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  1. I was actually thinking that the MTA should purchase Suburban Orion VII 3Gs for the staten island express routes because if they're going to continue to allow standees on the MCIs & prevosts then you might as well have the aisle space that the 3Gs would provide. It would also be cheaper for the MTA to run frequent service with suburban 3Gs over motor coaches.
  2. MTA Bustime will soon have been around for 2 months on Staten Island, and I would say that it has made service on the island 100% better and more efficient. There were some issues at first with buses not showing on the map but that has been rectified and it's now a life-changing app. I haven't had to wait at a bus stop for any longer than 5 minutes although there are less seats available because I believe ridership on SI has increased tenfold since bustime went live. It's best application though comes through being able to see when the next express to SI is arriving in Manhattan. The only problem is that until the bus schedules are coordinated & developed using bustime data, then we can't use time-based apps like NextBus without it showing unusual times and headways.
  3. I would not be surprised if the MTA installs turnstiles at Grasmere! :eek: (At least that would mean another MVM location on staten island.)
  4. I would like to see the SI Division fleet covered by 3Gs. They're perfect for staten island when it comes to the extra seats, wide space, easy doors, speed, and you can actually catch some sleep on these buses. The 3Gs are everything that the Hybrids were marketed to be. :tup::tup:
  5. Just thought I'd leave an update that the Xcelsiors are now on bustime! And they are currently running on every castleton line today. They're great replacements for the hybrids that left.
  6. Don't mean to divert the topic, but what is this talk about safe and not safe? All of Staten Island is safe and a walk in the park compared to other boros, even manhattan itself. It's just a matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time and that can happen in any neighborhood.
  7. I tried to check and see if the xcelsiors were on bustime after I saw them pass and no dice. It shown a large gap in service. Just imagine if there are Xcelsiors running back to back! :eek:
  8. So has anyone heard the new announcement? It mentions that Staten Island buses may get held by central dispatch for "better service". This is the longer travel time issue that checkmate and myself were talking about. Crowded local buses, express buses and even limited buses are having to pull over and hold at stops when they should be moving a consistent pace because that what buses are supposed to do, especially with the Staten Island ferry being the terminal for most lines. The true problem lies with the runtimes that are too long/short & schedules that are not accurate nor realistic for drivers or passengers. The coming months will be interesting for SI bus service overall (local, limited & express).
  9. Agreed, since someone from MTA bustime reads the forums, hopefully they will see this and correct it ASAP. It makes it seem as though no bus is arriving, but SUPRISE it's an Xcelsior! Also, I don't think the S54 at any time of the day warrants any type of bus other than the novabus. An Xclesior on the S54 is a colossal waste of money as long as the S54 doesn't run to St. George.
  10. Anddd... the XD40s are a go at Castleton! They're slowly taking over just like the novas & 3Gs, yet they are incognito from MTA BusTime at this time.
  11. I have an idea for a new service pattern on the SAS opening in 2016. Astoria-Coney Island, broadway local via bridge 96th/2nd-Coney Island, broadway express via bridge, Forest Hills-Bay Ridge, broadway local via tunnel -reduced service overall, more , & trains instead 96th/2nd-Bay Ridge, broadway express via tunnel (local at night)
  12. Earlier this week, there was a bunch sitting in the yard during the middle of rush hour. Still haven't seen one yet, the Orion 3Gs on the other hand spread out across SI pretty fast after they were delivered.
  13. Awaiting the day that the 1999 O5s get sent to eastchester or mta bus. They're pretty crappy buses, except for the 63xx fleet at Yukon. When there's even a slight deficiency in maintenance, the O5s quickly become sick dogs.
  14. There are xd40s sitting at castleton yet they are very much MIA from service.. are they having problems with them or still training?
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