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  1. On 9/11/2019 at 12:29 PM, P3F said:

    Ironically, that's where a 24/7 bus lane makes almost no sense. It should have proper hours like most bus lanes in the city.

    The bus lanes through Spring Creek Towers are also 24/7.

    As for a special livery, I feel that it should be ended, especially since the MTA Bus XD60s for the Q53 SBS (6234 and higher) are/will not be wrapped at all.

  2. On 10/21/2019 at 9:32 PM, Cait Sith said:

    Not yet.


    So Prevost lowballed the order by 13 million....which might not sound like a lot, but when it comes down to quality assurance, that's a bit worrysome, especially with how bad the 2500-2700 batch has deteriorated in a short amount of time.

    Prevost is owned by Volvo of Sweden...but even without that to consider, Plattsburgh is a hell of a lot closer than Pembina.

  3. As I see it, the MTA needs a top-up order of articulated buses, primarily for Brooklyn Division. This will cross over into route changes, but the Q58 would be the prime local bus needing artics, as at the "peak of the peak" in the morning, there can be buses as frequently as 4 minutes, and there are problems with over-crowding, especially between Ridgewood and Queens Boulevard.

    As for problems with turns, I see that as being resolved by modifying the Ridgewood end as follows:

    To Ridgewood Terminal, via Myrtle...no turn onto Putnam Avenue. Instead...remain on Myrtle, with the last stop being on the far side of Wyckoff, near Gates. (An additional stop would be added on the near side of Cypress Avenue, and then on the far side of St. Nicholas.) Then, left on Gates, left on Irving, and left on Palmetto to stand. (This would avoid the narrow Ridgewood Place for the Q58, but not the B26.) As for through traffic, it could be restricted between Ridgewood Place and Wyckoff Avenue, with through traffic on Gates Avenue.

    The other route in Brooklyn that could warrant artics would be the B6. If Ulmer Park can't fit them, then maybe the Local and Limited should be split, with the B82 Local swapping to Ulmer Park in exchange for the B6 Limited, with the B6 Limited and B82 SBS sharing an articulated bus pool (local bus livery).

  4. On 10/8/2019 at 9:38 PM, NY1635 said:

    The MTA should extend those B32 trips to Astoria along Vernon Blvd. It can avoid the dreaded Queens Plaza and get there in time. 

    Not to fond of sending anything along Sunnyside unless it's a thru route. It's an industrial area, but not as insidious as Industrial Maspeth.

    .You probably have to go to Queens Plaza at some point though. I would ask if it might be better to have it run via Vernon Boulevard to 44 Drive, and then cut across to then take over the Q101 Steinway...which would likely require turning the route over to MTA Bus, but could also mean that the Q103 is no longer needed in any way, shape, or form.

  5. I actually like this idea. I would go even further and add a protected bus lane from Van Dam Street to Roosevelt Avenue (with a special turn signal for the Q32 to cut across traffic to make a left turn), which would also serve to calm traffic by reducing Queens Boulevard from 4 lanes each way along each section to 3. (Through Woodside, one has fixed speed cameras patrolling the main road in the 50s because of a private elementary school at about 55th Street.) One would have to keep the Q60 on the service road through Woodside and past the Big Six Towers because of BQE access on the westbound side,  However, between 76/Kneeland and 57 Avenue, and again after 62 Drive, the Q60 should be in the main roadway, which would again serve as traffic calming by reducing travel lanes.

    That said, I would redo the stops on Queens Boulevard between 76/Kneeland and Union Turnpike as follows:

    • Jacobus (77) Street (eastbound only)
    • Hillyer (79) Street/Albion Avenue (bidirectional)
    • 51 Av (bidirectional) 
    • Grand Avenue (Broadway) - near side for both
    • 55 Avenue (eastbound only) - also with the Q59
    • 56 Avenue (westbound only)
    • 57 Avenue (eastbound only)
    • Woodhaven Boulevard
    • Eliot Avenue/Horace Harding Expressway
    • 63 Avenue/62 Drive (return to main road)
    • 63 Avenue/Road (western side) - better access to Rego Center
    • 64 Road (near side of crossing)
    • 65 Avenue/98 Street
    • 66 Avenue
    • 67 Road
    • 68 Avenue
    • 68 Drive
    • Yellowstone Boulevard
    • 71 Avenue/108 Street (western side of street)
    • 72 Avenue (with a new crossing and light installed)
    • Ascan Avenue/72 Drive
    • 75 Avenue (crossing by fire house made into full-time signal)
    • 76 Road
    • 77 Avenue (westbound only in main road)
    • 78 Avenue (westbound only in main road)
    • Union Turnpike.

