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  1. Thanks for the info. Also, I'm interested as to why the isn't extended to 10-car trains. 207th Street has 206 R32 cars, with 17 trainsets needed for service. Extend the to 10 cars, and 170 cars are needed for service with 36 spares remaining (= spare ratio of 21%). As things are now, there are quite a few R32's at 207th St that aren't needed. Or are they going to mothball them?
  2. Sorry to ask again, but how is this possible? According to the newest NYC Subway Car Datasheet (March 22nd), Jamaica has 730 R160 cars in active service. + altogether need 71 trainsets for rush hr service. So, only 2 spares left? It's kinda hard to believe... really no R46 rush hour put-ins on the ?
  3. What about the elimination? Even with the extended , this will probably save 5 to 6 R160 trainsets at CIY, which can then be transferred to Jamaica Yard. This means another 48 cars (6 trainsets) of R46's that can be pushed out to 207th/Pitkin, retiring another 48 R44 cars. 228 + 48 = 276 cars -> all R44 cars retired.
  4. Nice pictures there. I especially like the Munich subway shot, which shows our oldest equipment (A type subway car, built 1970-71). These cars have been freshly painted on the outisde like 10 years ago, but other than that are unrefurbished ever since they have been built. Also note the big flatscreens, which are now in use at around ~50% of all Munich subway stations. U4 btw is the only route to operate 4-car trains all day, 7 days a week. All other routes are usually served by 6-car trains.
  5. Won't really make a difference - even as a subway buff, I can't really distinguish R44 and R46 cars, and most people won't even realize the car swap at all. Orange and yellow bucket seats, few doors per car, same look, same sounds.
  6. It seems that they are fixing up mainly elevated/outdoor stations in the past years, which makes sense in that they are more prone to wear-and-tear from wind, salt, rain... The only major underground station renovations of the past 2-3 years I can think of at the moment are Columbus Circle (IRT/IND), Jay St-Boro Hall (IND), and of course the Cortlandt St station on the BMT. Some of the worst-looking underground stations are to be found along the BMT Nassau and IND Crosstown lines, but as long as they are structurally sound and only bad-looking, I guess they won't be fixed up for at least
  7. Interesting to hear about the R44s being phased out. One question though: from what I know, there are exactly 300 60' SMEE's left in operable condition, or 30 600' sets. Also, there are 272 (respectively 264 if you take away the "test" set) R44 cars, or 34/35 600' sets. So, that's a deficit of 4 or 5 trainsets. Are these trainsets going to be "saved" via the (M)/(V) merger, or the elimination?
  8. Though I've only visited NYC four times so far, I remember riding the entire trains from end to end standing at the RFW, which includes basically any IND trackage except for the Crosstown Line. I've been on R32, R38, R40 and R42 cars. My favourite ride was always the , few stops once you leave Manhattan and a nice quick ride most of the times. Sad as it is, I only caught an RFW once on the Concourse Line, which is interesting to railfan b/c it's the only 3-track IND line. And my favourite RFW memory... well, maybe this here: On a Manhattan-bound A train I entered at 80th St/Hudso
  9. The in Brooklyn is empty most of the times. 10 people in one car during AM rush going to Manhattan, is the most I ever saw. They should rather add some service for the 4th Ave Local from Bay Ridge. As for Middle Village and the Broadway Brooklyn El - wouldn't direct Midtown Access indeed be better for the straphangers there than Downtown access? Midtown has shopping entertainment dining out and lots of jobs while Downtown has - only jobs? Also, Middle Village straphangers who want to go Downtown could still do this by a simple same-platform transfer, whilst Midtown-bound people now have
  10. Hey guys, I'm looking for the performer/title of a song that can be heard in the beginning of both these videos: The show was produced in 1979 so I'd assume that the song is from the 70's also. Maybe it's a well known tune in the US so any help would be appreciated! Thanks guys!
  11. Thanks everybody for your comments! I got some more: P-type tram along Berg-am-Laim-Street in my neighborhood. Interior of a P-type car. These cars have never been rebuilt, so they basically look the same as in 1967. Note the girls dressed up for Oktoberfest to the left One of Munich's newest buses - a MAN Lion's City low-floor 3-door bus.
  12. This Saturday, the annual Oktoberfest (Beerfest) started in Munich. You can go there bei either subway or tram - I prefer, of course, tram. Route 19 is a major east-west tram line in Munich. For Oktoberfest weekends, some of Munich's oldest cars are out - type "P", built in 1967. After 42 years of reliable service, these cars still look bright and shiny: Note the two banners above the windshield. The blue one for MVG (Munich TA), the black/yellow one for the city of Munich. Shown here at the Eastern terminus of the line; the ride to Oktoberfest would take 30 minutes from here.
  13. Great shots, love the R42 train and the side walls at West 4th, grimy as ever. Reminds me of when I could go railfanning around NYC!
  14. If ridership on the QB line will increase further, maybe only the could run 11-car trains. Or, weekdays only, all trains are to terminate at Church Ave while the and are extended via the Culver Line to Coney Island.
  15. ENY's R160's run on the and a few sets on the . Coney Island's R160's run on the Jamaica's R160's run on the and maybe soon on the

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