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  1. I remember this incident, but never saw a photo until now.
  2. SUBWAY DERAILMENT A worker looks at the wreckage of a subway car in the 135th Street Station in New York early Friday, July 4, 1997, following a Thursday night derailment. Fifteen people were injured, two seriously, when the express train in Harlem derailed, leaving the unoccupied last car crushed and severed in half, according to police. (AP Photo/Emile Wamsteker)
  3. GOH was necessary because the cars were run into the ground from delivery. The R-46 is the newest class to have endured it.
  4. That vibration complaint was so long ago it was when they still had Rockwell trucks.
  5. Won't fleet assignments be a pain with 4, 5, & 6 car sets? The last time they did it, it was still all singles. The only B division trains that were married were the R-27/30. Can't do a single unless it's isolated from the other 10 thanks to non-convertible full cabs.
  6. The timers and SMEES de-shunted are a joke. I remember Northern Boulevard bypass in R-46's with P-Wire and hauling ass. They were even quick after overhaul, although being SMEE'd. In 1994 I used to commute to 59th & Lex from Elderts Lane in 50 minutes. To do that now I would need a helicopter.
  7. Although the R-62A has improved, the 62 beat it. I am guessing they are due for a SMS. As far as the NTT's go the R-142 is still smoking the R142A # of Cars Jan '18 Jan '17 % Diff Subdivision A 2,895 122,105 140,328 -13.0% Subdivision B 3,523 98,111 117,851 -16.7% Systemwide 6,418 106,900 126,292 -15.4% Car Class # of Cars Jan '18 Jan '17 % Diff R32 222 33,108 33,331 -0.7% R42 50 36,635 43,444 -15.7% R46 752 71,633 73,642 -2.7% R62 315 195,437 205,635 -5.0% R62A 824 98,796 85,925 +15.0% R68 425 100,291 114,085 -12.1% R68A 200 95,307 102,130 -6.7% R142 1,030 166,269 145,002 +14.7% R142A 220 55,571 49,145 +13.1% R143 212 93,179 54,814 +70.0% R160 1,662 247,157 242,160 +2.1% R188 - New 126 486,053 478,981 +1.5% R188 - Conversion 380 154,591 193,909 -20.3% Subdivision A 2,895 126,733 114,939 +10.3% Subdivision B 3,523 114,774 111,652 +2.8% Fleet 6,418 119,469 113,022 +5.7%
  8. Probably burn testing. Notice the cab door on the inside is open.
  9. The R-142 had a plagued beginning, and now have a higher MDBF than the R-142A's. The M-7's are very reliable, and that order was botched in the beginning. Hopefully, the R-179 will be as reliable.
  10. I think it's because Budd held the patent for the process of shotwelding Stainless Steel. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shot_welding
  11. Unbelievable! Deferred maintenance did us wonders in the past, remember 1980? They better be SMS'ing everything before everything is like the R-46 was in 1980.
  12. The community shot it down because of all the houses that were to be condemned. They were going to keep the section on Fulton but straighten out the S curve. That's why they shot it down.
  13. The doors between 75' cars remotely unlock, the switch is in the cab. If the exterior blue lights at the car ends are on, the doors are unlocked.
  14. I know I am dreaming. Not only would it be wonderful, but secure as well.
  15. Van Wyck, Grand Central, and LIE too. Build a nice museum that would allow most, if not all of it's cars for display.

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