    Eliminated stops would be:

    • Ireland Street (eastbound)
    • Cornish Avenue (westbound)
    • Goldsmith Street (eastbound)
    • Van Loon Street (westbound)
    • 63 Drive (westbound only)
    • 56 Avenue (eastbound only)
    • 67 Drive (eastbound only)
    • 69 Road (westbound only)
    • 76 Avenue (eastbound only)

    Running the bus on the main road would actually allow stops to be added without slowing down the route, if the stops are on the main road in a dedicated bus lane. Almost every crossing would be a bus stop, and it would be possible to undo many of the stop eliminations done about a decade ago. The bus lanes on Woodhaven Boulevard have done wonders for Q52/3 service.

    As for the final part, it should be done over the objections of the Queens beep.

  6. On 9/11/2019 at 1:48 PM, Future ENY OP said:


    Spotted in Downtown Brooklyn today. It appears that Outfront has the dimensions for Gleason’s buses. Bus 486. 

    Hopefully the LFSs (rigids and artics) are next. I also see no reason why full wraps should not return.


    Separately, given how the S79 SBS no longer has a dedicated fleet, is there any reason why there should be a dedicated Select Bus Service wrap? I would take the wraps off and just have the sign be the indicator, along with visible announcements...but (S79 excluded) only blue-and-yellow buses on the SBS (any surplus could then be a local bus). After all, it is not uncommon for SBS-liveried buses at Gun Hill, and sometimes West Farms, to end up on local routes...and someone just posted a video here of a Q44 SBS bus on the Q12...and bus 6234 has seen SBS service in standard livery. After all, when OMNY expands citywide next year, and MetroCard is eventually phased out, the entire system could become proof of payment, similar to how Vancouver is.

  7. 8 hours ago, NewFlyer 230 said:

    The good thing with the Q27 serving Springfield like it does is that people along Springfield get to benefit from frequent service. I honestly doubt that a stand-alone Springfield route will have as frequent service as the Q27 does south past Jamaica Ave. 

    However I think extending the Q27 down to Merrick makes the route too long but riders will benefit from frequent service.


    I think the Q76 and Q77 should either terminate at 169 and or 179th Street stations. Why continue to waste that extra mileage where most post are using other routes to transfer to the Q76 and Q77 anyways.

    While the Q27 is long, once it gets out of downtown Flushing, there is no real area where the route gets bogged down. It's actually a smooth-sailing route, unusual for most long routes to the point where I'll call the Q27 an outlier in this regard. I would propose having Springfield and Merrick as the full-time terminal with limited weekday and Saturday service to 145 Road. I know what one is saying---this route is already long, but again, it's an anomaly among longer routes. To reduce the time, I would propose full-time Limited service on the Q27, with local trips terminating at the Queens Village railroad station.

    Now, as for Southeast Queens being a transit desert, that is magnified by the fact that there's a large part of Laurelton without any transit service except for the Q5 along Merrick Boulevard...I would ask if it's warranted to reroute the Q77 away from Springfield. I would propose continuing down Francis Lewis to Merrick Boulevard (as it snakes through Laurelton), Merrick Boulevard to 225 Street, and then down 225 Street to 147 Avenue (the new terminus). That would provide network coverage through Laurelton and also to the Laurelton railroad station. I would consider truncating the Q77 to the 179 Street subway on its Jamaica end...maybe the Q76 as well, agreeing with you there. (Springfield Boulevard is served south of Merrick by limited Q27 service---the Q27 is the best option for a crosstown route.) 

    If the Q27 becomes too long, I'd route it down Parsons (to serve Flushing Hospital), Sanford, Bowne, and Roosevelt.

