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  1. Mayor Bloomsburg can help reduce carbon emissions in NYC by regulating the fuels that mostly contributes to greenhouse gages. New York City mayor Bloomsberg announced that “thousands of buildings in New York will be forced to install energy-efficient light bulbs, low-flow faucets and other energy-saving devices to reduce the city's carbon emissions by 5%,” It seems as though the mayor wants to tackle the energy crises at a time when his about to be reelected for a third term. Perhaps the Mayor can consider these options as a mean to reduce the city’s carbon emissions. After all, as industrialize nations, it is the leaders of the world who can help shape the direction that our future generation takes into reducing greenhouse gases. Yes there are other energy saving devices that can help us reduced the carbon emission in our city. As a mater of fact heat - timer is one of the leading manufactures that have help building owners save in their energy bills. They market products such as automatic controls which are digi - spams and heat monitoring controls like the MPC Platinum. These devices are used to control the on and off cycle of steam and hot water heating systems. READ MORE http://hubpages.com/hub/NYC-carbon-emissions
  2. "The people of the world have always been impressed by the power of our examples than the examples of our power” On September 6, 2008, Chinese President Hu Jintao met with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, at which time they discussed the peaceful settlement of the Iranian nuclear issue through dialogues and negotiations. During this dialogue, Hu added, China as always and will continue to push for the settlement of this issue through peaceful negotiations. Now, President Obama launched his first major diplomatic talk, basically asking the Iranian leaders to unclench the hand, and some how we’re not all contempt with the message. What else could he have suggested on this “New Day” celebrated by the Iranian people. If it’s not a welcome to new relations between the two nations, what else could he have proposed. President Obama acknowledges the lack of diplomacy over the last few decades between the two countries and proposed engagement that are honest and grounded in mutual respect. That my friend is the change we seek. Having the capacity to acknowledge our mistakes and make appropriate measure to change them is what civilized nations do. Read More http://hubpages.com/hub/Barack-Obama---A-New-Year--A-New-Beginning
  3. They have been many talk on the issue of recession prior becoming a reality. Some have said that we were in a recession before it was even announced, others have said the contrary but the truth of the matter, it's all base on how one looks at the issue of recession. If one simply looks at it literally, then we can agree that we are not yet in a recession. Providing that the evidences which support recession in its narrow sense have not met. But if one looks at it on a broader sense, which involves the amount of good and services that are available in the market in relevance to the amount of money in distribution, then one can say that we are lying to ourselves. As it is the case, the two doesn't coincide. There are more money in circulation than there are good and services. I know that in school we were thought that inflation is when prices of good and services goes up. Since we are now reeducating ourselves, we've found out that inflation is the consequence of an increase in the money supply. The recession will derived from the fact that they is too much money in circulation. Read More http://hubpages.com/hub/whyinflationeffectstheeconomy
  4. A message for the president: You are at the top because you live in the penthouse of your mind, You arrived there by using an elevated thought. We'll help keep you grounded so that you remain focus. So far you seem to be keeping your promise. I think of the human mind as being a very large apartment house, with many floors, some people live on the first floor, second floor and so forth. A person can move to a higher floor by using an elevated thought. No one can move to a higher level, without this elevation. There are those that live in the penthouse, and there are many others who are striving to elevate themselves to that level. I have always tried to visualize myself as living in the penthouse of my mental realm, and have always, hopefully, maintained an elevated thought. READ MORE http://hubpages.com/hub/Theinnerspiritsofmythoughts
  5. Children are stimulated to play video games mainly because of the rewards they received for every task achieved through playing the game. As described by some, it is the desire to see what happens next in the preceding stage that gives the kick that makes the child want to play the game. Although some games promote aggression and violent responses to conflict, not all games simulate those types of behaviors. SimCity promote knowledge that can be useful to a child as he grows up to understand the world he or she lives in. Reading on the other hand, is a mind exercising function. Most children do not develop a kick for reading until they are a little older. I must also add that parents can help the child develop this function by playing an active role by participating in the reading exercise. However, the reward obtain from reading books are far less acknowledged from a child perspective than an adult. The advantages that a child gets from reading books are directly related to future benefits that are available in today society. The information obtained from reading good books are important to a child education long – term career benefits and future goals. READ MORE http://hubpages.com/hub/Reading--video-games-are-both-advantageous-to-a-child-learning-experience
