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  1. thanks a lot! i know i'm kinda late getting back at you w/ this lol but w/e

  2. yo, it was great seeing you again yesterday lol. that X80 sign had me shitting bricks! I only realized it was you when you changed the sign to BxM7A tho.


    i'll upload the pic in a few days, along with the rest of the pics i took yesterday...i'll link you when i do so

  3. im gonna keep 9924 off the sheet until its delivered. its going to take longer than we think to deliver that car; 8958-89633 were sited at the plant in late 2007 but it wasnt delivered until like march 2008. idk how far that car has until completion or if its even ready to be delivered but we'll see.

  4. you're on track? what school? i'm from hunter

  5. thanks, im glad you like it. as for 1201, as i said before there are numerous sources that have seen 1201 at zerega. im almost 100% sure trevor has seen it at zerega. no need to research. most of the posters in the 1203 thread said that 1201 is at zerega. but really it doesnt matter because all of the buses mentioned in that thread will be here in weeks.

  6. that post was supposed to come after this one.


    1201 has been cited by numerous reliable sources to be at zerega for final touchups before it enters service. it has been there for a while now. if it was under another circumstance then yes a photo would be needed.

  7. and i hope youre not taking anything ive been doing tonight seriously, this is all in good fun...

  8. there have been reports from various reliable sources stating that 1201 has been at zerega undergoing testing and final touchups before entering service. it wasnt an unfounded claim. otherwise a pic would be needed.

  9. do you want to die

  10. Happy Holidays EE! I enjoy the history that you contribute to the site. I'll contribute some photos right now.

  11. He has and his name is Shortline Bus. IDK if he'll be here long as Harry doesn't tolerate multiple accounts, specifically if the other account has been banned before.

  12. 1 aa1s0 h3rd u l13k pn31sssssssss

  13. You PM either Harry or Zach, and just ask them to change your name to what you desire it to be. They change it in a few hours afterward.

  14. you are correct my good sir


    i herd u liek mudkipz

  15. it's cuz he doesn't post here often. he thinks of rd as his home forum so he posts there mainly. and since he's one of the regulars there his posts stick out more often.


    i think censin should post here too, he's a pretty smart guy. i should tell him about it

  16. btw, just so you know, Q89 is R110B here but he hardly posts.

    RD really has died recently...i remember a month ago there were like 14 posts made in a single day.

  17. lmao! i just had to, it was too good

    i think he's "E train rider" here

  18. not off the top of my head but i think there's one more moderator. you should check the memberlist.

  19. you should ask henry, he's the admin.

  20. yeah, he still has to attract new members and everything, implement rules, etc.

  21. thanks, apparently i'm a mod there. i was supposed to post there days ago but i've been too lazy to lol

  22. lol thanks! also thanks for the datasheet thing, it's good to know I have a lot of supporters including you who read it!

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