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  1. Why do you need footage? It has happened because I've seen it not been told but SEEN it. The very seldom gets re-routed via Brighton, you'd be surprised the things I've SEEN without having camera on hand or cellular device such as R46 re-routed via Concourse also 32 C this was about 3-4 years ago. The things I've heard are different.
  2. What will be used for WORK train service then?
  3. I don't see how and why they would complain, the issue was in the 70's when the 46's had the Rockwell trucks. A 46 or two makes it way down the Brighton every once in a while and I highly doubt anyone notices. There are very rare occasions when an is re-routed via Brighton usually via line.
  4. We all speculate whether its on the forum or during our lives not on the forum. I'm sure the MTA comes up with various speculations to see what's BEST for everyone. Nothing is ever certain until it's done. The samething happened with the speculations of several swaps in the past that made sense but didn't make sense but they happened. We have the right to voice our theory of how things may or may not play out even if we don't have a role in say its a what if judgment as if the person was in charge what would work best. Very few believed the Eastern Division would run R32 equipment again but it happened, running 46's again after a time being exclusively 100% NTT and so on. It's obvious equipment swapping will happen again with incoming fleet and confirmation that most of the 32's will be kicking their arses for another 7 years or so.
  5. I get what you're saying but transit does run the 2nd oldest active fleet(not counting the R-42's) since there are less than 50 or thereabouts on the which are the R-46's and the is a very high demanding line. They're 40 years old and yet the has a 32 popping up every now and then. When talking HVAC's they would be fine on the exclusively because just like the the majority of the trip is underground, so sending a few to Jamaica would make sense ONLY if they're exclusive for the .
  6. ^ What he said & it isn't just the , almost every line except shuttles have dead heads because as FP said they are "put-ins" & short turns. Also there is truth in what you say because the "minority" trains mostly do get removed from service service permitting happened with the 32 a lot back in 2009/10, as well as with the . But back on topic.
  7. They've run on every B-division line/route except the much like the R-44's ran on most B-division lines except the Eastern Division. I do remember seeing photos from the 90's to early 2000's of the running 32's after being re-built but was probably temporary.
  8. It's always tentative because anything may change or happen, as we've heard with the 32/160 swap with the and before the 1st year people were asking asking asking for proof saying liar this liar that it won't happen, it will happen. Nothing is certain. Either way it seems the will run different equipment than the regular. It's been a while since 143's and 32's roamed the but not ages for the 143 as it's been less than a decade.(for weekends)
  9. If you actually ride the a lot in the Bronx you should noticed that there are two variations of local announcements for the . You actually stated both of them, "This is an Eastchester-Dyre Ave bound 5 local train", and the second one is "This is an Eastchester bound 5 local train", I would guess the difference is from the trains originating point the less common one without Dyre Ave probably didn't originate from Flatbush.
  10. If you can remember this way back in 1972 and have your own picture and story where have you been since? There has been plenty of accidents in recent times. The most recent I can remember is the train derailed in Queens. Not deadly but still rather bad
  11. Yeah the R-142's with their unique hissing whether they're in motion or just coming to a stop even being at a complete stop they let out a few hisses.
  12. Boy don't you ever see and photograph a lot of good looking women. Nice pics!
  13. Based on the video which is nice, had a T/O who doesn't operate the often because they braked too early on the fastest spots for the and thats flying in 42nd, 14th, and very rarely T/O's brake for that timer by Franklin Av.
  14. It only happens when the route is programmed that has Bronx Exp, so it's very rare since the 4 is obviously not a regular service that runs express. Best chance is if there is a N/B G.O having the 4 run exp between 149th-Burnside, then Woodlawn.
  15. Ok...so what is the significance? Just saying when the has a program set as Eastern Pkwy Lcl, Lex Av Exp, then The Bronx announcements state "This is a Woodlawn bound 4 local train". There is a very rare occurrence as being a daily 4 train rider that the train may have been programmed as Bronx Exp but makes local stops but still states "This is a Woodlawn bound 4 express train".
  16. I can make you a damn near promise that the will be fully NTT's by 2035 if not the then every letter line. Why 2035? Well its an estimate since the Apple gets a share of older equipment and by that time the R-68/A's will be nearly 50 years old if they're still around some will be younger of course but pending how they shape up the next few years. If that makes you happy. So in 2025 the R-68/A's will be approaching 40(some) and in 2018-19 all will be in their 40's
  17. BMT Broadway is the odd ball because it doesn't have a Fulton Street stop? If correct I'll pass
  18. IRT 7th Av doesn't have a Grand Central along it's line
  19. That article is contradictory, it states "According to the individual who uploaded the video, "A metal object close to [the third rail] is all that is needed to create a massive spark. The 'Conquestors' vandal group threw a garbage can on the tracks, and the train operator got shocked trying to take it off the tracks." This kills me that the person who uploaded this didn't mention anything about stopping whomever's action nor got a picture of whoever committed this but yet they said it "The 'Conquestors' vandal group threw a garbage can on the tracks", assuming they SAW AND KNOW. Then later in the article it states "but it's unclear who is responsible." How is it unclear when the person who took this video basically was a witness to the whole thing knowing the 'Conquestors' stating they did this but yet fail to get them in action running away or something. Lastly coincidence anyone? Of the "explosions" that have occurred there is always someone filming the actual explosions
  20. One more...the IND 6th Av Line is the only line where the "local" stations aren't visible from the "express" tracks?
  21. BMT Nassau only has 3T for express whereas the rest have 2/4T configurations.
  22. Also the R-160A-1's on the Eastern Division. There are rarely any sets with low announcements for the R-142/A class. As stated most are loud. But based on that video the new announcements do seem low but it's the damn R-142 HVAC units they are so loud. Even the R-160B's are loud.
  23. I referred to Lance's post when I posted the majority of the information before him? I didn't go through the history to find who and where this was discussed before but I remembered who most of the announcers were. Your theory is I am incorrect that Charlie Pellet is the only male voice for the NTT's because Lance didn't say so. Yet you call me out but fail to say who is the other male announcer. A quick look back: I would assume this information is inaccurate because Lance didn't say so.
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