  6. Natural medicine is an alternative to unaffordable drugs It is true that you are what you eat ….so if you eat garbage you'll become garbage. Maybe I'm a little too upfront with my language but nonetheless the truth remains, what you put in your body does effect your genetic makeup. Here in the United State our eating habits are shaped by Television Shows, TV Commercials and Magazines Ads. The eating habit that we're a custom to in the US is not the same as some European countries, so it's no surprise why there are less obese people in Europe than there are in the US. READ MORE http://hubpages.com/hub/The-uninsure-health-policy
  7. Recently the Obama transition team have implemented in their website a communication panel where citizens are allowed to ask the question that mostly concern them. And as you can see, I have done just that. I have asked the transition team 11 questions which I thought the voice of the speechless would want to be answered. I encourage all of you to get involve and let your voice be heard, go to the website and participate. Although you may not have any questions to ask is OK ....because voting on the questions you like most is as equally important as asking a question. We do that as a collaboration of our effort to make certain that this administration listen to us. We should not let the Obama team forget not even for a minute that they work for us. Let us work to leave a better world for our children and by that we should hold Obama liable for this quote “Today we begin to earnest the work of making sure that the world we leave our children is just a little bit better than the one we inhabit today”. If you like any of my questions, you can vote for it @ change.gov to let your voice be heard or perhaps you can ask your own question as a contribution to the struggle. Just so you know, my user name there is CoolBreeze. READ MORE http://hubpages.com/hub/The-Obama-team-is-now-ready-to-answer-questions
  8. An experience politician without good intent is worthless to the country he serves. If the people's choice to elect an experience politicians to office was the ultimate requirement that produces good government than how do we explain our current situation. Obviously experience is not everything because if it was, we would have made smarter choices that contributed to our interest as a country. Although experience is important, it's not everything ...one must also look at the intention behind the experience. It is only by knowing the candidate intention can you truthfully trust them to govern. READ MORE http://hubpages.com/hub/carolinekennedyforsenator
  9. Our immoral judgments placed on others as laws to govern their way of life. To condemn someone who has committed infidelity is not always a good judgment. The reasoning behind the act of infidelity must be reexamine before the cheater can be proven guilty. As the old tradition say once a cheater is always a cheater ...that may not always be the case. As you continue to read my thoughts, you'll noticed that the logic that support my arguments will prove this statement to be unreasonable at times. READ MORE http://hubpages.com/hub/Theimmoraljusticeofourjudgments
  10. The president elect is a collection of all the knowledge that he has acquired throughout his life. Is neither black or white his simply a human bean. As Dr. King state “ we should judge a man by the content of his character not his skin color”. Although his skin may appeared to be less lighter than white doesn't say anything about his character. Being Black or White is nothing to be proud of if the content of the character is not of great value. Humans have a lot more in common than most people think, the only thing that divides them is education and wealth.
  11. It's unfortunate what happen to Mr. Thomas. As it is noticed, it could have happened to anyone public servant. I don't have to be a NYC bus driver to feel the pain, all I must be is a hard worker. And as a hard working person striving to make ends meet, it brings tears to the eye to hear something as such. My advise to all NYC bus drivers is to prevent being confrontational even when you know you're right. Times are hard and people are getting desperate. Although you might be strong enough to overcome your opponent, you don't know what he may be carrying. Your job first priority is your safety first and the safety of your commuters after. Most bus drivers would have contacted dispatch had they given the chance but this case was one where the bus driver was not given that chance. My advice to your is be alert at all time because as time gets harder you'll faced desperate people. This is a time when bus drivers should be concern about the route their given in relation to time and area.
  12. Al Gore isn't here but I'll respond for him ....check this link below http://hubpages.com/hub/Greed-as-an-hazard-to-future-manufacturing
  13. This was text to me by someone I don't know. I'm not smart enough to have thought of it but I figured I'll just pass it on to your. Martin Luther King died in 1964 ....Barak Obama is our 44th president ...so what does 1964 + 44 equal to .....you guest it right my friend. Did God had something to do with it or was it just a coincident?
