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  1. Yes they do call to verify certain past job requirements. if the job doesn't exist anymore, thats no problem.
  2. Hey whats up Will,,,, Still hanging in there. I have been a T/O for about three years now. Congrats on the supervision promotion.
  3. that's something new......they are up to something ....
  4. they are having an open house for skilled trades on Sept 24.....check the link http://web.mta.info/mta/employment/472_16_Open%20Hous.pdf
  5. DCAS no longer administers the test for transit. Transit does the testing themselves. Contact transit. BTW they are really slow in grading exams. i guess when they need people they will start scoring it.
  6. Well you have to score above a 70, to be placed on the list. Then you have to wait to be called.
  7. I took the last Tower test......They ask you about the different types of tower machines, levers colors. If you can get your hand on a tower manual you should be fine. Know your rule book, Radio codes, baton procedures, absolute block.
  8. Thank God I don't have to deal with that anymore. One of the many parts of that job i hated.
  9. Just take your time. Remember just to go in a sequence. Or in a certain order. Dont jump around all over the train. Also, when at home pretend your doin your practical on a train . good luck.
  10. car wash at canarsie....track indication
  11. Who is telling you this? Almost all the information you received is wrong. Basically any minute you are on transit time you will be paid. Down to the minute. "XX" means you dont own a job. You dont have a regular reporting time or location. You will sent to any location within the division depending on what tour you are given.
  12. Its contract time. This is all part of the negotations. we'll see
  13. When i started transit i was in college and i was able to complete. But that was stations, schedules are more set, and it was still kind of though. In stations you can pick the first time a pick comes around. In RTO, I don't see it happening. You don't have a set schedule. You can start at 8am and come out by 6pm.
  14. hey Will, whats up man. Hope the pick went well for you.
  15. Update... The next conductor class is on schedule. I am in the next class for dec. 28
  16. update on conductor classes...The last list number in the upcoming class(11/16) will be #69. I should be in the next class.
  17. Well, I just got called off the promo list. I am number 75.
  18. I am in the same situation right now. I finally get my 4 weeks. They are delaying our pick right now. I hope we at least pick vacations. Plus the notice I received said I will start at conductors beginning rate(17.xx), even though I am top pay now. Don't want to take a pay cut now.
  19. got my to notice on fri. to come down to livingston on thursday.
  20. my list number is 75. i really don't know whats goin on.
  21. Does anyone konow what "outstanding certification" means. I recently called dcas and that was the message I got from their automated system.
  22. Why is it ok to risk my job and not yours. If I was on your train and I wanted to ride in the T/O cab you wouldn't allow me. If your such a helpful person why didn't you pull out your epic pass and swipe him in. Who would have known?

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