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  1. First, I never said that this operator didn't f**k up, they did. Secondly, you don't know what's going on to even say that your life is in danger. Going from this incident on the A line, how do you know the operator wasn't told to wrong rail, I'm sure you don't have a radio. Also I am human and I can make mistakes, but I take my job very seriously since I am responsible for that lives of up to 1,000 lives on a packed train. I am trained to know all the moves I can do on my system, you're not. I have a radio to communicate with my control center, you don't. You can't know what I have been ordered to do such as making a move against the normal direction of traffic.
  2. Pull the cord on my train for no reason and I'd have you arrested. I have made many moves against the normal direction of traffic and most if not all the time, no announcement is made until after the move has started because there just isn't time to do so. I have never had someone tell me what I was doing was wrong or improper because most passengers know that they don't know what is going on in relation to an incident. Pulling the cord or trying to challenge me or my authority will only make the incident worse.
  3. In my experience, I would never take "advice" on how to do my job from a passenger. If anything, I would have you removed by police for banging on my cab door.
  4. And even then, what are you or them going to do about it if you realize you're going the opposite direction of the normal direction of traffic?
  5. Very cool, I have a big collection of signs and I always wanted this one. I was told that the sign room in Coney Island Yard and a massive box of these signs and they were intended to be used on the R40/42/44/46 cars which use the same signs. As the story goes though, all those signs were thrown out.
  6. And you'd be wrong. The vest design is from ML Kishigo and they are made by IBNYS (the same company that made the old vests) in Albany, New York.
  7. Those connections are grandfathered, they existed long before the FRA.
  8. There the same as the vests the MBTA uses in Boston. I have one and I wear it at work and its much more reflective than the old TA vests.
  9. Isn't it possible that the 3 who were demoted did nothing wrong but were sent back because the class was canceled?
  10. NYPD Transit Division is still VHF. They were planning on going to UHF but they had too many problems with that. Also, FDNY is on UHF and have been for 3 or so years now with all dispatch channels on a simulcast on VHF. The reason you hear Transit Division so well is that they hqve repeaters all over the city and in the subway.
  11. No, narrow band and digital are two very different things. By going to narrow band, the FCC can license more radio channels. The TA must be narrow band above ground by the end of the year, underground will still be wide band for a bit longer.
  12. Transit radios are not digital and won't be going to that any time soon. At least this is what I was told by someone I know in CPM who deals with radios. The subway isn't an ideal place for digital radio.
  13. There is no museum set in Ave x yard. Those cars are there for CED and Track Dept. to practice re-railing.
  14. You may be able to take a leave of absence, but it will be unpaid and I think you're seniority will freeze. If any thing, just go to school part time. i don't think its worth possibly giving up one job to "maybe" get another or just have a degree.
  15. PATH has cameras in every car and crime still happens. They are an investigation tool, not a deterrent.
  16. They started giving them out on June 1st and the current ones can't be used after the end of the year. Whats funny is that they are almost identical to what the MBTA uses. The zippers should not be a problem since the sides and shoulders are velco and are designed to breakaway if they get snagged on anything.
  17. There are also 4 or 8 R44s in the back of Coney Island Yard. Not sure why they still have them.
  18. No, but that is the way they do it on real railroads.
  19. To remove your brake handle (on cars so equipped) or remove your MC key, you need to place the brakes into emergency.
  20. Yes and yes. When new, the R68/As were all single units and did operate with the half cab on the head end. in the middle of the train at the C/R position, you needed a full cab since half cabs did not have door controls.
  21. When did you work the R9s? I asked around and not a single person knows who you are.
  22. Have you seen the cars? There is nothing to restore and there in no shape to display.
  23. As a conductor, I never let this shit go happen on my train. I don't care if it's a bunch of junior high kids dancing, some kids selling candy for their "basket ball team" or some old guys signing, Now as an engineer, I deal with it alot less, but I still won't let this go on if i see it. Thankfully PATH doesn't really have to much of this going on.
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