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  1. I know it's a little late, but Happy Birthday! Hope your day was awesome! ;)

  2. I know I'm crazy huh?! It's a sign of old age lol. But yes, we do need to hang. We should set something up before Summer is over.

  3. Everything is good. Yes, I had an awesome time. I didn't go anywhere but I had good company and the relaxation was needed. I have to admit that I do miss the office though. I'm looking forward to tomorrow. So what's up with you?

  4. Hey dude! Just wanted to drop by and say hello ;)

  5. Happy belated dude! Better late than never - hope you had a good one ;)

  6. Hey! Sorry for the late reply. I've been good. Busy with this and that, but good overall and yourself?

  7. Happy Birthday Julio!! We have to celebrate one day!!

  8. Happy B-day Fred!!

  9. Happy belated Birthday! Hope you had a good one :)

  10. Happy Birthday!! Hope you had a great one!

  11. Nice! Looking forward to it - don't forget me ;)

  12. Ha! lmao, here I am thinking I was giving you news and you're schooling me! I just heard about the Prom Night like 2 weeks ago and I'm dying to go. Yes, I feel a Webster Hall night is in order indeed! :)

  13. Hey Zach! I've been ok. same ol' ish. Can't wait for the nice weather already. Love the vid! Listen, I know you're an 80's fanatic like me, so I don't know if you heard about Webster Hall's awesome 80's prom on Saturdays. I heard it's a blast. You should check it out...

  14. Oh cool! Let me know when it drops and your girl has good taste! We must shop at the same malls ;)

  15. Yeah i'll let you know. I'm thinking about getting one in Mid May. I'm going to SC on May 25th, so I definitely need it by then.

  16. word, I need a new camera. My camera sux. I have to get one before Summer for some trips I planned, but I am not spending alot of $. I'm just fine with a Cybershot or something.

  17. Yeah but it was so much better today. It was a great weekend. You took nice pics btw...

  18. Hey Nick - forgot to tell you I finally got the book and read it already. Nice job! :)

  19. Next time I will. Just wasn't a good night for it, but I was there in spirit! ;)

  20. Looks like it worked lol

  21. Sounds good - Friday it is!

  22. Lol-good comparison. Booze+Games=fun though. I think we should do the city, there's more to do and we hang on Friday its even better cause you can just meet up with me. There's a movie theatre 3 blocks away and its in the middle of a bunch of other spots. So just let me know..

  23. Ok cool! I don't know - I know the weather is gonna suck, so I'm thinking something local - movies maybe? bowling? pool? I'm pretty much down for whatever. Do you know of any cool places? I've never been to Dave & Busters come to think of it. If you wanna do the city that is...

  24. Same model, but I just need a new one. Mine is flippin' shot

  25. Go to User CP and the Edit Profile Picture

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