  14. The opportunity for America to regain its position in the world has presented itself again with Barrack Obama as the president. We all saw how the world was overwhelmed by the outcome of this election. The question we should then ask ourselves is why were people all over the world so contempt with Obama as the president of the United State when in fact we have never seen this behavior in the history of America? Was it because of the past performance of the previous presidential régime which people thought had a negative impact on populations from most part of the world? Or can we perhaps say the president past and racial ethnicity defines a sense of unity that has attracted people all over the world to relate to him on different levels. I tend to believe that a relationship exist between these two outcomes. Considering his past, I for one can say that he was brought up by a single mother just like I did and for him to have such turnout is even more surprising. The only different there is that he’s biracial which I think is perfect because as people we tend to be attracted to those who look like us. In his case both blacks and whites were able to relate because both groups could see their half in him. I suspect that there’s going to be a lots of little Obamas being born in this country in the next four years. In addition, we notice his passing in Jakarta Indonesia where he was educated to respect the values of other cultures. The short involvement of his Kenyan father which influenced his potential to become a good father to his children is all part of common ground that people relates to. And beside, after graduated from Harvard, he picked an exceptional woman to be his wife, Michelle Obama. It is a fact that some blacks would have looked at him differently had he chosen to lighten his heritage as opposed to add more color to it. Nonetheless, the truth is their relationship had nothing to do with race since both of them can be identified as black. However though to some extent interracial relationships promote unity, so instead of being ashamed of your white boyfriend, you should instead show him off. And those who don’t like it can do you know what. Moreover, in the first outcome if we were to contemplate on how the Bush administration conducted their leadership, most would say it was impossible to succeed. The idea that “you’re either with us or against us” does philosophically constraint ones ability to reason. It leaves one no room to justified when in fact one can’t accept without justifying. The ability to reason is what makes us human. So when they ask us not to think they’re treating us like animals. We the American people should never again under no circumstances accept this command from any administration. It is obvious that our reputation has ruin but with Barrack Obama the possibility to gain it back is now possible. I’d like to see us take advantage of this love we’re now receiving from the world, use it to protect our interest while restoring diplomacy. We’re a country of melting pot, our citizens roots are all origins of other countries. Our role in this world is not to be bullies but rather a peace maker. Former president Clinton said to us at the democratic national convention that “The people have always been impressed by the power of our examples than the examples of our power”. If you think I was making this up now you know. Our leaders have been communicating with us all alone folks, we’re just not listening. It’s seemed like the only time we pay attention is when we’re faced with difficulties. . It is clear that foreign policy is going to be a big issue and how the Obama administration conduct it’s policies will determine how the world will see us. We hope that Obama’s administration doesn’t applied constraint that will leave doors close for bilateral talk. If I want to resolve my conflict with John, I must communicate my disagreement with him in order for us to know where we stand. Not only is communication the first step to diplomacy but it’s also the most basic form of civilization. A nuclear Iran is more dangerous without bilateral talk than it is when we’re communicating. They say keep your best friend close and your enemy closer. If we think of Iran as an enemy, it would seem logical to me that we should talk instead of neglecting them. If our reasons are justified than talking with Iran should only be seen as an opportunity. When the loads are that heavy only minuscule steps can prevent them from falling! It’s apparent that the Obama administration is walking into a six foot hole, to get out of it will require more than four years. However, one step at a time is the way to go. Stimulus packages, job creation, retrieving our militant from Iraq are the formation of steps to take. His ideas are good; he focused his priority on the economy because without stable jobs Americans are unstable. Stability will come when the above mentioned are achieved but how long it will take is a question that not even the Obama administration can trustfully answer. A president secrete weapon is his cabinet and so far his armored are looking good. Though nut Rahm Emanuel is precisely that. He served under Bill Clinton as Deputy Chief of Staff. Another former Clinton guy, John Podesta who was Bill Clinton Chief of Staff. Robert Gibbs, who served as a press secretary in John Kerry's 2004 presidential campaign. That’s exactly what I’m talking about when I say the same people who brought us prosperity under Clinton years are the same folks who are going to bring it to us again. As you can see everyone