    As for 225 Street, there are concrete placements likely indicating that a bus route once did run down 225 Street.

  8. At the end of the day, I doubt the desire of not wanting buses down Stadium Avenue alone was the issue...but rather the walks. Remember when the MTA sought to reroute the Bx8 before? The reason why the current routing works is because southern Country Club gets access to a Foodtown at Crosby and Bruckner, which to me is super-important. The reason that routing actually functions as needed is because, even though it's close to the water, and it might seem to make sense on paper to use Vincent Avenue instead, there is a 6-story apartment building at the end of Randall Avenue to provide ridership, along with an apartment complex at the end of Layton Avenue.. The Bx8 provides direct service to the former and one block away service from the latter.

    Additionally, if the Bx8 ran down Stadium, it would miss the Foodtown. Google Maps really allows one to "observe the neighborhood".

    In short, I'm perfectly okay with not running a bus down Stadium (between the two sections of Country Club). Wasn't that a complaint before when the Bx8 was routed away from Foodtown?

  9. On 7/24/2019 at 9:44 PM, paulrivera said:

    Might as well go back to the blue stripe paint scheme at that point.


    In that livery, that bus actually had Wi-Fi and USB...it just wasn't advertised externally. It more likely was that the MTA hadn't figured out how to apply the new livery to an LFS.

  10. 1 hour ago, checkmatechamp13 said:

    There should be S93X trips that run nonstop from CSI (front gate in addition to 1A building) to/from 92nd Street/Fort Hamilton Parkway. 

    If the fleet was not capped at 40 mph (45 mph for the blue-yellow LFS buses), I'd agree with that, but those buses would be a hazard on the road coming into and out of Sunnyside. When frequencies were much less, I once ended up on an S93 told to go straight to the college---it was terrible capped at 40 mph on the SI Expressway.

  11. Days 12345 - Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri (for purposes of this thread)

    One thing I would propose for the S93---based on actual observations:

    On the trips before a change in schedule (CSI class time starts on weekdays are: 8 AM, 10:10 AM, 12:20 PM, 2:30 PM (135), 4:40 PM (1234), and 6:30 PM (1234)). Even with ramping bus service to no worse than 12 minutes (scheduled), you have the problem of buses leaving Bay Ridge crush-loaded, meaning they cannot accept any passengers intra-island. Taking advantage of the higher speed cap on the blue-and-yellow LFS buses (45 mph as opposed to 40 mph for the rest of the fleet), I would propose creating S93X trips...with the first stop in Staten Island being at Targee Street, bypassing Fingerboard Road and St. John's Avenue (passengers for those stops could use the S79 SBS instead). Here, a regular S93 trip would start at Fingerboard Road as a deadhead off of another route, to provide intra-island service. These local trips would replace the regular S93 trips that depart Bay Ridge at: 9:22 AM, 11:22 AM, 1:34 PM (135), 3:46 PM (1234), and 5:34 PM (1234).

    Also, I would propose limited Saturday service on the S93, running from 7 AM (Bay Ridge departure) to 5 PM, with departures at 7 AM and 7:30 AM, and then every 45 minutes afterward until 5:15 PM being the last Bay Ridge departure (CSI departs 45 minutes later).

  12. I know that this is looking a bit down the line, but would the MTA ever consider articulation joint replacements at mid-life rehab to extend the life of the current articulated bus fleet to 17-18 years? Keep in mind that bus 1200 is already 10 years old. (The XN60 fleet is likely tank-limited to 20 years, and so that should take an XN60 to close to tank expiration.)

  13. On 8/15/2019 at 12:17 AM, Lil 57 said:

    After some consideration, I’ve made quite a bit of edits to my redesign proposal, here are the main edits.

    Service Guide

    S52: Straightened out to run straight down Sand Lane instead of meandering through South Beach. The S58 covers McClean Ave.

    S53/83 LTD: The S53 operates straight down the Narrows Road like the S83 LTD. The S58 covers south beach. The S83 LTD operates peak hours only due to this change. (The S53 is pretty quick off-peak and the frequency is too low off-peak to warrant a limited stop route without having long headways on the S53 and S83 LTD.)

