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  1. This is a restoration I would love to see.
  2. I was wondering if anyone here has the iPhone 4 and what do you think about it so far. Bill
  3. Wirelessly posted via (Mozilla/5.0 (webOS/; U; en-US) AppleWebKit/532.2 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/1.0 Safari/532.2 Pre/1.1) This is great! Now I don't have to use my wifes laptop because loading the full website can long sometimes.
  4. Wow man those are cool. Love the way you placed it near its real world counterpart. Nice job! :tup:
  5. It is my observation that the air conditioning on the R1, R2, R7 and R8 doors of the R160s are not cool enough to ride. The HVAC block unit on the car is way too long and almost reaches the center door panels R3, R4, R5 and R6. The rest of the doors on the R160 are very cool and work very well. This is about the only gripe I have with this fast accelerating, good braking and smooth riding car. Bill (NYCT)
  6. This is a pretty entertaining thread. Thanks for the laughs. All I can add to it is, it's all about Brooklyn. Bill (NYCT)
  7. Great story kudos to the writer. Bill (NYCT)
  8. Prospect Park station would be a better terminal for this case. Bill (NYCT)
  9. Cool scans guys. :cool: Bill (NYCT)
  10. I can say that the Broadway lines run very well. They can always improve on something. Bill (NYCT)
  11. The Mets organization has shown their true colors. They've shown how classless they really can get. We'll see Willie back in action very soon. Bill (NYCT)
  12. Customers actually wrote complaint letters about the and not the . Then thats the problem right there customers that don't care about their service on the . Bill (NYCT)

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