do they spend on other than head end operation? My switching class at PATH has us doing that almost half the time we operate being flagged by buzzer only.
  9. Duke is the man, last time I saw him he was at Murphy.
  10. I can't speak for the TA guys but at PATH C/Rs and M/M have 4 of the same keys. A PA1-4 cab key, PA1-4 MDC key, PA5 cab key and a PA5 Vapor key. Aside from work trains, the PA1-4 keys are not needed except to key-by 3 signals.
  11. No offense, but some of us here actually are. I'm particularly interested since I work for a different railroad that does things that are very different in terms of training. If you don't think this thread is worth it, go post somewhere else.
  12. Damn, they really give you guys that much to carry? I have a small tool bag with a vest, flashlight, escape mask, and some keys in it.
  13. They still giving out metal brake handles or only the plastic ones?
  14. You have to look for job openings on the PA site. I came in as an agent and did that for 5 months I was supposed to go to motors but then Sandy hit. Hiring is very random though.
  15. Damn at PATH I was getting the base conductor rate from day 1 of school car. Hell I have already have them pay for alot of stuff I bought on my own like my jacket, several flashlights and radio parts.
  16. They are scrap, along with several R42s up there.
  17. Keep in mind that the TA is doing the testing now, not DCAS so things may have changed.
  18. I like my iPhone 4, it does what I need and it's easy to use. I only got it because it was an easy transition from the iPod touch to the iPhone and my previous phone was a flip phone. I guess I'm in the minority of Apple users that buys Apple products solely because it's a step up from something I already had. That being said, the iPhone 5 is a joke and the only real up side is a bigger screen that isn't even that big. So what it's lighter and slimmer, is an iPhone really that bulky (I have an Otter Box on my phone and it's still small)? And 4G, I don't use my phone that much since I can't have it on me at work. I'll wait till they come out with something with a much bigger screen and a faster network (which I don't doubt will be around by the time they have a new phone).
  19. The R62s and I think even the R68s have asbestos,
  20. Don't get your panties in a bunch, it's for the transit museum.
  21. The good 'ol "lets wait and see what happens" response. A key phrase when people disprove what you say. If only some people would take this advice to heart.
  22. There is no brake issue, it's just that people don't understand that they have to adjust their operation accordingly. Every train is different.
  23. Mixed yes, white no. At least that's my personal opinion.

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