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  1. Hopefully they got a Dunkin' Donuts or a Starbucks so u could chill out
  2. Or u could park outside of zerega. U can't park from 10pm-5am so after 5am u good but I suggest u get there like 4:50am sleep until It's time to go upstairs I did That once I didn't like it mass transit was better for me
  3. If u see a person in mta gear on the 16th that's me LOL
  4. Manhattan is different I never saw so many white collars in my life almost on every corner
  5. Nervous? Lol wait until u have passengers on ur bus cursing u out. Just control ur speed u get paid by the minute
  6. I didnt see the depot yet was line training in grand ave depot. 100st depot told me I cant drive no artics until I got my cdl so saturday hopefully I could go over there
  7. Pass my dmv road test today no terminator & the graduation is this Friday thanks for the tips and advice I got on this forum on I have to get thru this probation
  8. You going to pass any questions feel free to ask or u could inbox
  9. You should of put in a leave of absence. When u start training u have to be 100% focus especially on qualification day good luck
  10. good luck to everybody i hope yall pass so i could my seniority up lol lol
  11. Day 7 was today & I pass just wanted to thank everybody on nyc transit forums for the advice & support. Now I have to pass my dmv road test
  12. I go in for training for mabstoa Nov 21 but I received a letter for ta to come down nov 28th for drug screening so u think when i pass training I could transfer over or it might be too late by then?
  13. I JUST GOT CALLED FOR OA & I DIDNT TAKE A EXAM MY LIST # 3162 I APPLY FOR THAT BACK IN 2008- U JUST HAVE TO LIVE YOUR LIFE. IF U WAIT FOR THAT CALL EVERYDAY U GOING TO CATCH A HEADACHE EVERYDAY. I'm on exam list 8006 too list #1300 just enjoy ur life like i said cause when u become Mta property ur social life is over that's what I heard LOL
  14. finally almost four years of waiting i finally start training for mabstoa nov 21st im going to pass i have to go in there with confidence just want to thank everybody on the forum for advice especially for that alsaps info that really helps but i would keep every one inform. im on exam #8006 too so hopefully if they call me back i should switch over so wish me good luck
  15. I called that 347 number they said they up too 1,205 so hopefully they get to my number before oct 16th so I won't have to do that drug screening all over again
  16. Just hurry up and pass so they could get to my number lol. Good luck to everybody

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