    S54: Rerouted to go straight down Amboy Road from Clarke Ave to Nelson Ave instead of meandering around Richmondtown. The S73 covers Giffords Lane.

    S58 (New Route): The S58 is a new route that operates from Bay Ridge to the West Shore Plaza via South Beach (Replacing the S53 and allowing the S52 to be straightened there), and via Gannon Ave/Victory Blvd. On Weekdays, some S58 trips would terminate at the Teleport instead of the West Shore Plaza. Runs 7 days a week.

    S72: Replaces the S73 south of the Bricktown Mall and is extended to Tottenville as a result.

    S73: Southern terminal moved to the Bricktown Mall and service to Tottenville is replaced by the S72. Northern terminal moved to the Great Kills SIR Station via Giffords lane to give Great Kills 7 day service.

    S74: Overnight terminal moved to the Bricktown Mall instead of Tottenville.

    S78: Huguenot Ave service is reduced to weekdays only, all other times (minus overnights) the S78 terminates at Hylan Blvd/Richmond Ave.


    The S54 isn’t as necessary due to the S73 and the S42 covering up most of it's old (today's) routing. However, it would be nice to have coverage for the Todt Hill area since that area is very hilly and is far away from any bus routes.

    The S59 could have short turns from the ferry to Yukon Ave since the S59 carries light south of Yukon Ave.

    I’m wondering if the S72 should have hourly weekend service. It would only require one bus and a few drivers due to the short trip time (reliefs could be done at the Chaleston Depot). But would there be any demand for 7-day service to the more industrial part of Arthur Kill Road?   

    S40/90: is the 30 minute frequency for each branch (15 on the combined sector)? Even though Richmond Terrace is mostly industrial, that route does carry a fair amount of traffic, especially to Mariners' Harbor, as an alternative to the much slower S46. I would actually propose splitting the service:

    1. Matrix Park (some trips serving The Teleport before Matrix Park), numbered S40. These trips would also serve Arlington via Holland Avenue and Arlington Place.

    2. Broad Street-Elizabeth NJT, numbered S41.

    S42: I actually like this plan as it makes the route useful, it brings people to where they want, it would also provide adequate local bus service to the Todt Hill Houses, and it means that Seaview Hospital is served with a route that's not just network coverage.

    S44: a bit torn with this one, but I'm somewhat okay with this as it provides a daily connection with HBLR...BUT you have the problem of needing a route serving Castleton and further east that runs to the Staten Island Mall. I would leave this alone.

    S46: I would terminate this route at Goethals Homes (Goethals Road before Western Avenue). With your S40 proposal, and how I propose rerouting the S40 down South Avenue all the way, you need something serving that. I would have that served every 30 minutes weekdays and hourly on weekends, with all other trips terminating at Forest and South. The S40 would replace it to West Shore Plaza and The Teleport, as the S46's market is the dense residential areas in West New Brighton, Elm Park, and Mariners' Harbor. In running time, the S46 is blocked for nearly 15 minutes more than the S40 between St. George and Mariners' Harbor. I'm actually surprised you chose to leave this as it is.

    S48: local route works, but the route to The Mills at Jersey Gardens does not with the speed cap on the local bus fleet, unless contracted. That would have to be a premium express bus service that also serves EWR, and that should likely start at Eltingville Transit Center instead. (I also object to the S98 for the same reason.) Additionally, to Jersey Gardens and EWR, hourly service would work with a long span of service. I would leave this as is, maybe even rerouting it to West Shore and Matrix Park along with the S40.

    S51/81: agree with leaving as is.

    S52: that plan can work if you reroute the S53.

    S53/83/93: disagree on the S53 local routing in your proposal. With the Department of Labor no longer present by Hylan and Clove, I would instead reroute the S53 near its current routing, but to serve the South Beach Houses. Instead of turning onto Sand Lane, I'd have the local S53 continue along McClean (becoming Reid) and then turning back to Clove Road.

    As for rush hour S83 service, I would propose that while it runs to Port Richmond, local service starts and ends at the Staten Island Zoo. As for the S93, it badly needs Saturday service, but not Sunday service, from about 7 AM to 5 PM, along with two extra trips on weeknights departing CSI at 9:52 PM and 10:08 PM (returning to Staten Island as S53 buses) to accommodate the late evening classes ending around 9:55 PM. Also, your proposed service plan is actually less frequent than the current S93 weekday plan (where buses are scheduled at no worse than 12 minute headways).

