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  1. It's just a matter of time before the Yankees get knocked out, and I will have my

    dvd recorder set to when that time comes, hopefully at Yankee Stadium so I can see

    the faces of the Yankees fans crying, LOL.


    Other then that I really don't have any favorite team to win the World Series

    Watching the Yankees get eliminated in the World Series is all that I want, LOL.


    prgordo is a trip, posting from his phone on the training bus doing the el pillars up

    in the Bronx, love it!

  2. I am in shock that the Red Sox lost and the Rays won, went to sleep figuring at worst

    they will have a 1 game playoff today, Girardi didn't use Mo in the 9th, hmm.


    Let's hope the Yankees 4 game losing streak carries over into the playoffs...LOL.

  3. Hi Kevin, Report those messages to the mods, we all know who the troublemakers on the forum are. I will let you know when I receive the notice for the drug exam since I am also in the 700 club, slightly below you. (#706)


    FDBguy told me he has to go on July 8th(Friday) and he is #474. I wonder how many

    B/O's they plan to hire since they only finished the last class about 1-2 months ago.


    Still undecided whether or not I am going to go this time around. I can wait a little

    longer if need be, if I was unemployed then yes I would go asap.

  4. thanks bro, I got it from Queens Crap online, out of all places, haha.

  5. I am afraid so, but at least the 5025 list is going to expire in a few months. There are gaps between hiring periods,the one going on now is about to end I think. The Daily News article back in September said they were planning on hiring 125 new B/O's.


    In October they were sending out pre employment notices, the people who have posted on here are in the #4,000's. One lady on the forum(sjmdt) is #4,826, the list goes up to #4,886.


    But don't forgot those who got passed up for whatever reason

    they can be put back on the list until it expires on Oct 31st.

  6. Hey Fred, I don't think he is a B/O. He is very knowledgeable. Wow, it looks like they are finishing the 5025 list. I knew they were a little past #4,000 but not almost towards the end.


    Once the people with lower list numbers start getting called

    to 180 Livingston St to start the process then it's just a matter

    of time. The only thing certain is the uncertain. Take care.

  7. Hey Fred,


    Yes, I believe it is 10 years to be partially vested. At what % I don't know. This info might be buried in one of the threads.

    The current contract expires in Jan/2012, so negotiations will

    begin this summer. This is something for us to pay attention to.


    The 5025 list should end by the end of summer. At the very least we might get called down to 180 Livingston St for the drug test. Up to #119 on the 8006 list is on outstanding certification, which means that the MTA Human Resources people have their info.

  8. Of course cell phones can be wiretapped, the government, etc does it all the time. Is your life that boring that you want to listen in on peoples cell phone conversations? lol


    I wouldn't know how, and neither do I want to. This is a good

    website, browse the forums. http://forums.radioreference.com/

  9. Hi there, Welcome to the forums.


    Wells, NY population 663 as of July,2009. So you know everybody on a first name basis by now, lol. You must have breathtaking views all around. I guess Albany is the closest city which is about 70 miles south. Did you move there when after you retired from working for the MTA? I am hopefully a future NYCT B/O, but would prefer to work out of a Queens depot, I heard Staten Island is the place to be if you want to drive a bus but the VZ bridge toll daily would be a killer.

  10. That is cool Igor, those mini buses sure are wide with those huge mirrors on the side. But making turns are easy I bet. Why are their engines so noisy? they run on diesel right?


    How much do part timers make an hour? There is a company in Ridgewood that is looking for drivers(CareRide). What is your schedule like? is this a union job? do you wear uniforms?

  11. Hey Igor, how you be? listen, don't let Primo bring you down, he thinks he is a "know it all" with his predictions. You will get the call someday from the 8006, I know you want to work out of a Staten Island depot,but if mabstoa calls you first then you can always transfer later on. The 8006 list is very short, this list will FLY once they start calling from it.

  12. I am not even a B/O yet, I am on the 8006 list, my list number(#706) will be called hopefully in a few months. I have been warned by several B/O's on here about what to expect but I am up for the challenge.


    The job that sounds good is the console dispatcher, they stay inside a warm or cool office and do what they have to do. Some SLD's have their own cars, nextels and portable radios(which is what I hear at home). Nextels are private, no scanner can pick up that.


    DevilBus65 who works overnights for MTA Bus once told me that very few dispatchers retired last year. Sounds to me that your list will expire in 2012, maybe in 2013. I think you have a shot because some people ahead of you might not be qualified for whatever reason. S.I, which will be getting 2 new depots, that right there should create a lot of dispatcher openings.

  13. Yeah, well it is what it is. I have the patience, can't complain with the list number that I got(#706) after just getting an 85 on the 8006 exam. Next spring looks to be the time for me.

  14. By having a CDL B, you can drive where they ask for a CDL C. B supercedes C, only difference would be the endorsements but you have them already(P)passenger. I agree that you are better off with unemployment for now unless you find a job close to where you live.


    Academy's bus terminals are all in New Jersey, and that is where you would have to drive to every day. The only upside that it would be is getting solid driving experience, as a coach bus is similar to that of a transit bus.

  15. Hey Fred, Sorry to hear about your temp job. I think Sealteam would know something about Academy bus, if I remember correctly he told me once that they first hire you as a sub and you wait until a shift becomes available, like when a driver calls in sick, think of it as being on an extra list. Pay was very low. It's hard to get a decent paying CDL job with no experience. Para transit is another option, they are always hiring, you know those mini buses that transport the elderly and disabled.


    Hang in there, lets hope when hiring resumes in December that they start calling from our list shortly thereafter.

  16. Hi Phil, I have a question on scanning,do you know the frequencies for mta bus? I have a PRO-94 with a 800 mhz antenna,finally figured out how to scan trunked channels,I get 858.412 loud and clear. I have searched online and all of the frequencies are outdated.




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