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  1. Um... Happy Birthday! ;)

  2. It's strange because I have friends that also ride the around the same time I do and some had the same issue, while others went express from Canal to Union Square. Maybe it's an issue w/ the ??
  3. I'm assuming this is why the is stopping at 8th and Prince St. now? :confused: Those extra little 5 minutes are hurting my commute. It's been awhile since I posted, but I knew I would find an answer on here right away :cool:
  4. Hey Nicole, how's it going? Hope all is well.

  5. I know it's a little late, but Happy Birthday! Hope your day was awesome! ;)

  6. These are my top, but definitely not the end of the list: Alicia Myers - I want to thank you heavenly father Candi Staton - Young Hearts Run Free Bee Gees - More than a Woman Shalamar - (all songs) Slave - Just a Touch Chic - Good Times Rick James - (all; especially Give it to me Baby, Brick House, and Superfreak) ? - Last night a DJ saved my Life
  7. Yup, I can pretty much take any day off during the summer time. School doesn't start again till the second week of September so let me know!

  8. I know I'm crazy huh?! It's a sign of old age lol. But yes, we do need to hang. We should set something up before Summer is over.

  9. You missed work? You're crazzyyyyy lol nothing much, been taking days off here and there relaxing. I was out today doing from photography. Went to do some photos of the George Washington Bridge and around the area and then I went down to the Verrazano Bridge to get some night shots. I will post them tomorrow or later on tonight. We need to hang again sometime. ;)

  10. Everything is good. Yes, I had an awesome time. I didn't go anywhere but I had good company and the relaxation was needed. I have to admit that I do miss the office though. I'm looking forward to tomorrow. So what's up with you?

  11. Hey Nicole? How's it going? Heard you were on vacation. Hope you enjoyed it.

  12. Hey dude! Just wanted to drop by and say hello ;)

  13. I logged on through my phone and noticed the option to choose the background color and I just had to turn the PC on to really check it out. It looks awesome :tup:
  14. Are you still interested in the photo? I can send you a full size version of it, if you need it! ;)

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