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  1. That is incorrect. What you or whoever spotted it saw was actually 7558.
  2. No, thats not really how it works, and SEPTA does the same thing. Operators have to be trained or qualified on whatever equipment they are driving. Both buses ARE NOT the same. They operate different, they feel different, the turning radius is different, the overhang is different, and the controls are different. Absolutely nothing is the same about these buses unless they have the same power train. Just because a driver is trained on an OG doesn’t mean they are qualifies on a 3G. Yes they may know how to drive them but if they are not qualified then technically they cant drive them. In our case it doesn’t matter because all new operators are trained on all older 40 foot models. Yet, they will still have to qualify when they start at a depot. example, someone who trains on an OG, still is required to train and qualify oof an NG, and then a 3G. Just because someone can drive them all doesn’t mean they are qualified. I’ve never driven an Orion V, but I’ve driven hundreds of buses. I would still need to train on it an become familiar. Sure I can just jump behind the wheel because I am a professional driver, but I am not familiar with them at all. Only Flatbush is complete, and West Farms is now 7 buses over their permanent temp assignment. We only know what is currently assigned and that is 36, which is subject to change at any moment now. Remember to keep up with the front page for updates. I’m going to edit the XD60 delivery today. 1.) I have no idea lol. We still have to integrate the ones coming back from Bus Company as well. I will check and see what the upcoming fleet deployment plans are, and if they have been updated. 2.) The B46+ was somewhat of a last minute decision anyway. It never had a definitive timeline, and was only an estimation of how and when it could be done. However it was based on several factors. See Below. No, XD60’s have a tighter turning radius than any bus in our fleet. I keep telling you guys that almost anywhere a 40 footer can go and XD60 can go. The LFSA has a slightly wider turning radius because the front section of the bus is a 40 footer. The front section of the XD60 is. Nothing more than an XD35. This is why we have not seen one problem on the B35 at all. The issue is parking space, which remains as a current issue with the B35 at its eastern terminal. Thank God 4 runs are still stand 40 foot. Looks like a depot down there on Hegeman and New Lots. See below. Incorrect. That was 7558.
  3. I’m confused at what exactly you were saying about you don’t think they will get them. The total remaining is correct. 54 total. 22 SBS. 32 local. 28 pending delivery. As MTA is moving towards all electric, they will no longer be testing out any more buses that aren’t. The diesel, CNG, and hybrid buses that are coming in will be the last. This means EPV could have a chance if they submit an EcoSmart for testing, but none of the other versions would be of any interest to the agency. At the moment, New Flyer is Qualified, Proterra will be Qualified once it passes the brake testing, and BYD is in the initial stage of entering the BTE program. Nova is still working on theirs. MTA is interested in testing out all electric technologies. The question is can they meet the testing demands of MTA. Many manufacturers cannot. By this being a new Company with no American service track record, it won’t be easy. There weren’t really any kinks. This is typical, and they are on schedule for the most part. 6 are due for delivery the month. 3 to FB, and 3 to Hale. However, you have to remember the Flatbush total was reduced, and they were switched to the first depot in line for delivery. The assignment is down to only 36, and that is subject to change at any time. Flatbush may in fact keep the other XD60’s and get a few more of them for a mixed fleet of older and brand new ones.
  4. They decided that they want to increase the the SBS fleet on the Bx6 by 1 bus. In the process, they articulated the local, and for some reason have never made the switch. I guess they don’t want to wrap 1072 in local and unwrap 1031. 🤷‍♂️ At this point I can understand why. In the future all of Gleason buses will be unwrapped when the 35 goes SBS. The order is complete, it’s not on a transfer list. A transfer is the easiest thing that would be on WF’s plate right now having the largest requirements in the city. It’s just not a priority. As a fleet reference, WF still has 4100, 8356, 8357, 8360, and 8363. XD40 Fleet has increased by 6 buses beyond what was supposed to be assigned as well and now have 7544-7551, 7568-7571, 7685, 7692, 7694-7698, 7700, 7731-7737
  5. Active snow loan transfers: GH has 30 OG’s, and 27 XD40’s in now WF has 21 OG’s, 1 NG, and 16 LFS’ KB has 23 additional NG’s, and 30 OG’s MQ has 5 OG’s and 2 NG’s OF 14 OG’s, and 2 NG’s OH 62 LFS’, 13 OG’s, and 3 NG’s BP 23 OG’s, 2 NG’s CS No additions at this time, only 4 artics are in service. Standards are covering the rest of the runs JK sent out a few OG’s and NG’ and got 495, 496, 500-503, 514-516, and 530 from SC LG loaned out 18 OG’s, but however is covering ever artic run except 1
  6. The 6 and the 41 are not easy lines to convert at all. The 44 was the easiest out of Brooklyn Division The 41 has a lot to be planned and we don’t have the artics for it right now. That’s not a good idea at all. Interlining of these SBS routes would seriously decrease reliability and make the dispatchers job harder. That’s fine on a local line but not a good idea here. I agree that they should not be interlined unless they are branch routes like the M14A/D, M34/34A, or the Q52/53.
