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  1. Albeit the stripmaps and FINDS do show further stops on a journey I agree with you, they are rather useless (when train cars are shared or rerouted which is very common in the IRT) compared to a subway map which are usually up to date as mentioned in every subway car. WE must not forget that the R-62/A's have interior stripmaps and on occasion the may have borrowed cars from the or even the for more than a week. It's not just with the NTTs. How many times do we see another yards fleet subway car borrowed for an extended period of time, quite often. I find it strange that the R-46's used to have stripmaps and the R-62/A's do but the R-68/A's dont.
  2. How about YOU tell them that! Make sure you're recording that too. Also when a FIND is frozen mention that as well. One more thing when you get on a train with the incorrect rollsign reading please do notify the C/R. You'll most likely find this on the because of the northern terminal cutback during the off-peak hours. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYd8VYwcKTg (not my video) but that 5 train cleaned up well. Didn't see a single person approach the C/R or have their head half way in the subway car.
  3. Whatever this should be dumb. I agree with the person who said suspend everything. It's pointless for elevated lines to run for only 5 stops or so.
  4. A lot of the comments are nuts just for proposals for the R-142/A's to have FINDS and different strip maps because lines get rerouted. On the weekends there are shared cars throughout the system. On occasion the or even may have R-142A's from the or line roaming as well as the line may have R-142's from the and guess what when that happens although the strip maps are incorrect obviously for that route the ANNOUNCEMENTS and interior/exterior displays are correct. I've got to say the least confused riders when it comes to re-routes in the system are the Lexington Av line riders and the riders because if a or is via local on Lex people know to take it and not wait for a along with the & being rerouted via Lex or 7th those trains are packed to the Bronx and Brooklyn. As for the and riders they are bright as well because usually the trains get rerouted via the btwn 59th and Jay St occasionally whether. The most confused riders when it comes to re-routes lines are definitely the Broadway line riders in Manhattan. A or might show up and they won't even get on. On the Manhattan bound side if a is via Sea Beach or they are brighter.
  5. It still displays the CORRECT information and announces the correct information. If anything remove the strip maps therefore the and riders don't rely on it say if a line gets re-routed or the shared equipment gets swapped that way riders will rely on the interior/exterior destination signs as well as the announcements. I actually love when a train gets re-routed because it shows who knows what they're doing and how to get there tourist or not. Also a re-routed train is usually empty because people are clueless it shows how well New Yorkers know the system and alternative ways to reach their destination.
  6. I don't see the big issue with this. This has been normal for YEARS,DECADES. Before the arrival of the NTT's R-142/A I'm pretty damn sure this was on going with trains being re-routed via 7th Av or Lex during anytime of the week. Just because NTT's are capable of displaying the correct info doesn't make it any different than when redbirds and non-NTT's were on the and . If anything the NTT's give the correct info and those are the capability to give the proper automated announcements as well as the option for manual announcements compared to the Redbirds and R-62/A's that once roamed the lines which just offered manual announcements.
  7. Woodlawn to Grand Central via local re-routed via 7th Av Line terminates at 125th St Brighton Beach to 57th St Broadway re-routed via Culver to Jay St then via up through 59th St re-routed via Crosstown N/B, S/B re-routed via 8th Av after W4th then resuming normal service in Brooklyn Continental to 34th St & Chambers St to Metropolitan
  8. I like both ideas of the strip maps for the (2)/(5) lines but the 2nd one is less clustered and corresponds well with the shared stops in the Bronx and Brooklyn. But then again coming with the issue again would it be worth installing FINDS. I mean come on the and train swap/shared trains with different stripmaps/rollsigns has been happening for decades. I could understand if this was a new issue where a 2 with a 5 strip map or vice versa confused riders to a point they would get off but no nearly everyday a or and gets re-routed via Lex/7th Av with or without the correct stripmap. I don't think this excuse is enough for a proposal of FINDS. I mean come on they'll always be frozen lol.
  9. I agree with the majority but if it's obviously a Plan 5 all services will be local. Therefore I 100% agree with the IRT. However with the B-division (excluding the 7) of course I'd change: fully local To/from Euclid. suspended 205th to 2nd Av via 6th Av local. Bay Ridge to Continental but I think Lex-59th is good as you stated,
  10. I didn't care for buses much and still don't but I can recall having recent memories from I'd say 2008 or 2009 to 2011. - Riding Orion V CNG's on the Bx11,35,36,LTD, and Bx8. Loved those rides. - Riding an artic D60 on the Bx3 only seen that once in my life personally but I've seen pictures of an artic on the Bx3 other times. - The QBx1 was amazing very fast route! - Riding the Orion V CNG's 1400 and 1500's in LIC and Strong Island oohhh those buses were the BEST! - Lastly I'm not a fan of the "Barney Bus" but an RTS on the Bx36 LTD was the shit!
  11. I agree with the to Av X but I would disagree with the via West End. To Kings Hwy via Sea Beach. via West End Exp To Brighton Beach via local.
  12. The is suspended entirely West of 74th St-Broadway, but runs between 74th St and Flushing. Shuttle buses will replace service as well as LIRR cross accommodations. The Astoria section is suspended, and shuttle buses will run between Astoria and 59th St-Lex. The however runs between Coney Island and 57th St, while the runs via Queens Blvd to Continental.
