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  1. Hold up... Artic.. B44 Local.. For some reason, I've always known that they can make the tight turn from Farragut into New York Avenue. Now, lets see if FB can get more artics for the B44 in 2015.. I've seen 1 or 2 artics during the early morning AM rush on the B41 to Empire, and on the B49.
  2. Some 49xx buses may be heading over to FB. Also, FB is scheduled to get 7156-7218 for the XD40 order. Artic order is about another year away at the least. All depends if wants to send some Manhattan artics to FB in 2015.
  3. M15SBS to OF/100th Street? Thought that was fully for MCH. Just so many changes before the new pick. What is the actual depot rundown for Manhattan division as of 1/4/15.
  4. I don't know if this considers a random thought. However as of late I've spotted some 46xx buses from FB working SBS44. Granted the next artic order doesn't commence until late 2015 at the earliest. But I think there needs to be more artics for SBS44. Hope some re-alignments coming up next week can send some Manhattan artics to FB (random thought)
  5. Too many plagued delays for those LFSA artics + new flyer artics. Unless some bronx and manhattan depots can send to FB.
  6. ZF's are more likely to stay at UP of course (Subject to change). Each depot is getting a handful of new buses. But if the ZF's do leave Possible destinations: FB, ENY, or Fresh Pond
  7. They get 7090-7139 to my knowledge. I hope there are extra buses on this order.
  8. two things on the depot bus listing: 9688 at GA. 5136 at FB.. Was at UP on LOAN. Bus has returned back to sender. PS: Where is 5049 and is that on loan also? I know that 5060 is no more.
  9. 8090 looks great! I wonder how the will address the rear ad issue with these new sets of novas now that the order is streamlined from SEPTA.
  10. 8999 at GA. Spotted and boarded this evening. However, depot decals haven't changed yet. However, console does show Grand Avenue and Not East New York.
  11. Copy copy FP. I really meant to say that it was going to Quill as of 1/4/15. But my thing is that why couldn't they transfer that directly to MCH. Of course politics. In my language (politirix) . Just hope quill has adequate artic equipment for M60SBS. - Any word to where 126 RTS are going? 5013-5024. But my guess would be quill or any of the Brooklyn Division depots with exception of JG.
  12. My guess could be 126 RTS could be heading to Quill or Brooklyn.
  13. M9, M60SBS, M98 are Temp moves. They return back to original depot as of 1/4/15. Unless further notice Official routes for NOW at MCH: M1, M7, M15SBS, M35.
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