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  1. There are no articulated routes that don’t have high ridership.
  2. M60+ and Q19 stop is temporarily relocated during construction until Tuesday Feb. 6th.
  3. They aren’t bumps. We have been over all of this multiple times. Depots are simply getting what they would have gotten post L train, with the exception of West Farms, which originally would have had enough buses, but due to other reason and the fact that they decided to make the 6 local articulated, they need more buses in the meanwhile. FB getting Quills artics makes absolutely no sense. Especially after we have discussed what’s going on anytime there is an update. You answered the last question in your own statement...... That’s the only logical answer along with the M35 isn’t it? Lets not start with the speculation and a million questions. Let’s just READ and wait. A lot of you are not reading or keeping up with what’s going on. That what the first page of this thread along with my regular updates are for. They were always planned to come in local scheme but have SBS pain under them anyway. Just like all the XN60’s.
  4. I’m going to post the redeployments here, as well as in Fleet & Depots. The first page of that thread is about 90% updated. Fleet numbers for the following depots are coming, but in the meanwhile: XD40 61 to JA 43 to MQ 54 to EN 65 to FP 35 to GA 48 delivered to FB 21 to WF (Permanently for the time being) 40 to UP. *As for the LFSA’s, Quill will still get the last 36. *For the XD60’s, we are back to the original assignment with the first 6 still scheduled for delivery to Hale this month. Flatbush is scheduled to get it’s first 10 next month. *8508 is in on the LFS side. Queensvillage followed by Yukon, will begin to take delivery in short order.
  5. Coming this evening: XE60, and new hybrid overview. NYCT/MTAB System merger updates. New Fare Payment updates, and the now pending pilot program. Post L-Train depot assignments, which are complete for now. Major 1st page Tite Post updates.
  6. That’s why we have a test fleet of 10. Then a production fleet of 60 will follow. 3 years is long enough to test the technology for extensive evaluation purposes. Other agencies have electric buses, so preliminary life-cycle evaluations have taken place. You have to start somewhere. It’s not that risky because it’s not that many buses and as mentioned, the feds are paying for most of it anyway. Not only that, but that’s what warranties are for. Electric buses are still developing and maturing, but articulated buses are not. They are just longer versions as any artic is. Both the Proterra and NFI Electric buses passed Altoona Testing back in 2015. No. 0011 and it’s status has been discussed several times. Please go back a page or two and rewiew the winter updates. No, the artics are coming this year. Again, please review the fleet updates.
  7. Yes, these are training buses for 1, and for 2, they could technically go to EN as soon as the depot mods are complete since there is no L train shuttle now. As I said, we have to await the new assignments. Anything could go anywhere right now. In addition to that, this is not the place for side discussions on the fleet. Those belong in the Fleet & Depot threads.
  8. Check the first page of this thread. Outside of a few changes that I need to make, details to add, and assignments to change, most everything else is the same and always current. Check the first page. The entire fleet has to be audited, and when we know it will be posted. They, as in MTA are not trying to get rid of them. Cuomo is. That’s likely only going to happen on the models at EN and UP that have the “Sunroof Hatches.” Buses are put together by hand, so this is going to happen to an odd bus here and there where it may leak more than others. It aldepends on how things are sealed up on the assembly line. However, not one bus ever made has not suffered from this problem. Another note is that roof hatches especially need to be replaced every 6 years. I have this issue myself where mine leak really bad in heavy downpours. Another factor is the manufacturers of roof hatches, window seals, and HVAC units and wiring. Some are more reliable than others.
  9. 6128 is on its way to the city for registration, and configuration testing. (Transit) 6234 is on the assembly line. (Bus) Lots of assignments are changing. L train cancellation reassignments, and the status of Hale and Flatbush’s delivery schedule and assignment.