  13. What the and the S/B and the N/B? You never see the run via 53rd at the same time?
  14. Southbound service is unaffected, and I would suppose a derailment would case the N/B local to be disrupted. Northbound runs to 57th St-7th Av. (B)ravo's north of the derailment will run terminate at 145th and have a normal trip to Brighton and it will run between BB and 57th St.7th. Northbound trains will run between Coney Island and 205th St via Culver to Jay St, then via line to 59th continuing to the Bronx. Northbound trains will run via shuttle, trains north of the derailment on the QBL will run between Continental and WTC via 8th Av Line. Northbound trains will run via line after Jay St. In a nutshell: 57th St-7th Av Broadway - Brighton Beach. Coney Island to Norwood via Culver Exp, via line resuming normal service after 59th. Shuttle, Continental to WTC via 6th Av/63rd St to W4th then via line. via after Jay St, then via 53rd St.
  15. Honestly when does any transit system experience a smooth or non-rough week.(rhetorical) Everyday there are incidents that occur whether it's involving life or machines. To clarify I mean life as in natural disasters such as weather leaves on track, debris, etc along with human interactions. Machines meaning anything non human such as a mechanical failure or some malfunction. It happens everyday, its the fact some days or weeks seem rougher than others due to the extent of what occurred. I'm not saying fatal incidents are normal but things happen.
  16. That's not important now it doesn't matter if that whole set is scrapped, there's always extra and if there's not then they are one consist short big deal. You also are worrying about what they can salvage. That's not your JOB to decide. Savage. You really think the MTA is CARING about stripping that train to preserve parts right now? Get a life you savage. That train is evidence and you're worrying about parts to collect. Same as you, all these speculations. Complete savage.
  17. Are you guys serious worrying about parts and there are people DEAD. Is that all you care for now? Forget the official report I'm going to wait until the salvage hits ebay.
  18. So, am I reading this right here that you're saying you won't offer sympathy to those families affected by this tragedy for those who passed away and who lived because this event did not meet your standards for giving respect? What is it; the amount of people involved in this accident was at least 700 and because 693 or 99% lived that this wasn't worth any condolences. Would it be worth your sympathy if you knew someone(family,friend) who passed away in this event or any event where 99% of the people involved lived or would that not be worthy.
  19. First our condolences should be with everyone involved in this accident even those who were not injured because they are thankfully alive. Secondly, we have no idea what EXACTLY happened,the only people that know are the people in those vehicles. For all we know there could be numerous reasons for why a vehicle was stopped on a crossing. It could had been planned, it could had been an emergency such that the driver had a seizure or some medical condition, or mechanical failure with the vehicle. But reading these comments are absolutely harsh to take in. Honestly if my car somehow stopped dead on a RR crossing with a train coming I would be panic and try to shift my car in neutral and try to push it off, time is a valuable thing. It's unfortunate how this turned out though. Current information? That's a speculation. And I hope that current information is false. Your comment is disgusting.
  20. runs between 207th and 125th via local. Also between Far Rockaway and Penn Station via local. suspended. runs between 57th-7th Av and Kings Hwy. runs between 205th and 145th, also 34th St-Herald Sq and Coney Island.
  21. All N/B service remains normal. For S/B service, Normal service since there isn't any switches on the express after W4 the (A)'s trip is unaffected. runs via 8th Av Express after 59th St. terminates at Whitehall St runs via line after Queens Plaza suspended Runs in two sections between 205th and Herald Sq. Coney Island to 36th St. Thats where people can transfer to the for at Herald Sq. runs via Crosstown S/B,normal service N/B. Regular service N/B, S/B terminates at W4th since the switches are usable north of the station.
  22. An addition to shuttle buses providing service between Woodlawn/Norwood to south stations.
  23. Sooo.... a running from Norwood to Brooklyn via line after W4 all the way to Coney Island where it doesn't terminate but continues to 36th St Brooklyn. What do passengers do to access the 6th Av Line? You have no service plan for northbound service along the West End and 4th Av lines to provide 6th Av service.
  24. Continental to 2nd Av via line after W4. Norwood to Coney via Culver runs via after W4. Astoria to Coney via line. Runs between Coney and 36th St via West End. Jamaica to Marcy Av. suspended. runs between Essex St and Coney Island via Brighton between W4th and Grand St, and for stops bypassed.
  25. Ride the fleet on the and tell me what you think. I've grew up near the in the Woodlawn area/Norwood/Bainbridge vicinity. I'm not talking down any yard and maintenance fleet but see for yourself which subway cars in the system has more of what you're looking for or talking about. From my experience of riding the subway generally for school/work or even railfanning the (6)'s fleet has been plagued with scrachitti. The you can see the same and maybe even graffiti. But not nitpicking an issue or picking on a yards maintenance but every single subway car and even bus will have its days of being vandalized or trashed because the world is full of savages. I'm not saying inspect every damn car fleet and grade each railcar individually because you will see some cars may or may not have those minor "issues" that are irrelevant to performance.
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