whose part of this team is experience? This is what I call the team of mavericks not the Sarah Palin types. It is obvious that this is not a job opportunity, everyone on this team so far is influential and able to pull strings. Blacks in the white house signified change already why is it then some people are still asking what does change mean. Change is an out of the ordinary occurrence, something that doesn’t always happen, something new. What we experienced under George W. Bush was also a change. It may have been a negative change depending on how one looks at it but it was indeed a change. If one was to compare the Clinton years to that of George W. Bush, it would be apparent that the national deficit under Clinton didn’t almost reach the sky. However though change is what we make of it. If we’re involve as the French people are we can make change seems like a walk in the park. Unity is what gives birth to change, without it they can’t be no change. "L'UNION FAIT LA FORCE". I invite all my friends on this forum to rate me @ http://hubpages.com/hub/Obama-brings-hope-to-foreign-policy
  15. I am very proud and horned to have participated in this election. It was indeed history in the making. Now that history has been made, the struggle continues, but only this time with a leader who’s knowledgeable and able to lead. If campaigning to elect Obama was the stepping stone than keeping him in check should only be the plateau. Since he’s a candidate of reason our demands will be heard. I admirer the man I should say, he has proven himself to be presidential and overall an American model. Let us recaptured what president Kennedy once said “Asked not what your country can do for you -- asked what you can do for your country”. As we all saw at the acceptance speech, he has asked for our help and I say we should give it to him. Since he has proven to be inquisitive, he must then be a thorough person. A president who asked question when in doubt is exactly what we’ve been missing for the last eight years. A commander in chief who takes every measure to avoid making mistakes is what the American people looks forward to. This campaign performed outrageously well, we basically slaughtered them as if they were not competition at all. I guest if Gov. Palin wants to know what maverick means all she needs to do is look at the result of this campaign. This was by far the best campaign in American history coming from a community organizer. I’m sure by now Gov. Palin understands what a community organizer does as she eloquently said “I wonder what a community organizer does now days” They organized people Palin that’s what they do, you here. During the last few days before Election Day, I cast my absentee ballot and head out to Reading Pennsylvania where I had the opportunity to work with some wonderful human beans. There we were instructed to go nock on some doors, applied door hanger instructions of voter rights and polling locations. As a New Yorker a melting pot is what we’re a custom to. So there I spoke to blacks, whites and Spanics all of which had similar and different reason why they supported their candidate. The undecided were my target, my duty was to psychologically detach the candidate away from McCain if perhaps he was leaning towards him. The challenge was all worth it because after months of debating with voters on the phone and on the internet, I was more than prepared to steal potential McCain supporters and so was everyone else that was in PA. So when you asked why did McCain lose. The best respond I can give your is that his volunteers were not dedicated and prepared as Obama’s. We are talking about a campaign that raises $150 million in just a few months. That has never been done before in the history of America. It’s hard enough to have people support a candidate less off to donate. Well, my friends that campaign had to come up with a different strategy, a strategy that has never been implemented before in the history of presidential campaign. My daughter two years old can finally say O BA MA …she started with BA MA and now recently she added the first syllable O. Hopefully by the time she’s able to vote we should already have a woman in the white house. That’s my next adrenaline kick-off after Obama’s two terms I’m already having wet dream about it. I’ll be even more ready for that. Hopefully President Obama makes the transition easy by psychologically enhance it by placing women in high powered position. Just because a black president has been appointed to office doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the end of racism. Racism is not a style or trend, racism exists in the harts of individuals. It is a common state of mind that exists among many who shares the same common belief. Not to exhaduate but even president Obama himself can be discriminate against if his in the wrong neighborhood without his secret service. I can bet you any sum of money that they are still folks in this country who do not know who Obama is. Racism at its simples form is pure ignorance and we have many of these people in this country. They come in different shapes, size and color, the only thing they have in common is that they’re all narrow minded with tonal visions. Let me refresh you guys with a little CoolBreeze to help your clear the mind. As long as people are competing for jobs, racism will always exist. You must come to the bottle ground to experience the war; otherwise your strategy will not work. Some people have good ideas but since they have never been on the battle ground they don’t know which route