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  1. (insert facepalm here) Left without further comment... https://abc7ny.com/video-shows-partiers-take-over-mta-bus-while-smoking-dancing-in-queens/6365876/
  2. The idea is that the Q47 can't support everyone trying to get to and from the B6 (airline) terminal when it's actually functioning again.
  3. 1. The longest unlinked trip for me was the Q44 Limited... 2. Related to the first, all on buses, trying to get home from White Plains (also on a bus). After getting off the Bee Line 3, I then used the Bx9 to the Q44 to the Q56. This was during the 2003 blackout...and I eventually got a ride from the Q56 home to a residence with lights and air conditioning. It's during the blackouts that one really realizes how crucial the surface transit network is. BTW, fun fact...Alexander's still owns the site of its flagship store and is a pretty expensive stock these days per share, but has not rung up a retail sale since 1992 (after closing the stores, Alexander's was able to emerge from bankruptcy).
  4. On the BxM11 at 116 and Madison. 0023 by Adam E. Moreira, on Flickr
  5. On the Q70, the no standing rules really need to be enforced so that two Q70 buses can easily fit in the stand on Woodside. Oftentimes, I see a Q70 needing to park at the 63 Street Q18 stop for lack of room. Also, with B6 (the airline jetBlue, not the route) unlikely to leave the Marine Air Terminal, is there a need for a less-frequent shuttle just going to Terminal A? Keep in mind that previosuly, there were 12 rigids covering the Q70, and now there are 13 articulated buses. A caveat now is that B6 hardly has any operations now at Marine Air as there are only 1-3 flights each day there...with a plane that may sit for a few days before flying again, but when short-haul can return to normal, those six gates at Marine Air (Terminal A) will be busy, and as such, I would wonder if it's necessary to have two buses operating only Woodside to Terminal A Currently, the maximum amount of buses needed for the Q70 SBS is 9 (accounting for delays). Also, this would not be needed now, but when traffic from LGA returns to near normal, I do see the need for 2 buses to run just to Terminal A.
  6. With OMNY and all-door boarding, there may be no need for Select Bus Service down the line since the OMNY device can be used at every door. The SBS wrap should be replaced with the regular livery. The blue sign can remain or Select can revert to Limited. What would be interesting is if the LFSAs with luggage racks may get a special livery similar to what 6274-6286 have. Also, where does the Bx99 go to turn around? Do buses have to go all the way up to McLean Avenue in Yonkers to relay?
  7. It's Rosie Perez? I thought it was a toned-down Awkwafina or Rosario Dawson.
  8. According to a pop-up on their home page, they will end all service at the conclusion of the Friday schedules. DeCamp was in business for 150 years. I could see the 33 and 66 going to Lakeland, or NJT Wayne, with the 32 and 99 to Meadowlands, but where would the 44 and 88 go?
  9. Except for the over Manhattan Valley, but bypassing 125 Street. As for winds, JFK Airport was reporting hurricane-force gusts...which prompted this decision. Also, because of a signal malfunction, the isn't running south of Bedford-Nostrand.
  10. The could at least run to Whitehall. As for the , that could be suspended with running instead (existing on the road converted to service). To end at 59 Street requires a relay outdoors. As for the , that can run to 2 Avenue. Also, the is starting and ending at 191 Street, bypassing 125 Street, and the last stop outbound for trains is Myrtle-Wyckoff.
  11. I could see just the express buses being ordered, as those buses need to be replaced (along with a top-up order to replace all of the 3000-3474 batch of MCI buses). The 4300-4329 batch (28 buses remaining) could then be sent to either LaGuardia or Far Rockaway (each garage has only rush hour service assigned). The local buses will have to wait a bit longer.
  12. Looks like a convenient place to turn the bus around, and also extremely close to MJQ Depot. That said, I do agree as to why it doesn't just run with the B99 service...and there is still a gap in upper Manhattan.
  13. Given how the S53, S79, and B1 are orphaned at their western end, what about a route that extends the S53 to downtown Brooklyn via 4 Avenue? (Hylan Boulevard is already covered by the SiM1C.)
  14. Bus 23, a Prevost X3-45, is driver training at Yonkers. I attempted a picture, but it came out blurry and I didn't get another chance.
  15. I would make one minor change to the Bx99 route, at the northern end. Have it turn off Jerome Avenue at Van Cortlandt Avenue, and then run it via Van Cortlandt and Bainbridge to directly serve Montefiore/North Bronx Central, replacing the Mosholu Parkway stop with the front door of Montefiore, where a transfer can be done between the routes serving the northeast Bronx. (This is in addition to the BxM4, unless the Bx99 would replace it.) Also, there should be a north-south route replacing the each night...I would call it the Bx98 operating straight up and down Broadway from 59 to 242 (no deviations), making subway stops plus GW Bridge Bus Terminal. This would replace the M104.
  16. That is why I actually suggested the MTA try to find the suspect themselves, without NYPD assistance. With the way things will be at the NYPD, the MTA will need to be more DIY in terms of protection of its property and revenue. For instance, there have been MTA Police at places where they would never be seen before and where the NYPD used to be, like the Rockaway Parkway Intermodal Center. The real issue may be that the MTA Police may not be trained in undercover operations as well as the NYPD is. However, at the same time, the MTA Police tends to get a lot of hires from the NYPD's Transit Bureau.
