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  1. AW HELL NAH! As for the OP, I would also argue that 149/150 Avenue should be made a one-way westbound only as well. (The existing affected business, Do & Co, would have a negligible issue.) This issue deserves its own thread...brought to you by the words Whiskey, Tango, and Foxtrot!
  2. This is a case where the police commissioner should have ordered the buses to go through anyway (even if it meant plowing into the crowd), and made the protesters scatter or be run over. Since they have no permit to block a public highway, they have forfeited their First Amendment rights. That's how I'd handle it...and deal with fallout afterward. If you tolerate this lawlessness, you have no law and order.
  3. Okay, so that makes the transfer to Grand make more sense, since I doubt that Fresh Pond can handle 60-foot buses. Overdue for the Q58.
  4. A number of these (I'll use some examples off-hand)...I'm not sure there's a school to justify its existence. Some examples include Father Capodanno Boulevard before Sand Lane and Hylan Boulevard just south of Tysens Lane (both enforce a speed limit of 35 mph)...I also wonder about the cameras on Ocean Parkway near Kings Highway (enforcing a 25 mph speed limit) as well as Woodhaven Boulevard near Pitkin Avenue (enforcing a 30 mph speed limit and mounted on a pre-existing street lamp-post). As for the overall problem, it appears to be an issue with the mayor not really caring about enforcing traffic laws...I'll say that at least some of this is out of the control of the MTA, but not all of it. Sending in state troopers to enforce bus lanes and traffic laws should be a priority.
  5. Here we go again! This should be a side of the bus ad in Manhattan Division (which is where the ads ended up the last time). But Oatly said their front ads were only for six weeks.
  6. I’d expect the 3Gs to stay on Staten Island as they’re straight diesel, and one would have to maintain parts at only one garage. However, as an orphan fleet, I can’t see them making it beyond 2025 or so.
  7. Will the MTA have a dedicated fleet for the S79 SBS anymore, once the remaining hybrids are booted off of Staten Island?
  8. What’s with the gold sign 2005 O7 hybrids that the MTA is already scrapping them? Batteries coming up for replacement and the MTA doesn’t want to do that?
  9. CAS apparently has to do driver training on their new buses...because of a different driver-side mirror. There is no convex mirror on the driver side, unlike earlier LFS rigid orders.
  10. And historically, the S55/56, and the S115 before that, only existed because of Tottenville HS. Before the renumbering, there wasn't midday service on the 115. That said, why not have an S79 tripper or two out of Tottenville HS as well? As for 7851-7905, when is the plan for delivery of those buses now that the base order (7484-50) is within a few buses of completion?
  11. I’m also for deploying state troopers in the same capacity. Tolerate farebeating and Lord only knows what else is tolerated. With OMNY, there would also be the possibility of making the entire system proof of payment, allowing for fare checks on any route. This is done in Vancouver.
  12. Also, with a new camera (Nikon D3500)
  13. Could be 6185...remember, there was a jump in the order to 6183 briefly.
  14. 8663 actually is at Kingsbridge. It was on the Bx18 today.
  15. I do remind you that in the D60HF era, especially after Superstorm Sandy, the Q35 did see articulated service. The concept wouldn't exactly be unwarranted on summer weekends, especially using unused Q10/Q52 artics. Also, while this is tied in with the Bronx bus proposals, with the Q50 being proposed to be truncated to Pelham Bay Park, might it make sense to change the Q50 to a Q44 SBS branch?
  16. That wasn't really the case until about 4-5 years ago when the decision to cap the entire local fleet at 40-45 mph was made. That said, returning to the topic, for the BxM1/2, I would do the following: Rush hours in the peak direction only (since this is along deadhead distance): add stops in the City of Yonkers to Getty Square (the BxM3 already ends at Getty Square). Additional pickups on Riverdale Avenue and: Prospect Street Vark Street Downing Street Ludlow Street Post Street Belvedere Drive Valentine Lane West 263 Street Additional dropoffs at: Valentine Lane Radford Street Morris Street Ludlow Street Herriot Street Prospect Street Is there a height or weight restriction on the Henry Hudson Bridge that prevents MCI buses from being able to get directly on the HHE at West 232 Street southbound? If the clearance is 12 feet, MCI D-series buses at 11'5" should be able to use this easily...and Prevost X3-45s are even lower. The problem, however, is that you'd miss stops on Kappock on the BxM2.