to take. However, since I’m the street dog here, I figured I’ll share this with your. I recently noticed a pattern of behavior among some uneducated blacks in the street and on the internet that I don’t appreciate much. Instead of following the example of their humble president Barack Obama instead they’re being kaki about it. Kaki by saying things like “all whites should now report to the cotton field” and things like “They didn’t want to give us 40 acres and a mule so demit we will take 50 states and a white house!” Although this one sounded cool and funny, there is a sense of kakiness to it. Blacks account for 13 percent of the United States population, come to think of it 13 percent couldn’t even qualified Obama as a potential candidate less off elect him. People who think that true power lies in the hands of a president are foolish to the point of insanity. Reversibly, those who possess the true power are better off not talk about. Apparent power is what the president possesses the power that we the people have given to our president to exercise. Whereas true power is embedded in the system of governing by an unknown source. To say the least, I honestly think that McCain deserved a hand of applaud for promoting patriotism during his concession speech. He accepted defeat gracefully for he had tried everything he could but still couldn’t anchor the boat. McCain said that “it’s my lost not yours” and those of us who knows some American history knows exactly what he meant by that. We should congratulate him for saying that, this was an act of patriotism specially coming from the losing candidate. He said it and I have a strong filling that he meant it because although he may have lost the election, he’s contempt with the fact that the American people won their candidate of choice. This was democracy at its simples form. Its been good sharing ideas with you guys
  16. The unifications of common ground for the benefit of the American people are after all coming alone. What we have witness here with former President Clinton and Senator Obama is exactly that. Two people with a common interest, regardless of their differences gathered together to fight for the interest of the American people. Fallow my examples and together we’ll bring America prosperity again. If they are one thing that we learned from Clinton speech last night is that MR. Obama does not make careless decisions, if he doesn’t know he asked. This is something I leaned from working in the field as a mechanic, the guys will always tell you …if you don’t know something just pick up the radio and ask. And I can tell you ladies and gent; they are nothing wrong with asking when in doubt. You can solve lots of problems by asking the right question. Barack Obama is doing just that, asking when in doubt to prevent making careless decisions. That’s an attribute that we the American people have been missing for the last eight years. We looked forward to that kind of attitude. Former President Clinton as an economic advisor is as good as gold. I don’t care what anyone says, as a president your duty is to take care of your home land first before others. Former president Clinton did just that, he made sure that his people were better off than the way he found them, and for that he earns Americans approval as one of the best president in history. As this election unfolds, we’re learning more and more about Barack Obama pattern of decision making. Like a set of dip switches, what Obama is program to do will depend on how he’s wired. And by Clinton revealing his thinking pattern, he has laid out his schematic. And we should take advantage of that because this is the only way to know the man behind the ideas. In previous replies, I’ve point out McCain’s thinking patterns that were not logically accurate. Logic is the reasoning that makes every point valid. Why it is then that no one chooses to challenge Senator McCain when he said and I quote “The wrong change looks not to the future but to the past for solutions that have failed us before and will surely fail us again.” I have no background in philosophy but my common sense tells me that something logically wrong with this statement. Why should we emphasize on something simple as that …because this is where decisions making derives from …. It’s as important as the policies what will govern us if he wins. According to this quote McCain implied that anyone who looks to the past for solutions that have failed us is not a change that we should consider. McCain’s process of thinking suggests that the best change looks to the future for solution that has fail us. Think about it, if the wrong change looks not to the future but to the past for solution then McCain is suggesting that solution can be found in the future. I don’t know about you guys but to me solution is something that has occurred because that’s why it got its name solution. If however the solution has not occurred then it’s a possible solution because we don’t know whether or not it’s going to work. When we say solution in our minds we think of something that has occurred in the past. On another note, to look to the past for solutions that have failed us before is the process of learning from our mistakes. We look to the past to compare so that we can better prepare ourselves for future occurrences but not to carry over the same solutions. As they say those who don’t know their past are likely to repeat it ……ladies and gentlemen this was only a critical thinking exercise design only to help my fellow Americans make the right choice for themselves. OneLove.
