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  1. I have the Blackberry Pearl now, but I'm having major issues with it. Dropped calls, missed calls, I mean any glitch that is super annoying, I have it. Hey! maybe your friend can hook it up with a replacement??

  2. oo nice. I think I'm gonna leave T-mobile though. I'm in love with the storm - that phone is bad ass. So I'm gonna hit you up on Friday. We can either do something Friday or Saturday - that would be cool. I don't have anything planned. Noone shows me love anymore :(

  3. Yeah I need to get a new carrier. I have Tmobile and it sucks. I don't really go on AIM that often. I kinda stopped the whole AIM, Myspace, Facebook, etc. thing. I'm like just call or text me dude. Don't show me glittery love-lol. Well my friend is really down of course. It's the worst time to lose a job, but I may have hooked her up with another Recruiting firm. Let's try to set something up soon-possible this weekend if you're down...

  4. Hey stranger..what's going on?

  5. To tell you the truth, I don't listed to Z100 anymore. They tend to repeat songs WAY too much. I'm sure they're burning that song. It makes me end up hating it. I love my ol' school hip hop, R&B, rock, alternative, etc. So yeah that's it ina nutshell...what else is up?

  6. Hey, yeah I love that song. Her whole album is pretty good. I usually have ol' school stuff up, but I decided to switch it up a bit ;)

  7. Love the hat! LOL. Yeah I love me some ol' school music. I was trying to look for some old Grand Puba vids, but alot of the embedding is disabled on youtube now.

  8. Duh..I thought that movie came out already. So now I know who to contact when I move again ;). I got my internet back up though. I'm happy! I could have used it last weekend when it was brick outside. Of course it's gonna be beautiful this weekend so you know I won't be on my PC :)

  9. Hey there! So I'm officially going through withdrawal and I absolutely hate using my phone to go on the net. So what's up with you! How are you? Did you check out watchmen? And yeah right..you would have helped me move...pff. Lol

  10. TGIF! So next week is the big exam huh? That's really cool! I actually had to move temporarily so I am super swamped. I had to carry crap up to the 4th floor all by myself. Just another boring weekend for me. AND I have no internet..ugh. Well, it is what is. But YOU on the otherhand, have a great one! Let me know how the flick was..

  11. My bad, I sent a message and meant to edit, but hit delete. So what's goin' on?

  12. I'm chillin. Glad to hear everything is well. As for me, just work and home these past couple of days. Groundhog Day ya' know?

  13. Thank you! - Just don't let it happen again next year - lol. How's everything??

  14. Aww thank you Amelia!

  15. Yeah I'm a beer fan, but these days I'm more into wine. I'm not too picky ;) LOL

  16. Hey there! Thanks for the best wishes!

  17. Thank you for the Birthday wishes!! :)

  18. Thanks for the Birthday wishes Nick!!

  19. Thank you so much for the Birthday wishes!!

  20. Thank you so much for the Birthday wishes my friend!!

  21. I hear that! - yummy!

  22. mmm love Vanilla Chai tea, but Green tea w/ lemon sounds interesting. Oh the choices...

  23. and the drink of the Goddesses too! Yeah man, Beyonce's "Single Ladies" is my theme song right now -lol- but it's by choice..

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