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  1. SInce I am making their bodies for a long time (I mean buses, trains, etc) here it comes a time to instal motors, lights, speakers, and make them run... So what did I come up with: Motor - the best will be is to buy a "build it yourself" RC car kit, and put it under the body of my model. However I dont know whether it is possible to vary the distance between wheels. Beucase it is it designed to be a car, and the distance cannot be changed ... I'll not be able to use it for a bus. It will be either for a jitney or another kind of a car. Lights: LED SMD Strip. But I dont know is safe to cut off when iti s longer then bus's passenger space. Plus, I've heard about LED plug boards, which are used for some store sings. I'd also use fiberboptics as a light conducting material for better lghting. Sensors: Smart bricks of LEGO Mindsorm sets. Like light and color, sensors. And there is also a sence to use LEGO Mindstorm motors. However, will it go together with an RC car kit? what can you advice me, please thanks
  2. also makes NYC buses, as long I supply him photos
  3. Uploaded with ImageShack.us The photo in a left corner comes from Adam E. Moerira
  4. however the resolution of a graphic file allows to make it much bigger :tup: a link to the full version is here http://papertrolley.ucoz.ru/load/0-0-0-392-20 jsut DO NOT SELL IT
  5. For now, let me post just a PREVIEW image here and how does it look like assembled. I've heard that id I want to make this model commercial, I have to pay MTA $5000 for using their logo and designs.
  6. I mean the bridge which runs over Belt Parkway, between exits 24 and 25. that's where Belt turns left, and shortly after it splits into Cros Island and Southern State. As of LIRR - this bridge is on approach to Rosedale station. would it be funny, if Belt Parkway look like this on one of the days ?
  7. Наши в Городе! УРА!!!



    WOW!!! I am NOT only Russian Railfan here! Hooray!!!!

  8. 2 Engineerboy6561 your design is cool. What software did you use?
  9. but i've heard that real R179 will be very similar to R160 Yet, I dream that they will use some elements of PA-5
  10. but not for LIRR. Rather for NYC Subway (to go under R179 order) maybe for LIRR they are suitable to, especially with fewer doors. [/img] Uploaded with ImageShack.us [/img] Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  11. redrawn form a photo by hand, on an engineering graph paper. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  12. they are traced by me on a tracing pad, from a Book about LIRR by Stan Fischler. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Will MTA like it, or better not to show them
  13. I am just dreaming to ride PATH and NJT to Morristown, after the New Year. Was PATH severely affected by snowstorms?

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