  17. If senator McCain wants to refer to Barack Obama’s tax cut to the middle class as wealth redistribution so be it. I certainly don’t see how McCain can help corporate America by cutting capital gain tax. It’s like putting Bandage to a wound instead of treating it first. Every business that makes it big had to start somewhere. Most often when we look back we noticed that it’s always the small businessman or the hard working middle class Americans who got tired working for someone else profit who come up with an idea to start their business. I’ll give you a perfect example …Procter & Gamble fortune 500, American global corporation based in Cincinnati, Ohio …one of the battleground states which Senator Obama is going to win. According to WIKIPEDIA, William Procter was a candle maker, and James Gamble a soap maker, both men immigrants from England and Ireland who had married two sisters. This is a perfect example why we should consider Obama’s idea of tax cut to small business and middle class Americans. When you do that, you’re given a helping hand to small entrepreneurs who otherwise would have had a barrier to entry into their industry of preference. Proctor & Gamble had an idea and a chance to start their own business so why not passes on that chance to all Americans with an entrepreneur mentality. In previous replies, I talked about building the foundation and that you don’t start building a five story building from top to bottom. You must start from building the foundation first. You built the foundation by creating skillful jobs rights here in America that can’t be outsource. In this picture, your foundations are the low and middle class Americans. Those are the people who will be use as support beams to help hold our fortune five hundred companies under great economic distress. I mean I should know because I’m probably the only one here who drove a cement truck. This is how you help our corporations. You’re not helping them when you give them tax cut that can easily be use up when face with tight budgeting. Like I said before, it’s one hand washes the other. The corporations need the middle class to keep working just as much as the middle class need the corporations to create jobs and keep exporting. Senator Obama has no intention to control the wealth; he’s in fact creating opportunity by making it possible for small entrepreneur to start their business. He is creating an opportunity for the big corporations by creating jobs that can’t be outsource to other foreign countries. Those skillful workers who held those jobs are the support beams of corporate America. Come on people, we’re not a bunch of imbecile. We know how former president Clinton left office. It’s written in the records with a big surplus sign next to it. And what do we got now, a double negative. Wait let me guest McCain is not George W. Bush; we shouldn’t compare him with President Bush. Well, it’s hard to tell because last time Senator Obama asked McCain to differentiate himself from Mr. George W. Bush he couldn’t think of anything to say. I’m sorry to say but Americans are looking for a change this time around. Senator McCain is a man all Americans should be respected, he serve our country a great deal and he has the scars to prove it. As an American, I’m proud of him and I will always respect him as a government servant and a civilian. However though, I have reason to believe that he’s not ready to govern us into prosperity. The major concern to me are the current state of the economy, I would like to see it improve. The war in Iraq which we’re not profiting from, foreign policy because I’d like to see us being like again and women’s right for equality on all aspect.
  18. That's an excellent outlook …..You and I are on the same page. Please check out http://www.realclearpolitics.com we can use your help there. That website is one of the major battleground sites. My user name is CoolBreeze
  19. Many people making claims that Senator Obama is a socialist. They have clamed that his plans for the country have some correlation with Karl Marx idea of socialism. They depicted him as being a socialist because he has pronounced that he wants to spread the wealth around. To be clear on the subject, I looked up the true definition of a socialist state. According to WICKIPEDIA, a socialist state is described as such: sharing the belief that capitalism unfairly concentrates power and wealth among a small segment of society that controls capital and creates an unequal society and that all socialists advocate the creation of an egalitarian society. Base on this definition, I honestly don’t see how some people can make such clam. It is true that Senator Obama has mentioned occasionally that “McCain wants to give tax cut to rich corporations hoping somehow prosperity will trickle down on us” but that’s not promoting socialism, that’s promoting fairness. The idea that the economy must be built from the bottom up to me is not a socialist idea, it’s a common sense idea. You don’t start building a five story building from top to bottom; you start by building the foundation first. Our problem in this country is that we let other countries build our foundation for us by giving them our factories. If we no longer produce how can we compete in a global market? It would appear to me that Obama’s view by building the economy from the bottom up is to give some of the richest corporations in America leverage. Those corporations can only survive as long as our foundations are strong enough to support their weight …so it’s really one hand washes the other. The middle class can’t do without the corporations just as the corporations can’t do without the middle class. According to the idea of socialism in relation to our constitution, can we truly admit that a socialist state is possible? Since people are clamming that Obama is a socialist, perhaps we ought to simulate the possibility of that in regard to our constitution in order to draw a conclusion. In another word can a socialist state exist under our constitution? I am confident that many people on this forum would admit that Senator Obama is not against the idea of the rich getting richer. He’s against the idea of the rich getting richer at the expense of our policies that enrich some corporations while exploiting our tax payers. If people who stands against this idea of unfairness can be name socialist then I guest this election will see a lots of socialist voters. Here is a candidate who said “The wrong change looks not to the future but to the past for solutions that have failed us before and will surely fail us again.” I would rather be call a socialist then to make the statement in the above quote. There is a logical error in that statement because to look to the past for solutions that have failed us before is the process of learning from our mistakes. We look to the past to compare so that we can better prepare ourselves for future occurrences but not to carry over the same solutions. As they say those who don’t know their past are likely to repeat it ……don’t take this the wrong way …. I sprayed water but I didn’t wet anyone.
