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  1. I Found out some info on the New Bus BID 3 Companys have sent BID one is a Shocker. DaimlerChrysler ORION NABI NOVA <---Shocker NF Has not but a BID in which Shock me also Since most of the fleet is New Flyer
  2. I think the X1, X17 is staying @ YUK But 2-9 will Be Moved.
  3. U still Got Bergen St which i would open back up they still can get the without any problems.
  4. The To Church Will Be A Good Lcl for the cut it to Court Sq Still Having , queens blvd lcl u Give 6 Av riders more Option.
  5. I think it can be easy Jamaica Parson - Broad St Rokcaway Pkwy - 71st St - 6av Lcl, Queens Blvd Lcl Broadway junction - Broad St - Nassua Exp The would Help Broadway El Service , Locals , Express the is cut back to BWAY Junction Put in Direct from Yard. THe Can Handle the Rest of the EL From BWAY Junction to JP without the Skip stop. Swicthing to Express @ Myrtle So its always 2 Locals West of BWAY Junction and the is a pure Express with all Turning into to (J)'s @ Broad St.
  6. They can Always run lights back To CI.
  7. I don't see why not im sure they still have a diesal Pump in JG the 85xx was still there when the C40LF Came in.
  8. RTS will not see too much more service in the BX beside WF with the TMC that a No RTS Zone u won't see any Nova going back to the BX or MAN.
  9. As a Canarsien Most of us Get off @ Bway Junction For the West side & Midtown, Lower Manhattan. I Know a Extend or New From Rocakway PKWY Or Bway Junction would help a lot its not alot of option in the East.
  10. The B6 Last stop is in Front of UP same with the B3 the B64 goes To UP As Well 25 Av side the B82 Stops Same spot as the B6 and the X28/38.
  11. I think its On the 42nd st they are a Few Singles like #1923 and a few other.
  12. U forget the is a 11 car train the singes went from the and the R62 Replace those cars.

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