  10. 2019 Annual Fleet Review and Major Updates. January 21, 2019 *AEB (All-electric bus) Program. As many who have been keeping up may know, MTA is in the process of a transition to all all-electric bus fleet by 2040. In accordance with this effort, The TA leased 10 standard 40 foot electric buses for a 3 year extensive test and evaluation program. The program will soon enter its 3rd and final year of testing. The evaluation will start to wrap up at then end of this year. Preliminarily, New Flyer is the current front runner of the competition, and has now been approved as a manufacturer of Electric Buses for MTA. This final yes will test further processes and logistics for where future AEB’s will be deployed. Approximately 2 months ago NFI XE40 #0011 made the trip down to the New Flyer Alabama facility for audit preparation services. I have now been able to confirm that 0011 will now serve as the pilot and configuration audit bus for our first ever electric bus order which will be awarded tomorrow, January 22, 2019. By this time next year MTA should be in the secession process for the first 45 standard electric buses. At this time, the Proterra buses have passed all initial qualification testing with the exception of the Deceleration (Brake) Testing. Proterra is working with TA Grand Av. Engineering for a solution to this issue by the time qualification testing wraps up at the end of the year. *ABE Articulated Program. 4 Manufacturers were sought out for planning and potential for the future of the articulated fleet, which like its local 40 foot counterparts will all be replaced by electric buses. At the time of acceptance of all proposals or feedback, it was determined that BYD will work to officially enter the Electric Bus Test and Evaluation Program with both 40 foot and 60 foot models in the not too distant future. NovaBus has not completed its electric artic program and cannot provide buses in the near future. Proterra does not offer an articulated model at this time. ****** I would like to officially announce the first ever production electric order for the New York City Transit Authority. Contract #40640 for the manufacture, furnish, and delivery of 15 New Flyer XE60 articulated electric buses 1110-1124. These articulated electric buses will serve as the first next generation production order. At a price of $1,338,500 each, we are now able to see the prices of electric buses coming down as the demand begins to pick up across North America. Now let’s get into the details! In an effort to accelerate delivery, as well as expand test and evaluation efforts, this order will be very unique, and will not have a pilot bus. As I mentioned a couple months ago, #0011 will serve as a makeshift pilot and configuration audit bus as it is basically the same vehicle with a few changes. 0011 is one at the Alabama facility which is where our buses will be manufactured. The Lead Bus is scheduled for delivery in September, where it will complete 2 months of burn-in testing. At the same time the next couple buses will begin production, and delivery will begin in November. If there needs to be any changes, unlike previous orders MTA and NFI will work to incorporate all of them into the line in order to have all buses delivered by January 2020. This summer in July, NFI and MTA will install 16 in depot chargers at the Manhattan Division Headquarers, Mike J. Quill depot. The majority of these XE60 buses will operate along the M14 line. A couple of these buses will operate all different types of duty cycles in all 5 boroughs. Yes ladies and gentleman, that means Staten Island as well! MTA will also purchase 1 mobile charging unit to support the buses testing in the outer boroughs, or basically any areas a significant distance away from 42nd Street. The current (leased) in-route charging systems at the M42 terminals, will also be able to support charging of the articulated buses if and when needed. This will be a very extensive and rigorous test program and I will be following this one at every turn. We will have more details tomorrow. Or later this afternoon by the time this actually posts. ****** Contract #40666 for the manufacture furnish and delivery of 275 Diesel-Electric Hybrid Buses 9510-9784. MTA will seek board approval for an RFP Authorizing competitive bidding to be impractical, and inappropriate for this upcoming award. At this time there are 2 qualified manufactures to build hybrid buses for MTA. New Flyer, and NovaBus. To date, MTA deemed the delivery schedule of the Nova offering was not favorable, and the price of each Nova was significantly higher than that of New Flyer, and subsequently awarded them an order for 10 hybrid pilot buses. It is now time for MTA to plan the next (outside of MTA Bus company) what may very well be the last hybrid order ever. Because this will not be the standard competitive contract, MTA would like to split the award from what I am being told. They will in fact state in the