  20. Look ….I am a boiler mechanic in NYC who works for a small company who possesses many licenses. To be a license mechanic one is required to pass an aptitude test with the department of citywide administrative services. However, if you’re not license you can work under a licensee as a mechanic. To operate a business, one needs to pay the insurance fee for that license and acquire a business certificate from the City of New York accompanying a Tax ID. Once you have all of that, you’re in business. That’s the best way to go about doing things. The other way is to operate a business without the above mentioned documents which then brings limitations to your business when contracting with customers who prefer to be covered. The reason why people operate a business without those documents is because one, they can’t pass the aptitude test to get the license or they may not be able to pay the insurance fee if they do get the license. However though, those who operate without a license do get business, except that they charge less for their work. Regardless of the nature of the business, whether it’s license or not, the quality of the work will depends on the technician level of expertise. Similarly, the customer’s choice as far as which technician he/she chooses to some extent depends on their income level. Therefore, the outcome you get is to each is on …..Those who can afford license mechanic pay for the license plus the work provided others who can’t afford license technicians pays a cheaper price. We must keep in mind that cheaper price doesn’t always translate into less quality work. Those who perform these works have very often worked for companies who have excellent reputation delivering good quality works. And those technicians who choose to start their business were most often the ones to perform those excellent works for those companies. "Joe the Plumber" may fall under one of the aforementioned categories which mean he can ether be a license plumber or a Plumber who works under a licensee. If “Joe the Plumber” own and operate his business, a license may be requiring that will depend on the State he operates his business in. If however, a license is required and he doesn’t have one they may be limitations as far as what kind of equipments he’s allowed to work on. For example, operating a business as a plumber without a license, your state may place limitations on the BTU content you’re allowed to troubleshoot. For example under NYC laws “Joe the Plumber” should not work on a boiler whose BTUs exceed 350,000 BTU. Now, according to the New York Times, Joe is not licensed to be a plumber. Why then did McCain use someone who has no credibility and makes him the center of his debate ….no one can say? However, that goes to show that he has a record of making the wrong assumption which very often leads to bad judgments …..He assumed that Joe is legit without investigating first before making him the center of his arguments. Likewise, during the second presidential debate, he assumed that the black fellow who asked the question about Freddy Mae and Freddy Mac didn’t know who they were before this crisis. Although the possibility of that may have been true, it still didn’t exclude him from making a bad judgment. The possibility of the gentleman being an MBA graduate is also true. Sense we can assumed that he could have been an MBA graduate; we can also assumed that he could have known who Freddy Mae & Mac were. Therefore, it’s a justifiable statement to say that McCain has a record of committing bad judgment. It is OK for McCain to make those bad judgments now as a candidate for the presidency but not as our president. At the presidential level, bad judgments may cause tax payers trillions of dollars which we can’t afford right now. Therefore, to prevent bad judgments at the presidential level, we must do what’s right at the poll.
  21. After this debate it is very clear that the dividing factors between these two candidates are not just their view on the economic. Obama is so much more than McCain if he was white he would have been guaranteed the presidency. It has become obvious that McCain’s hope for winning this election depends sorely on race. He believes that Americans somehow will not elect a Blackman as their president. McCain couldn’t answer some of the questions; he even tries to change the subject to avoid them. Anyone who says that McCain win this debate was obviously watching a different one or perhaps lacks of common sense to see beyond the BS. His arguments were not comparable to McCain; he laid out concrete plans with reasonable analyzation that supersede McCain’s. He dominated McCain on all the issues. …what an embarrassment to McCain supporters. If the turnout in the poll are close McCain will steal the election. I said that a while back on this forum and so far I'm beginning to believe it. Some people will say Obama to satisfied their friends and when voting do otherwise.
