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  1. thanks i appreciate it

  2. I rode PATCO before, but I liked it better this time as the people were nicer and the shorter 2-car trains accelerated faster. PATCO is also the first transit system that I've seen use mirrors as stop markers.
  3. Yes I did, I made some changes to it though. I got off the PATCO train at Broadway instead and took the River LINE to the Aquarium for a ride on the really nice RiverLink ferry on a boat named the "Freedom", the captain was nice enough to reroute the trip a little bit so we can take photos of a huge Intrepid-like ship sitting along the Camden waterfront. To make up for that though, I took the PATCO back to Broadway from 8th and Market Streets for the River LINE instead of a New Jersey Transit bus.
  4. Hey guys, I went to Philadelphia yesterday and I liked it way better than the last time. The only part I didn't like was the ACES trip when many members of the crew seemed to be surprised that I was in first class, and I just want to thank you guys again for your suggestions which helped make it a good trip. I'll upload the cell phone pictures later when I sort out the crappiest ones from the less crappy ones.
  5. I think that I'll take the PATCO into the city then, it's cheaper than taking the Atlantic City Line all the way to the city anyways. I think that I'll just wait for the bus at Market Street and North 63rd Street like suggested, I am now just curious to know which corner the bus to Girard stops so I won't be in a position to let people in the most dangerous area of Philly know that I'm lost. I don't know, I took the 100 last time and I didn't really like it that much, although I now know that it's not called the High Speed line for nothing. I'm doing the 15 already, and the ride I had last time on the 13 wasn't so bad so I might throw in a Subway-Surface ride if I have enough time for it.
  6. Thanks a lot again for the suggestions guys. Thanks for the info on the PATCO and your suggestion for riding more of it, but I just have two questions about this: Will I be missing much if I get off of the Philadelphia-30th Street Atlantic City train at Lindenwold instead of Philadelphia-30th Street sightseeing-wise? I also just want to know your opinion on the area around Market Street and North 63rd Street as I heard that West Philadelphia is not such a nice place. Sorry man I can't do that as it doesn't look like the Broad-Ridge Spur runs on Sundays.
  7. Alright, I typed up a new plan, what do you think? Take the Atlantic City train to Atlantic City at Penn Station New York Take the Philadelphia-30th Street train to Philadelphia-30th Street at Atlantic City Take the 31 to North 63rd Street and West Girard Avenue at Market Street and North 30th Street Take the 15 to Richmond Street & East Westmoreland Street at West Girard Avenue & North 63rd Street Take the 73 to Frankford Transportation Center at Richmond Street & East Westmoreland Street Take the 66 to Frankford Avenue & City Line (Morrell Park) at Frankford Transportation Center Take the 66 to Frankford Transportation Center at Frankford Avenue & City Line (Morrell Park) Take the 69th Street Terminal Market-Frankford Line train to 69th Street Terminal at Frankford Transportation Center Take the Frankford Transportation Center Market-Frankford Line train to 8th and Market Streets at 69th Street Terminal Take the PATCO Lindenwold train to Broadway (Camden) at 8th-Market (Philadelphia) Take the River LINE Trenton Transit Center train to Trenton Transit Center at Walter Rand Transportation Center Take the New York train to New York at Trenton Transit Center Total: Around $90.00
  8. Thanks a lot for the input guys, I'm typing up a new plan with your suggestions to ride the PATCO and 66 trackless trolleys right now. I'm going to remove the NY Waterway ferry, Bolt Bus, and New Jersey Transit Route 1 bus rides to make room for the two suggestions. EDIT: It looks like the PATCO website is down right now, hopefully it comes back up soon so I can re-type my plan.
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