contract that are open to a split and it wil boil down to evaluation criteria, and the Best And Final offer. MTA could also further split this award between hybrid system manufacturing firms, Allison and BAE. Final design selection will begin immediately when everyone goes back to work this week. Nova could possibly get up to 110 buses out of this order. Exactly 1 year from now MTA plans to award this contract, with delivery to begin Q3 2020. As of right now, potential deployment for these buses are as follows: East New York, Flatbush, Fresh Pond, Grand Avenue, Gun Hill, Jamaica, Kingsbridge, Qill, Manhattanville, Hale, Tuskegee, Queensvillage, and Ulmer Park Depots. ******* Pending Delivery status of current awards. LFS Options (8504-8754) - Production delivery is now pending and buses are scheduled to begin arriving in February. All buses are planned for delivery to Kingsbridge, Gun Hill, Queensvillage and Yukon depots. LFSA Options (5531-5602) - Balance of buses to be delivered to MQ in standard local scheme. The final disposition of the buses may change as the Train status updates. XD40 Options (7484-7850) - Delivery of this buses is now underway, however the assignments are and have been fly by wire. As of right now, some assignments are permanent, but many are not. 88 of the buses were planned for Train, and as of right now they will have to be reassigned. At this point because of deployment being up in the air, it is possible for West Farms to keep at least 8 of these buses in the future. They currently have 20, and some of these assignments may not be so temporary as we once thought. As this develops this week, we try to shed more light on the situation. XD60 Options (6126-6233) - Delivery now pending, and I am being told the planned SBS assignments are as folllows. 6126-6176 (51) to Hale 6177-6233 (57) to Flatbush ****** Express Bus Award for MTA Bus pending May 2019. Details coming soon. As always, any and all information subject to change without notice.
  11. Sure but, no one will be able to afford them, and unless they are electric they won’t be efficient at all. So that just doubled the price. True, but it’s a lose-lose situation, and these days the weather forecasts seem to change hourly. You see what happened during the first snow of this year... Better safe than sorry. And interestingly enough, the 40’s are still out. Saw a hybrid on the M60+ this morning pulling into LGA Airport.
  12. @Future ENY OP A split of both routes can be done with no changes at all. Grand and EN have the largest depots in the borough. EN could easily take on a bit more work if a split was done. The have 2 annex lots as well. As far as control, ENY is and likely always will be Surface Transit Headquartes. Especially with the brand new Bus Command Center that was recently built. They have the most pull in the city followed by Quill. They have historically always got what they wanted. The got pics of RTS fleets from the very first buses, and they get pics on current fleets now as well. Originally EN was gonna get the XDE40’s and a batch of electric buses. However, Grand Avenue is now Bus Engineering Headquarters, so it makes since to have the Electric test buses, and the hybrid pilots operate out of Grand. Complete fleet and depot review, along with a first page update coming this afternoon. It was delayed a bit so I could have time to completely review the Electric Artic contract, which will be awarded to New Flyer tomorrow for the XE60.
  13. Ok before I post what I am about to below, this will be the absolute last time I ask Veteran members to PLEASE NOT have full discussions about ANYTHING other than Moves and Transfers. This is why we have no many double posts on moved. This is not the place for it and that’s the sole purpose of the Fleet & Depots thread. After today if you are not a new member/user and post in that thread, it will be deleted immediately with no warning and no questions asked. Please, and thank you all very much. New memebers, I will just move the post and let them know this is not a place for detailed fleet discussions. After I move all these posts out of this thread later on today, that’s the last time I will mention it. So if one day you look up and your post is gone you know why. Naw, there were a few extra 40’s out on the road. Remember 4 regular runs are 40 foot runs as well. The whole line isn’t artic. Flatbush had quite a few of the XD40’s on the 44+ It is actually possible. Some of the codes just have to be changed. That day is already on the horizon and when the new fareboxes and radios one in the codes will be revised, and any bus can be loaned or transferred at anytime. It’s nowhere as simple as just adding codes. The fareboxes and the radios have to be swapped out as well. The codes are the least of the issues here. Note what I mentioned above. What you are talking about was addressed about 3 years ago and the post-merger MTA will be able to do this. It’s just not possible right now.