    S54: I don't see any reason why it should exist in this form. Todt Hill, with a median income of $120,000, does not need a bus route, and before there, it's too close to the S42 route you propose, which is actually useful, without even coming close to Petrides. I'd actually reroute something else for your Amboy Road service.

    S55: Good idea, but also requires the MTA to reconsider its 40/45 mph local bus speed cap, or that will not be fast enough on the Outerbridge Crossing, especially on the return trip, unless service is contracted.  I also would say that only weekday service is needed, as the connecting opportunities are not nearly as good as in Elizabeth. The only buses that serves Perth Amboy on Sundays as it is are the 116 to Port Authority and the 815 from New Brunswick to Woodbridge Center (weekday service is on the 48, 116, 813, 815, and 817).

    S56: No bus can enter CSI from the Forest Hill Road gate...it's way too tight a turn. I would leave this as is, as weekday-only network coverage, but also serving Staten Island University Hospital South (SIUHS).

    S57: With your S42 proposal being very adequate, this probably should be reduced to weekdays only, 6 AM to 9 PM (Port Richmond departure)...with no weekend service (the S42 providing coverage).

    S58: I would not implement this. Service to South Beach can be handled by a rerouted S53, and Petrides can be served (via Renwick and Little Clove) by a restructured S66. That route is like a jack of all trades, but a master of none. (This route is also out of violation with the numbering scheme as S5x is north-south crosstown.)

    S59/S89: Restructure so that the S59 ends at all times at the end of Richmond Avenue. S89 should instead be SI University Hospital South to 8th Street HBLR, full-time...you only need to get the bus to the HBLR. New stops on the S89 at Richmond and Signs, and Hylan and Arden, Huguenot, Luten, Seguine, and SIUHS.

    S61/91: agree with leaving as is.

    S62/92: agree with leaving as is mostly, but some weekday trips should go to The Teleport as was once the case.

    S66/7: I would have this as one uniform route, except through Graniteville and Bulls Head (S66A via Graniteville and S66B via Bulls Head). Both should operate via Petrides and all of Howard. The S66A would end in Graniteville at the Regal Cinemas, and the S66B would end in Travis, operating in Bulls Head via Arlene Street and Signs Road. I would propose this for daily on the S66A and weekdays only for the S66B.

    Your plans in the South Shore are a mess though. I would instead propose this instead:

    S73 (weekdays and Saturdays only): from New Dorp (where the S57 terminates) via Amboy Road to Great Kills, then via Giffords Lane to Arthur Kill, then Arthur Kill (and ETC) to Rossville Avenue, serving Rossville and then the sparse remainder of Arthur Kill to Bricktown Mall.

    S74 (full-time): Regular to Woodrow Road, then via Woodrow Road, Rossville Avenue, Correll Avenue, Bloomingdale Road, Sharrotts Road, and Veterans Road West, via Bricktown Mall, to Tottenville.

    As for the S78, I'd operate it with 3 branches:

    S75: to Arden Heights via Huguenot Avenue: weekdays only (service span may be too long)

    S78 short-turn ending at SIUHS: all times, no worse than 30 minute headways

    S78 to Bricktown Mall: full route, but not all times...with 60-minute headways on weekends and 30 on weekdays (that area is a lot of nothing between Prince's Bay and Tottenville).

    Any trips to New Jersey, except for the S89, should be contracted, with a top-up order of LFS or XD40 buses leased to the contractor (preferably a New Jersey-based contractor, hopefully Academy) rather than by the MTA itself, as these buses need to be wide-open.

  14. 50 minutes ago, Deucey said:

    My redesign proposal:

    Bus-train-bus transfer (like most other transit systems in the US) for SI-originating/terminating trips only, and a general rule:

    Buses that cross the SIR but head North or South are split and become SIR feeders. 

    Say Grasmere becomes a Transfer Center (all here originate from St George):

    S51 - parallels SIR to Clifton; terminates at Battery & Lily Pond; rest of route replaces with a new one that terms at 86th St (R).

