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  1. Nope, I'm Irish and German. That's very white, also I don't think garibaldi is white.
  2. The trains were put together in the over haul shop, not in the barn. When the cars were at Pitkin, workers from the builders where there. During the 30 day test period, the trains are still property of the builder, NOT the MTA.
  3. There MDBF beat the R46, R62A, and one group of R142s for march so they are don't something right with the R32s.
  4. But the NTTs don't have a pilot valve associated with their MC.
  5. Why is anyone discussing a car class that hasn't even gone out for bid yet?
  6. If your off duty, put your ID in your wallet. Even better, don't ride the train while off duty.
  7. The burgers suck and the shakes are just as bad. I'll take a good 'ol Carvel shake any day.
  8. That maybe the worst idea ever and it was already tried before. In the 50's, the Lo-V's had such a system and it was a big flop. In fact, the cars of the museum train still have the required components. As an old time Motor Instructor once told me, "it's conductor combat out there, it's you against the masses." such a system would mean that the doors would never close.
  9. The R32s are not new trains so ADA regs. don't apply to them.
  10. Not only that, but having other GOs running on the same line with fast track running would limit the number of available personnel to work fast track.
  11. I'm sure that cars that need interior work will get the work done, but they will save money by only doing the work on cars that need it done.
  12. Oh, I meant the R38 style hand holds. They all stayed in the cars when they were reefed.
  13. That would be great, but I don't think any were saved. They stayed in the car when they were reefed.
  14. The latest thing I am heaing is that they will NOT repaint the interiors of the cars because they want to save as much money as possible. Also, it seems that the first few cars are close to being done. With new windows and clean trucks, these cars look great.
  15. I'll give you the benifit of doubt and say that you have no idea what goes into subway maintinance because if you did, you would know that this program is the best thing to happen in years.
  16. Maintenance wise, it worked out like it was supposed too. Johnson and Gall were very happy with the way it went. As for service, I was out there last night from 1 to 4 and there were no problems on the IRT. Tonight was a bit different with a police action in Brooklyn that suspended for a while.
  17. Talk about over complicated, try finding anything in the dark while operating. The R160 console is alot cleaner and better designed.
  18. It's a great place, if I could get a job with the CTA I'd go in a heart beat.
  19. Chicago still has wood platforms on their Els even on rehabbed stations.
  20. I heard that it will be similar to what the CTA in Chicago uses on their cars. Its a small keypad with a screen, like those on a bus sign. On there cars, you enter your run number and it knows what line your on. After that you have to play the announcement manually like you already do with the door closing warning.
  21. They say you can't fix stupid. There is a way, but murder is still against the law....
  22. And label it as a photoshopped photo because some of the people around here are a bit stupid.

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