  17. 7845 to Ulmer Park and 6183 to Quill. Where are the mid-6150s to 6182 though?
  18. Which seems odd, since for a long time, Jamaica Depot had the oldest equipment, especially in the late 1990s. Now, their oldest bus is 8090, a grand total of about 4 years old.
  19. The reason why it ran to Port Morris in the past was because the terminus was at the front door to the Walnut Depot. Once that closed, the Bx17 should have been rerouted sooner. As for the Bx10, the problem is how you're turning it around if one approaches Norwood-205 Street from the south instead of the north. It would serve as a great terminus if you can turn it there, but how? Those side streets aren't exactly wide. It should still run to one subway station---125 Street .
  20. The terrain of the area prevents that. Bailey and Sedgwick represent about a 100-foot change in elevation (Bailey is 20 feet above sea level where it meets West 233 Street; if 233 Street were drawn on a map to Sedgwick, Sedgwick is 120 feet above sea level at that point. NYC elevation map: https://data.cityofnewyork.us/Transportation/Elevation-points/szwg-xci6 Bailey and Sedgwick are two unique markets. That said, for the Bx10 or Bx20, I would have proposed running the Bx20 along the wider Independence Avenue.
  21. On the M100 proposal (included since the link does), that route should be kept to at least 125 Street/St. Nicholas Avenue, as it has no subway connection on its southern end as proposed. I'm surprised that the Bx46 wasn't made a branch of the Bx6. A way to pay for that might be to have the Bx6 Local not go to Manhattan when the SBS is running and terminate it at Yankee Stadium. Then: Bx6A - via 161/163 and Hunts Point Avenue, and Bx6B - via 161/163 and Longwood.
  22. On the express side, I would actually propose that the BxM5 (currently the BxM11, be extended to Woodlawn via what would otherwise be deadhead distance. Running via Bronxwood instead of White Plains Road would make that cost-neutral over deadhead distance. Now, if the NYCDOT will permit express buses via the Henry Hudson Parkway, that is a game-changer for the BxM2 and BxM18---but why can't buses go all the way down? As for the BxM6/10 service, it basically restores the pattern under New York Bus Service, where the BxM6 only ran weekdays and Saturdays and the BxM10 was rerouted at other times. As for the BxM17, I wonder if it would make sense to have that route run via the BQE as well to the Manhattan Bridge and then enter Lower Manhattan that way. (Return service would be via the Williamsburg Bridge.) Branching the Bx16 would not cause that result if there is no NYC Transit service along Boston Road. Rather, there would be one branch serving Pelham (isolated from the rest of NYC), and one branch going to Co-op City Section 1.
  23. The big problem as I see it is in Co-op City, where the layout really prevents anything more direct, especially with respect to Section 5, as well as the Bx29's truncation. As for the Bx30, this resurrects the old Bx7 Boston Road...one might as well turn it over to Bee-Line and branch the Bx16 at the eastern end. In the past, it was an issue to not serve it. But with Bee-Line using MetroCard (and almost certainly to switch to OMNY, along with NICE), this isn't too important anymore. The best changes are to the cross-town routes in the mid-Bronx (Bx6 SBS, Bx11, Bx35, Bx36, and Bx40)...especially the Bx36, which could see a reduction in as many as 5 buses at peak times without reducing frequency of service. But to work, the Bx11 needs to become articulated. A missed one was with the Bx46 though. IMO, the Bx6/46 combination could have worked, with the Bx6 truncated to Yankee Stadium during the Bx6 SBS's hours. A few changes would be needed, including modifying 174 Street between Southern and Hoe (and that intersection), and tearing down the dead-end along Balcom Avenue.

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