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  1. Yea,i'v seen the R42 museum set (4572-73) in the TOMM every time i'v seen it.
  2. The museum has an R42 set saved,so i'd be suprised if they save another set.
  3. Really? stop posting about this,i think everyone here knows how much you like the R42.just stop because you're trolling at this point.
  4. There are still plenty of 2003 Orion VII CNGs at West Farms.
  5. No,they manufactured the R110B cars. til next time
  6. Nice shot. til next time
  7. I was there on that day too,i wasn't on the last trip to Far Rock.but I enjoyed this day and enjoyed riding those cars.
  8. Those were the R36WF cars that were at Corona Yard,right?
  9. Photos and vids were taken this past Tuesday:
  10. Took these photos and videos at the end of August: R32: R42: I know this last photo doesn't look good,but here's the story.i took a ride an R46 F train,(from what I saw,there were a lot more R46 then R160s)passing CI yard I saw a lone R42 car in the yard.so I took a F train back to Manhattan,on the way I took this photo of the R42: Passing by,i think the car number was 4839,the photo is at full zoom.
  11. Would that be under the share?all I see is share this video,embed,email and buttons to share to Facebook,Twitter and the other blog sites.
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