  17. In 2017, I would have asked that about the NYPD. However, with Andrew Cuomo growing the MTA Police force, and also having state troopers patrolling within city limits, this operation could be run independently of the NYC Police...using MTA Police and state troopers.
  18. The issue is significant enough to warrant its own thread. For a while, the S51, S52, S74, S76, and S78 (and relevant related Limited-Stop buses) were detoured completely away from Stapleton, cutting the area off from bus service completely. Today, the S52, S74 (northbound only) and S78 remain on detour...until further notice. This is because of 7 incidents in 9 days between June 17 and June 25, culminating with a driver being injured by a trash can thrown at a bus. The S51, southbound S74, and S76 have since been restored, but the S52 and S78 remain on detour with no service on Tompkins Avenue or Targee Street north of Vanderbilt Avenue (including the portion of Van Duzer Street into which Targee Street flows) (detours via Bay Street instead). A paratransit bus was also hit on July 16. The police believe that all 8 incidents were done by the same person. All of the incidents are in the vicinity of the Stapleton Houses. https://www.silive.com/news/2020/07/an-entire-community-is-being-denied-bus-service-mta-detours-buses-in-stapleton-for-a-month-after-vandalism.html What I don't get is: why doesn't the MTA assign plainclothes police officers to ride the buses that pass in the vicinity of the Stapleton Houses to catch this perp?
  19. The 1994-95 CNG O5s had expiring tanks and had to be retired. As for replacements, did Gleason get additional O7 CNGs in the interim, while West Farms got diesel buses?
  20. Is that bus running yet? If so, out of what garage?
  21. I have to wonder if a shortened version of the B37 is warranted---not going all the way to Barclays. I would propose it as follows: Northbound: start at the VA Hospital, then operate via 7 Avenue, 92 Street, 4/5 Avenues, Marine Avenue and 3 Avenue in Bay Ridge to 65 Street. But instead of continuing along 3 Avenue, the bus would then operate via 2 Avenue, to serve NYU Brooklyn, the industrial area along 2 Avenue and all of Industry City to Liberty View and the prison, running along 2 Avenue to the end of the street at 29 Street, looping around, and ultimately terminating at 36 Street . Two subway intersections: 36 Street, and 95 Street .
  22. That fleet is 13-14 years old. There have already been some write-offs. It should not be too surprising at this point.
  23. Weekend service would be via both; I don't see justification for weekday service to The Mills at Jersey Gardens outside of the Christmas shopping season. What forces it to be express is that, at least for now, one cannot use coins on the Prevost and MCI fleet, but there are OMNY readers. When there are more options, such as fixed-time passes, that can change. Also, there is no local bus that's capped at a speed fast enough to serve EWR from Staten Island. My post said a number at first because I initially considered separate service to Jersey Gardens, but then thought that there would be little weekday ridership there outside of the Christmas season (when there are normally transatlantic shopping trips there, usually on Jet2).
  24. I think the route needs to originate from ETC...and use OTR coaches. There is definitely a market for it. I would actually have a number of routes. SiM40: Newark Liberty Airport, hourly from 0600 to 2200 (ETC departure)...following the SiM4(C) up to Bulls Head and making SiM4C stops. Weekends, the route would be via Jersey Gardens before Newark Airport. Via Richmond Avenue and Drumgoole Road, starting at Victory Boulevard: SiM50: Richmond & Forest to Metropark, peak direction only, 6 trips each way. SiM51: Richmond and Forest to Raritan Center, peak direction only, 4 trips each way. Local service to New Jersey: (This would require the cap on all SI Division local buses to be raised to 45 mph minimum.) S47: St. George Ferry Terminal via Forest Avenue to Elizabeth (Broad Street station) via Bayway Avenue and South Broad Street, weekdays 0600 to 2000 and Saturdays 0800 to 1800 (no Sunday service). Some trips would start from the Ferry, but reliefs and most run-offs would be from Willowbrook Road. The final trips from New Jersey would drop out at Willowbrook Road and return to Castleton Depot. S56: Reroute from Tottenville High School to Perth Amboy (school trippers and some weekday AM short-turns would still run to/from Tottenville HS skipping Seguine Avenue). Instead of operating via Seguine and Hylan (which the S55 serves), the bus would continue west along Amboy Road, Page and Boscombe Avenues, and Bricktown Mall, and operate in Perth Amboy along Amboy and New Brunswick Avenues. It is very possible that the SiM50, SiM51, and S56 could all be contracted, possibly to Academy, which has a garage in Perth Amboy.
  25. I actually see Yukon as more likely...for the St. George to Matrix Park route (I won't call it the S40 as it won't work running on the Terrace), the S79, and the S93 (S93 in a W pattern with the S79). The S93 would have the B1 rationale for articulated bus usage...need for up-gauging. Also why I see Yukon as more likely...Arthur Kill Road isn't exactly wide by Charleston Depot, while Yukon and Independence Avenues are unusually wide for short streets by the Yukon Depot. I do see another articulated bus order coming, but by the time this happens, OMNY will be systemwide and there will be no need for front door-only boarding on any route. Yukon would probably need somewhere around 60 LFS articulated buses.
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