    S52 - runs down Hylan and Cebra to Grasmere; rest of route replaced by route between SIUH and Clifton - overlapping on Tompkins until Vanderbilt

    S74 - term at Grasmere or Old Town; replacement route runs from 86th St (R) to current S74 terminal 

    S76 - stop at Grasmere;  run current S52 route from Clove Rd to SIUH; rest of route runs from Grasmere to current S76 terminal

    S78 - term at Grasmere; rest of route replaced by service running from 86th St (R) to current terminal

    Why I disagree with that is that:

    What serves Father Capodanno and Midland Beach local traffic that goes anywhere useful? Also, only St. George, Dongan Hills, Great Kills, Arthur Kill, and Tottenville are wheelchair accessible, and in an odd twist, bus service is what killed much of the Staten Island Railway's ridership postwar, causing the discontinuation of service to South Beach and the North Shore line.

    Also, crosstown does not really work in Staten Island; the major ridership generators in Staten Island are St. George Ferry Terminal, West Shore Plaza, Staten Island Mall, Eltingville Transit Center, and the College of Staten Island...an example of the last one is: without CSI, the S66 would likely still be a 24/7 route as it was before CSI moved from where Petrides K-12 is now (in Sunnyside) to the site of the former Willowbrook State School, and the S62 would be a shuttle. The only reason why the S57 is daily service (it has the lowest ridership citywide of any 7-day route) is to serve Seaview Hospital.

    There is a reason why transit is heavily concentrated along the older northern part of Staten Island and Hylan Boulevard (Southfield Avenue) corridors. I really would like to see an old B&O Staten Island timetable.

  15. As I see it, a major reason why SI is car-centric is because a lot of its development is very new---only dating back to the 1960s, 1970s, and later. Before the Verrazano Bridge was built, the only permanent connections were via New Jersey, which is why historically it was the North Shore that was built up and along the SIR. Before the Verrazano was built, much of the South Shore and central Staten Island was undeveloped, especially beyond New Dorp. (Staten Island Mall was built on previously undeveloped land.) It would be really interesting to see what the service levels were like on routes like the R4 (now S59 and part of the S54), R103 (now S78 and S79), and R108/R113. Keep in mind that the R115 was a rush-hour circulator for Tottenville High School at the time, and the S66 (then R6) was the full-time full-length Victory Boulevard route, with the R112 (now S62) running only from Castleton Corners to Travis, except during rush hours and Saturdays (with special Saturday service to what was then Willowbrook State School, now CSI).

    When the Staten Island Expressway (working name during construction: Clove Lakes Expressway) was being built, what little development there was beyond Clove Road was largely rural.

    Remember, Staten Island only has a population of about 0.48 million...in a city of 8.55 million. I know it's unpopular to say, but there are some parts of Staten Island on the South Shore where local bus service every hour would not be overkill.

    To that end, one proposal I would make is:

    S55. S59 and S78 provide direct service to Staten Island University Hospital South (on Seguine Avenue), via a loop.

    S59 and S78, both directions: turn off at Seguine, loop around via Seguine, Kingsland, Trenton, and Memo back to Seguine before returning to Hylan.

    S55 to Rossville: turn left at Seguine instead of right, then back north along Seguine.

    S55 to SI Mall: continue on Seguine before going east on Hylan.

    One new stop would be established: at the hospital's front door (parking space loss would be negligible as most parking is at adjacent car parks). To that end, however, I would also propose cutting S78 evening service to Tottenville (after 7 PM) and weekend service (except 10 AM to 6 PM) to hourly, with other trips ending at SI University Hospital South. I would also have to seriously ask if at this time, the S74 warrants a restructuring west of Rossville.

  16. 2 minutes ago, Snorunts said:

    Personally, I think the Next Generation buses will last a little while. They seem pretty healthy and some are even getting on-board screens installed. 

    3800-3959 have lead acid batteries too. 3960-4278 and 4330-4702 have Li+ batteries, but those batteries are made by a Chinese company (Wanxiang's A123 Systems)...and that could be affected by tariffs. Then again, a different supplier could be found not affected by tariffs. 

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