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  1. These are awesome! You should look into doing paper buses. Hey, can you draw up some Bee-Line buses?
  2. Hold it! Those fictional buses CAN be done. I have the following buses. Beeline: Gillig Phantom, Gillig Advantage, Neoplan AN440. I painted them myself.
  3. Liberty lines would be awesome! Unfortunately I do nit know anything about MV transportation.
  4. Ooh, touchy topic here. I think SCT is long over due for some changes. SWEET...lol, I like that. Anyways, yea, its time to get in the program.
  5. Here is what The Don would like to see. I want ALL PBLs back but owned and operated by somebody that can properly run and manage a TA. The MTA is a monopoly, and I would love for them to know how it would feel if somebody took THEM out. PBLs = variety.
  6. See, it's crap like this that if and or when I get my bus line started, I and all of my drivers will have CCWs and mace.
  7. Dude, those were AWESOME!!! You should check out my rap, here it is...
  8. I WANT ONE!! I was gunna take one of my model RTS buses and put it on a chain and wear it when I go transit fanning.
  9. Is that LA Metro bus on loan, or has it been sold to NYCMTA?
  10. I under stand that they do look kinda kiddish to some, but for people like me who are financialy sisk, these will do just fine. But when the DCATA(me)gets enough money, I will buy more realistic models.
  11. This song is very deep, I kinda relate to this. http://youtu.be/qjsXPra4l5E
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