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  1. Awww thanks! I could use some tea right now...

  2. Muchisimas gracias por la felicitacion! Pues seguro que hablo espanol! And I'll take a shot of Patron and a green little buddy (Hieneken) please!

  3. Yeah - it's official! Thank you...and Happy Belated!

  4. Thanks for the Ray Orbison dedication J! :)

  5. Yup it's official - lol. How have you been??

  6. No I've never taken pics or vids. I love looking at the pics though especially Fred G's, Harry's, and Brighton Local - they have nice pics in the gallery. So yeah, I'll occasionally chime in on a thread (if I know what I'm talking about) or I'll just ready and feed the brain :) I'm assuming you're a true rail fan? Did you ever go on a trip with some of these guys?

  7. LOL - yes, it is a Michael Jackson vid. He's one of my favorites. His personal life is def. off, but he was a great performer and his songs rock! So you voiced your opinion and some don't agree - who cares? If we all agreed it'd be a pretty lame site no? I'm def. not a transit buff, but I do find it way more interesting since I joined. I don't think I'm ready to go railfanning though ;)

  8. Hey there! I'm doing well and how are you??

  9. Well that's good to hear that you're feeling better. Yeah, same here. I hate when I don't sign on for a couple of days and I have like 700 unread posts..ugh! But when there's time to spare it's a good read. Well, bundle up..it's brick city out there :)

  10. You remembered! Thanks for asking. Well, I'm still in the process. There's a ton of forms we have to complete. I tried calling and was kept on hold for almost 20 minutes and I left several voicemails. It was to be expected though. Personally, I think that the Bus ads are the cheapest, but we'll see. At least I was pointed in the right direction thanks to you ;)

  11. Hey girl! How have you been? I see you're quite the active member..good stuff!

  12. Hey stranger! How have you been? I took a look at your Deviant page..really cool! I love the photo album. Are you working on any new stuff??

  13. What's going on Andy?! How have you been??

  14. I will - send me the link and thanks for the compliment! ;)

  15. Hey there! So what's new with your site? Any updates??

  16. Seriously! It was really bad for me cause I went to a Giants pre-party on Friday. I guess we celebrated too early :( Well, at least they made it that far....

  17. Oh that's cool - a rail fanning couple; very cute :)


    Well, I don't post too much either when it comes to the "techy train stuff" (as I like to call it) but I'll get involved with the basics and most of the Off Topic threads. It's pretty cool though because I find myself paying attention to things I never did before.


    Yeah, I love Oasis - they're pretty cool :)

  18. Lol - yeah, there's actually a couple on here, but they don't post frequently.

  19. That has to be the coolest transit vid I've seen on here so far..

  20. "Iceberg straight ahead"! Good movie. One of my fave parts is when the ship actually snaps in half. I know; that's pretty bad...

  21. I can't believe you said I was old! LOL. Anyway, thank you for the compliment..:)

  22. Aww, that was so sweet! You made my day :)

  23. Oh cool! I'll be sure to comment :)

  24. Hey! You've been pretty quiet. Where are the drawings?

  25. Ok, sorry about the late reply - but yeah - the profile went a little crazy. I did check the site out. It seems to be coming along....

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