  7. Correct, and that is a great point, however this thread is only for reporting of deliveries, transfers, and such. Questions and comments, and detailed discussions about the fleet in reference to deliveries or anything else belong in the referenced thread. You can also check the first page of said thread as all new fleet information is updated there regularly. This includes assignments which is what you asked about.
  8. Just as a LFS options review, MQ now has 5569-5574, 5576, 5578, 5579, 5581, 5589 GH complete with 5531-5566 I will let this slide because you are a new member and may not know, but these types of discussions normally belong in the Fleet & Depots thread. Planning calls for Yukon to receive 2018-2019 Nova LFS’. 34 for the S79+, and 33 for local/limited lines. The next Express buses will also be in Cuomo wrap as you all call it. Some of those are planned for SI as well. We will also have a future pending temporary assignment for the XE60 to do a “Dual Evaluation Test” where MTA will test out electric operations as well as articulated operations at the same time on the island.
  9. It actually doesn’t matter what bus it is. TA requires that employees be trained on every bus type and model no matter what type it is. Quill operators for example have to be qualified on 7 bus types. GA operators for instance had to train on early 7000’s, late 7000’s and 9500’s. Same with the Orion VII E10’s. Very operator I’m the city was trained on the Orion VII, but still had to train and qualify on the 7000’s As of late MTA has gotten real strict with things. For example, and employee I know transferred from GH to GA durning M train ops. He was qualified on the 4700’s, but not the 6000’s. Dispatch went to give him a bus and said WAIT! You aren’t qualified for that. My friend said it’s the same damn bus. Thats not how TA looks at it. And to a greater extent, every transit agency in America with artics has to train their operators on both a 60 and 40 even if they are the same type. They do not maneuver the same. Mechanics don’t have to be retrained in this fashion when it comes to these things. They just need to be refreshed or notified of a part or spec change.
  10. Any diesel powered bus to a CNG depot will always be a loan unless it’s West Farms. Even then those XD40’s won’t stay forever. They (SC) have several buses OOS and in the shop.
  11. I explained this in my last post. There is no order changing going on. The loaned buses will start going back as new ones come in. No one is keeping anything. They all belong to TA/OA. When they get ready to go back they will go to Manhattan and or anywhere else they may be needed. They could end up in Brooklyn. It’s already been said that some, of not all of them couple be unwrapped as some are for 100 St anyway. Please ladies an gentlemen, don’t skim through the comments. Read them all and let’s not get too far off topic or into speculation. Let’s stick as much to the facts or what we know them to be at the time of posting, and base our comments off that. Anything else should be reserved for the random thoughts thread.
  12. As of right now they are delayed a bit because of a failed audit inspection. MYA is not pleased with the recovery delivery schedule Nova has provided, so I’m not sure how this will affect things. As of now there are about 30 buses built. I hear they are trying to work things out and delivery will convene momentarily. No that’s not how things work. NYCT and MTAB are 2 separate legal entities. This means that only buses that are owned by TA can be loaned to BC. The extended loans are under lease agreement and have terms. Mall bus orders are either separate or grouped together for funding purposes, but MTA cannot just give buses from one devision to the other unless they are old buses that can be transferred anywhere. As mentioned, MTAB has their own order in production now. The pilot is just about complete and once buses begin to arrive, the loaned TA buses will then begin to go back. Not a problem at all. It looks like the Depot Location System for JA is it was down. Each Depot has a computer system that powers the info screens on their buses, and shows the location of all the buses within the depots assignment. If it’s down, none of the screens will work properly as they don’t have GPS or WiFi updates. That’s right at my pay grade lol. But it didn’t have to be for most t know this one. It’s not possible unless the buses are leased to MTAB and that for one doesn’t make any sense when they have buses on the way, and already have some on lease. The schedule is still the same, and the order is as you mentioned. Yep! Most of you all may not remember, but I did mention the future fleet changes for the hybrids and electrics. The electric swap between GA and MQ was supposed to occur long ago. However, because the Proterra lot failed the Decel Testing, things changed up a bit. Proterra now has about 6 months to get it corrected or the entire award will go to New Flyer. Allegedly there is a “0021” that is addressing said issues. Everything else with the buses has successfully passed BTE, so as soon as they get past the Decel part, they will be Qualified. As far as the hybrids, I already mentioned all the depots they are going to, as I was able to confirm the preliminary assignments about a month ago. As they are all “Special Pilot” buses we are liable to see them at any depot other than the ones in Staten Island. This includes West Farms which has the largest bus requirements of any depot in the city. West Farms is not currently in these delivery plans, but we know how this go. Ulmer Park is however and this will be the first hybrids for them. Remember to keep up with the first page of this thread. I’m going to make some updates today as well so look out for those.
