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  1. I can tell you don't ride the or used to north of 125th but during the rush as early as 6 or even 630 the is light between 207th & 168th then from 168 south good luck getting on at 145th and 125th. Especially the southend of the in the morning the exits/entrances are near the front like 207th, 168th, 145th....
  2. Cool the updated R-160's are burn testing!
  3. I seen an an R-46 the T/O took the wrong lineup at 125th. I've never seen a personally via Concourse,memory doesn't go that far back. I am positive because I was on that train that came from the Rock that afternoon
  4. Something I have never seen in my life nor thought would happen. Great catch this is bizarre! More bizarre than the To Euclid Av and an to 205th St-Norwood a few years back that I have seen personally.
  5. Thanks for the update, it's unfortunate that delays/pushbacks/setbacks whatever people call them isn't surprising. Second part is pretty sad, i can't imagine having work and school and the amount of time to stalk the 179's which aren't in revenue service and once they hit they'll be present probably till 2060. Then again I know some don't have anything better to do during the wee hours or weekends.
  6. So you watched someone perhaps stalking or spying for over an hour? Would have been nice to inform the less knowledgeable passenger or passengers who can't read why 's were re-routed.
  7. This is an old school GO. I like it because of course it makes little to no sense(well to me). I believe this was a classic 80's GO when the ran to Wakefield via 7th/ To Dyre via Lex. GO happened almost a decade ago for consecutive weekends, but the passengers shouldn't be confused because almost daily a (2)/ are re-routed. WPR riders will be fine(as long as a doesn't make its way upto WPR or even a .
  8. I believe his point was to say that wikipedia CAN/MAY be unreliable since it can be edited by ANYONE. Therefore it may not always be the best place to find information.
  9. I agree I've never seen a GO like this that was stupid. And the crazy thing is the has had a complete shutdown before IIRC in the recent years therefor the plan should had been service 24/7.
  10. Good shots but I'm confused about the title....its very rare you'll see an articulated on Bronx routes esp during heavy snow. I used to live by Burnside and Davidson and remember seeing D60's being stuck going up those hills towards University
  11. How is this possible when there is an outage along CPW?
  12. The would run between 207th St & Coney Island via West End via 8th Av local. I mean technically there would be no service indefinitely is equipment are destroyed. The would run between 205th St & Far Rockaway/Lefferts Blvd.
  13. That's why the NTT's have several programs for various re-routes, if not the old fashioned way will be done. Even with the NTT's and the correct re-routed announcements people are still confused(hence empty trains running down a line that is not its mainline).
  14. I would cut the 42nd St, Rockaway Shuttle, and . The would replace the running between Continental & C.I via Whitehall The would replace the and serve as a full express to The Rockaways(Rush hours and weekends), would be fully local to Lefferts/The Rockaways. The would be extended to Bay Ridge all times. As for the replacing the , the would serve Astoria all times, the retains its 2nd Av route.
  15. As some stated the lights flickering or going off for a few seconds is normal most common in the pre-NTT cars, however the NTT's lights do dim or/AND you can obviously know there is a 3rd rail gap because the HVAC temporarily goes out. I almost forgot this used to happen on subway cars till it was mentioned.
  16. Horrible because they were different. Not the fact for being 75 feet but having carbon on the side and being part of an era that was heavy in graffiti the chemicals deteriorated and the salt water combined didn't help. But St. Louis Car Co made pretty decent subway cars that lasted longer than their expectancy. As for the 46's they were horrible because they featured NEW tech back then but they're still getting the job done I mean they're 41 and the SIR 44's are slightly older holding on.
  17. It's really nice seeing coverage and individuals who take time during their evening lives or early morning lives to film this. The testing will continue for the next few years correct?(meaning the new sets once production starts) or the testing will just be for the introductory set and the following sets will see immediate service after its prepped?
  18. I remember seeing one on nycsubway.org Eastside-96 St http://www.nycsubway.org/perl/show?83695
  19. Definitely don't miss them rolling on the , always love and still love my "silver" trains the R-62 hauling ass on the over that red junk. R-142/A are welcomed.
  20. I do believe IIRC a to Continental or maybe it was the to Continental 71 Av also a to Far Rockaway
  21. Just because you, myself, or anyone who takes the train doesn't see something happen, does not mean it didn't happen. I used to live up in Bedford Park and I remember a while back a was re-routed via Concourse for an unknown reason also my freshman year of high school back in 2009 an was re-routed via Concourse because the T/O punched in the wrong lineup at 125th. It happens, obviously I don't have pictures to back this up but I personally do remember this happening. I bet you don't remember the terminating at Woodlawn do you almost a decade ago and there are programs for the , and to Woodlawn as there are the to PBP
  22. http://abc7ny.com/traffic/panic-erupts-after-subway-conductor-assaulted;-off-duty-officer-in-custody/1511132/ Was going through my facebook between college classes and saw this.
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