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  1. i have a question do you know any websites that i could study from for the general knowledge & airbrakes???

  2. nope i didnt hear nothing @ all

  3. What's up? The way people are talking we good just have to sit back & relax. When you took the b.o.s.s. Exam how many questions was on the test u had to answer?

  4. How you doing? I just wanted to ask u on the b.o.s.s exam how many questions did u have to answer

  5. Chris I just wanted to know something I answer the 75 questions on the b.o.s.s. Survey but this guy on the forums keep saying I'm wrong I'm suppose to start @ 27 of the booklet & number 1 on the answer sheet so I just want to know if I'm wrong or not thanks

  6. How u doing? I'm just asking a question on the b.o.s.s. Exam how many question was on the test & how many questions u have to answer? Just wanted to ask cause somebody is confusing me

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