  13. What buses are you talking about specially? The ones I have been on have had operable screens. And please note for future reference, Fleet discussion belongs in this thread. The one you commented in is for moves and transfers only.
  14. I am being told some things are going to change (as usual) and the new plan is for the loaned buses at Bus Company to be un-wrapped into the standard local scheme. So those may now end up going to Tuskegee also. I’m awaiting updates. Note I have not changed the XD60 delivery totals because Flatbush is once again subject to change from 36 lol. I can’t keep up. I hope to have more info today and tomorrow.
  15. They are all out of service at the moment. However I have not looked into why. On another note the fleet deployment plans have changed yet again. It looks like FB will get a mix of new buses as well as some from Quill. B46+ articulation is subject to hold. Flatbush totals have in fact been reduced from 57 to 36 new buses.
  16. My apologies. Moving forward, I will tone that down under one condition. You stop throwing jabs at other member and stop complaining unless you plan on doing something or have a serious point to get across. In other words, we need to to contribute if you are going to be here rather than annoy our users/members. Debates are fine, but arguments are for children. The back and forth ends now.
  17. If you want to continue a discussion abut the fleet, we have a handy little tool to make it easy for everyone. Here is a step-by-step tutorial with illustration on how to transfer single or multi-quoted discussions to other threads or forums. Please reserve most comments and opinions for the Random Thoughts thread, and reserve Fleet and Depots for detailed discussion, major comments, and any questions you have about the fleet. We really need you all to stop commenting on the fleet in this thread unless it is about the verification of a delivery, move, pending moves, or transfers ONLY. Step 1.) Quote the post you want to comment on. Verify the post is selected when the ‘’+” changes to a “✔️“ and the Quote x amount of posts button shown up in the bottom right corner. (Bottom on most mobile platforms) Step 2.) After you have selected the post or posts you would like to quote, go to the thread you want to move the conversation to. Step 3.) Scroll to the last post, put your cursor in the reply to thread box, and click the Quote x amount of posts button, and continue your discussion. To multi-quote (quote more than one person or comment), complete the same process as above, yet checking the “+” for as many quotes as you would like to transfer.
  18. Please keep up with the first page of Fleet & Depots (this thread) for up to date information. You also have to pay attention to the minor details. The 275 hybrid-electric award is this summer, and the 45 all-electric award is this fall. I really haven’t decided if I want to add the delivery schedule back in. It’s starting to change a bit too much for me. What is accurate today may change 6 times in 14 days. It does have a nice look and feel and sort of give a heads up on what to expect. I will consult with some of the other staff members and make a decision soon. I will however consider returning it if it was information everyone found helpful. Thank you.
  19. Correct. That however had nothing to do with what we were talking about and his knowledge of operations or lack there of. I thought he was talking about a double decker. 😕 Bus fanning does not qualify for knowing what’s going on. Lol All new buses purchased come with a warranty no matter the agency or manufacturer. Maintenance occurs in house unless the vehicle is leased or maintenance is contracted out which I don’t think I have heard of mor general situations. All warranty works are performed by the manufacturer. Warranties are 12yr/500,000 miles base, and some manufactures offer extended warranties. There there are components like engines, destination signs, windows, and sometimes other components that may be manufatured by a 3rd party vendor, and have separate warranties. I don’t think 200 buses will be retired in 6-9 months. We don’t kno what it is. It could be MTA, and not Nova. I don’t have any details at all as of right now. Yes, the Flatbush allotment has been subject to change for over a month now. Remember all the XE60’s will be here by the end of the year. I’m waiting on confirmation now cause part of this doesn’t make sense. Quill only has 40 old LFSA’s. There’s no need for them to be getting 75 new artics. As far as the color scheme, there is no longer a reason for them to come in local scheme seeing as the M14+ is back on the table. 0016-0019 are all back at Grand. 0020 is still at Proterra. None of them are in service pending the return of 0020 and what I am being told a 0021. However it is unclear of the configuration. Seeing as the brakes are the only issue, I would assume it would be all sorted out over the next few months. They have about 7-6 more months to qualify, but if they don’t, all 45 will be going to New Flyer. BYD plans on having their 40 foot and 60 foot versions enter bus test and evaluation for validation in 2020. Can you stop posting these predictions and such. This thread is not for speculation or what your think may happen. That confuses people and misinformation starts getting passed around . This is for discussions on solid information or questions about pending orders and projects. Also, you are a year off. The buses will be going back. The lease is up in December for buses to be returned in January. Proterra buses however could stay longer after a potential brake retrofit.
