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  1. Have they ever modeled the modern sets (i.e. R-142, 143, 160)? If so, they'll look great on my desk!
  2. Definitely Fred Barbieri's "F1 Transit" series. Though much of the details are freelance, they closely replicate those of the NYC Subway system. Here's waiting for the next rendition... I also happen to enjoy the exotic "Sea View" route, of which I understand the fifth version is due for release soon.
  3. Hmm...think I'll pass on that one, as I don't have the technical capability (nor the courage) to alter my brand new system. Ah well, there's always MSTS!
  4. I loved BVE for the reasons already mentioned, especially "simming" through the first half of the line with the R-142. Too bad the program isn't compatible with Vista just yet. I mean, I'd really like to try out that rendering of the 2nd Ave. Subway...

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