  14. That’s just doing waaay too much tho my man. That doesn’t make sense logistically. The 6 and 82+ however need to and should be split out of EN and UP. That was a typo. XE60’s are now confirmed for Quill. ENY for the most part is already artic ready, however the inside of the depot is being redesigned a bit to accommodate them and won’t be ready till next summer.
  15. 57 XD60’s are going to FB. And the B46SBS is only going to be partially converted. Mainly during rush period. The numbers have been determined for more than a year bro. You need to keep up with the first page. @Future ENY OP There are no plans for a new artic order anytime soon other than the 15 XE60’s which are now confirmed for Quill. Numbers pending, but rumor has it they will be 1110-1124. It’s not even possible for EN to get brand new artics by next year. We haven’t even got the option buses. And delivery of those are now about 2-3 weeks from beginning.
  16. New Bus Assignment Review by depot as of 1/18/19 10:42pm EN 7558, 7560, 7663-7684, 7686, 7687 FB 7615-7662 FP 7508-7519, 7706-7708, 7710, 7712, 7713 GA 7520-7530, 9500-9503, 9505, 9507-9509 GH 5468-5482, 5531-5538, 5540-5548, 5550, 5552, 5553 JA 7484, 7487-7507, 7557, 7559, 7561, 7562, 7567, 7572, 7686, 7689, 7691, 7693, 7699, 7701-7705 JG 1031, 1073-1109 MQ 5439-5467, 5483-5530, 7573-7592 UP 7531-7543, 7552-7556, 7563-7566 WF 1000-1015, 1021-1030, 1032-1072, 7544-7551, 7568-7571, 7685, 7692, 7694-7698, 7700 (Note XN60 production delivery now complete. Pilot delivery pending)
  17. As of right now the M14+ is on hold. Indefinitely.
  18. Full Winter fleet review coming up in Fleet & Depots this evening. Included will be Hybrid order details and preliminary assignments, along with an electric program update, XE60 confirmation, details, and assignments as well.
  19. This is true however there is the exception. All of this holds true for the Nova LFSA, however, the XD60 and D60HF/LF can actually make tighter turns than any 40 footer. The tailswing is just slightly greater. Another fun fact of the day, the RTS actually has the widest turning radius among 40 footers, and for that reason rookies are most likely to get into accidents or not make wide enough turns with them. The B35 is proof of this. That has to be the most narrow route with a few sharp turns than any other Artic route I can think of off my head. Funny story, I was actually training an MTA vet (who only operated hybrids, C40’s and MCI’s) on an RTS a few months ago. A few turns he didn’t take wide enough until I said, “Tien like you are I’m an MCI!” He nailed every turn after that. Lol
  20. Didn’t see it mentioned yet, but Orion VII renumbering has begun. 145 now being the first at WF along with 146 and 147 pending. I have to confirm which units they were. 5441 to MQ (if not mentioned) I’m just coming back from holiday and birthday vacation so I have to catch up a bit guys. Major updates coming this weekend as well.
  21. It’s not really stupid at all. MTA isn’t gonna order trains they haven’t tested so thats why there are 2 open-gangway test trains with the base order. Not sure what you mean about “this small order” or what you are referring to.
  22. MTA plans to move forward with Train upgrades without a full shutdown. This is the preliminary update documents with more to be discussed at next weeks committee meeting. http://web.mta.info/mta/news/books/docs/Canarsie - Board Presentation 011519 1120 FINAL.pdf
  23. Those are maintenance and driver training buses pending delivery of the new XD60’s which ire now due in about 3 weeks or less. The buses are in audit now pending MTA approval. I actually expected Hale to get u it’s first as they were originally scheduled for delivery in less than 60 days. I should have updated fleet plans, and official Train updates in about 12 hours. Those aren’t new buses lol. The new XD60’s will be more like the 7484+ batch. 6126+ will be the new buses.
  24. Now that 1000 is at WF 1072 will be unwrapped and send to Gleason.

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