  20. I have a headache...... There’s too much going on. MTA is not happy with Nova’s new delivery schedule, and now we have issues there. Apparently something happened with the audit inspection, but I have been so busy trying to keep up with everything from railroads to subways that I’m a bit overwhelmed. Idk what happened.... this literally just got me out of left field, but MTA wants changes made and don’t like the new delivery timeline. Note: Scratch the LFS delivery schedule. I’m awaiting updates now. Stand by.
  21. I totally agree, but every now and then people need to be reminded that if it were not for people like Trevor, (The Real) Deme (Seven Eleven), Shane (Cait) and the rest of the moderation staff, and other TTMG members, the masses would not have any of this information anyway. We have all paved the way for transparency, and by Harry continuing to provide the platform we can both share and help improve transit. Countless people who have become members here, were then inspired to apply for MTA and were hired in. People need to understand that this is a privilege, not a right. Once upon a time we went on strike here at NYCTF. For those that were around, I think you know what happened when we snatch all the information. I literally removed ALL the information, posts and updates on every project from buses, to subways, and railroads. That was the longest 72 hours ever for many members. But 99% of the members that were here then supported our strike. What we do is not for clout. It’s to share what we love and improve on a broken system that takes diplomacy to fix. I have never owed anyone an explanation or been the “I told you so” type of guy when information hits the black & white. Every now and then these new members need to be reminded that we all built this platform from the ground up. We don’t have to share anything and can sit back and watch everyone speculate until MTA makes it public. Now people feel entitled to this information, and or just like to troll. There are plenty of plans to change in sight. It’s called “Fast Forward,” and all citizens of the city of New York, as well as any other riding public were invited to comment and still are at community board meetings. Why didn’t you go?? As a matter of fact why don’t you go to the next one..... Oh wait, you aren’t even in New York City......... So you can’t..... You say all that you want to do when you work for the MTA, so why don’t you start now. Don’t know what this 3160 is you are talking about, and then you say that you rode the DD Test bus every day....... Interesting. Did you document it? I would be very interested in you telling me each run it was on each day it was in service...... I’ll wait....
  22. We aren’t blaming anything on anyone other than the agency. Your facts are not accurate, and all you are doing is complaining @Just New York. I don’t know the issues and just smile. I advocate for change. I get change. You do nothing but rant. Yes, I am free to ban you at anytime, but I will grant your 1st Ammendment Right for the time being. Even though you have, and continue to break a certain rule just for the record, I’m willing to overlook that momentarily. You say I know more than you think, but you have yet to display any of your intelligence, or knowledge on anything of substance. Not to mention that grammar of yours is baffling, and half the time I have no clue as to what you are actually talking about. I’m also pretty sure that “Jap” is offensive.... maybe I’m wrong... Maybe you don’t know any better??? I’m just all confused here. As a matter of fact, what’s really going on? What the hell is your issue exactly??? All you do is bash the MTA, then said you don’t work for them “yet”.... As in you are planning on it??? YOU?? That’s like me going to work for “that company” that operates NICE. Do you plan on working for MTA sometime in the near future? What position do you want?? 🙄
  23. Full program updates can now be seen at the top 👆of this thread for your convenience. This way everyone can keep current or reference something without having to go back and find the information in a previous post or page. As mentioned elsewhere, this will be rolling out across all major threads in all forums.
  24. Effective immediately, I have introduced a feature for this thread that will have the most recent procurement and or other important information right at the top of this page and the top any page you may view throughout this thread. The first page is where extensive information will remain. Similar updates will be implemented across the entire forum over the next few days. The R211 thread has been one of the first to get the upgrade, as well as the new “Link Images” that I will be incorporating into most all threads. All other major forum threads will have updates on the top of any current page as well. Straight out of left field on me. We never had any actual numbers confirmed previously, but i would have expected 1300 or something as well, but those may end up being for the 40 foot standard electrics.
  25. I was not feeling the idea of having to go back to the beginning of each thread, so I’m trying something new that I think you all will like much better. From now on, all major updates will be found right at the top of the thread no matter what page you are on. That way, you can effective immediately, keep up with information right on the latest page in a thread.

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