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  1. here are pictures from the new nova, horrible leg room in rear seats, and the other picture is of the drive door hitting the seat behind the driver.
  2. here guys this bus was in my depot getting fueled today.. enjoy
  3. You can transfer from any borough only once to ATU Queens or ATU Staten Island. its a one time deal because of your union change. TA WORKERS ONLY NO MTA BUS OR MABSTOA, Yet.
  4. im on vacation relief mostly express.

  5. locomotion you can transfer from brooklyn / bronx/ manhattan to staten island or staten island to the other boroughs. ITS ONLY A ONE TIME DEAL AND ONLY TA WORKERS ONLY NO MABSTOA OR MTA BUS
  6. staten island is getting hit the hardest. s60,42,67 , 54 ,57,40 , 52, x 1 x6,7,8,9,13,14,20 all being touched or eliminated. 100 layoffs expected off the island.
  7. was on my way to the depot (castleton) and saw it, i hope it comes to SI cause the hybrids we have STINK!!!!
  8. when you are hired that is what you are told, no matter if there is more orion on property or not RTS is the work horse according to MTA
  9. RTS is the work horse of the mta, more depots have rts then orion.
  10. its what i herd from a mechanic, it can be a rumor.
  11. hey guys, from what i hear, all the new hybrids that we have in SI are being replaced due to battery packs...something with servicing them? i herd these new hybrids are probably coming to SI because of that reason.
  12. hey flash< if you were on the job as you say you where, with the years you have said you had, you would know how to find out. go to your union meeting it helps. ATU LOCAL 726 all the way.
  13. sorry guys my scanner is not working, if i get it fixed or a ne wone ill do what i said i would...sorryy..
  14. 3816 was at cstt depot i remember that bus was badd, i hit a pothole with it and felt the whole front end almost brake in half.
  15. Wirelessly posted (BlackBerry8320/ Profile/MIDP-2.0 Configuration/CLDC-1.1 VendorID/100) Sure, ill do one better and scan a old paddle report and explain it all, I'm on my RDO so ill get to doing this by tomm!.
  16. over time is not based on how long your run is in every aspect. if your run pzys 9:33 min your paid that all in regular time. anything else after your run is OT. plus it also deal with how much seat time as well to calculate OT.
  17. its common sence, work place, and every day life questions...cannot study...just dont answer anything on a angry basis. always calm and passive.
  18. keeep studying, it becomes catchy after a while. hah after your hired you barely check your parking brake if it works!!!
  19. I'd pay 15$, even 20$, drive the S57 or do our express work like the X11, then go drive the B46 after it and tell me what you think you would rather do, and me and the rest of my class only had 1 ride, thats it. country club , indeed.
  20. i am actually only 22 yrs old im going all the way to, SLD, and super, even though super isnt worth it.
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