  22. Today in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, John McCain proposed an economic measure to deal with the problems that Americans are having. McCain proposed that the current rules that are associated with 401 K should be suspended. As McCain stated “current rule mandate that inverters are required to sell out they 401 k when their reach the age of 70 & 1 half year old”. According to McCain if these rules are suspended it will free senior citizens from this burden of having to sell their retirements plan. However McCain did not say whether or not the plan would be suspended for ever which led voters to think that it’s a temporary thing. Further more, McCain when on to criticized Obama’s plan that would allow Americans to redraw up to 15 % from their IRA & 401 K to a maximum of $10,000 without penalizing citizens throughout the whole 2009. Obama justified this proposal as part of the many incentives that he offered to help American pay their bills throughout the 2009 as a way of helping them get back on their feet. However though, by criticizing Obama, McCain said something that surprises the educated class of America. McCain said and I quote “Encouraging early withdrawal of funds from 401 K accounts by suspending penalty until 2009 ….this is capital flights”. My understanding of capital flights has always been for example when Pablo sends money to his folks in Columbia or when Louis sends money to Haiti which is money that has left the United States. Fortunately Wikipedia described capital flights when assets and/or money rapidly flow out of a country. What I don’t understand is why would McCain critic Obama by calling his plan a capital flight when they are no transaction of money being shipped oversea. This to me makes no sense, if anything it may have caused confusion among the public. It’s like speaking jargon to the American people; most people don’t know what capital flight is less off having them understand it when it has been missed used. I can see where the word capital flight can be used when we talking about cutting capital gain tax. Given big businesses that operate all over the glob a tax cut could become a capital flight if the company fail or miss budget. This is the reason why Obama said that he will give our businesses a new American jobs tax credit to each new American employee that the company hires. Now who’s your daddy ….here’s a guy who’s looking out for us. This is the first time in history that a presidential candidate ever proposed an incentive for corporation to want to hire Americans. I don’t now for you but to me this is a better idea than to give businesses a capital gain tax cut. Obviously Senator McCain and Obama’s view of the economy are opposite. McCain is driving the car while paying attention to the rearview mirror when Obama is looking at all directions ….whose more likely to crash? ….pay attention ….make your vote count.
  23. George Carlin. Yo I miss this dude man ...that's my people ....honestly funny is how he should be described.
  24. That's excellent fan you're right on the money. As i understood it to be, a private agency will have the oversight over the voting machines. Most people think that the voting machines are being monitor by public agency. I guest we have another cunning election coming. What you said about each voter's responsibility to document their vote is important but they must be a better way to do that. Voters should not have to think twice about their vote being recorded that should be automatic. Every time a voter initiate a vote that single vote should be part of public record. I will be participating in setting up for the election in some part of New York city. I will brought that up ...I'm sure Obama's campaign is aware of this situation. After what happen to AL GORE they couldn't be that blind.
  25. Racism in politics is the subset of divided in conquer theory that has prevented whites and blacks from uniting in this country. The question that arises from this statement is who benefits when we fight? Certainly it isn’t ether of us since we’re now realizing that wealth can be redistributed under tight economic rivalry. Globalization brought about new competitors in the American market. Those competitors have caused a down shift in wealth distribution among the elite class of America. They is no needs for middlemen anymore, China’s executives now has direct access to the American market. The American elites must now share wealth with the Chinaman and they’re loosing because China is not here to buy, they’re only here to sell. Lately they have been racial remarks among both parties, some of which are intended to divides American towards different racial groups. Some people believe that a racially divided America is beneficial to McCain campaign as well as the elite class and therefore have made all attempts to divides Americans. This idea of dividing and conquer is slowly fading away because Americans are getting smarter. Some have realized that a racially divided America is only beneficial to the elite class not the other way around. By given white middle class a little to suppress blacks, they intern benefited from this lack of unity by engulfing most of the wealth. As it is known “together we stand divided we’ll fall” so if we want to stand, we must say no to this form of inequality that has been going on for years in this country. We must realize that only a united America is best under globalization. If we want to compete with China we shouldn’t make race an issue in this election. Let the best man prevail and we’ll support who ever that it maybe. No one wants to let go of power. This country for a long time have had total control of the world economy, apparently that has changed, we’re slowly loosing that power. We are loosing it mainly because we change our way of during business. We have become the country of middlemen, making profits off other people’s hard work. Our corporations have found it beneficial to them to mass produce things in other countries because of cheap labor. Should we say it’s our corporation’s fault that our economy has fallen apart or should we include globalization as part of the problem? Is our worker over paid compare to the rest of the world or is it corporate greed that led to this mess. Or perhaps we’re not ready to compete globally because we’re not competing on an even platform. Living expanse in India and China are far less than ours which makes their income lower but it doesn’t mean that we’re better off. In the United State our income are higher and so is our expanse which makes both conditions relative to one another. In a sense these two countries are more likely to attract American businesses because a greater profit is possible when the work is performed in their country while the end product is sold to us for a greater profit. Are we ready to compete in a global market or should we intact reform instead of deregulation. Well, together we’ll stand, we must not let elites divides us to secure their interest instead we fight to secure whatever is in the interest of the country as a whole.

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