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  1. Yea it's usually 5 's and 3 's as R32's but that number is subject to change daily
  2. There's 2 of them so far, I'm on one that just left crescent heading downtown, 2nd one should be at Parsons by now. Edit there's 3 one passed by me at Alabama ave should be at cypress hills now
  3. He just explained explained everything They have a 11 trains worth of R32's, they'll probably use 7 out of those 11 which in turn could run rush hour only. The also have a put in as well in the am and pm rush The first will be a tech train as that runs all day as a unless they really need a train.
  4. They have 94 cars so they might run more than just 5 sets, We will see on monday how many in total they're gonna run.
  5. Yeah 2 ran yesterday until one was taken oos due to the plastic chain being snapped off. but today it's just one set.
  6. No, ENY is equipped to maintain the R32's.
  7. There were 5 R32's running during the PM rush hour all were trains with 1 R160
  8. There's 2 running on the from what a friend told me
  9. For now, they might run 1 or 2 tomorrow if they need a train. Remember the 143's and 160's need to go through inspection as well plus a good portion of those 143's are going back to the on monday But I wouldn't count on them running tomorrow. Today 5 trains ran, it seems like they're increasing the amount on a day by day basis. They have over 94 cars, that's about 11 sets which 8 or 9 would be used out of 11.
  10. I heard 5 sets of R32's were out today. I spotted 3 of them as trains. saw a few fans but they were outside grabbing videos. It's mainly the afternoon that the sped's come out and act stupid but it'll die down hopefully. IMO they're needs to be strict gidelines for people who enter the chained areas. If a person destroys the chain or go into that area, It should be an automatic fine up to $100 and removal off the train. I don't know why they didn't enforce that. But It looks like day by day they're adding more sets.
  11. They were out of control, I told one to get his ass away from the window
  12. on the Last part, They pulled these out BECAUSE of the Increasing Ridership. The was crowded (Not Normally crowded) But crowded enough where more service needed to be added so people can socially distance themselves. That's the whole point. But I do agree with the crew area being chained up, But the could have done better than that. These are plastic chains, We all knew this was gonna happen. But people aren't gonna put up with reduced service when people gotta go to work. There's been complaints of overcrowding within the last few weeks before today. The governor and mayor wants people to socially distance themselves. when I rode the 2nd which was the 1st R32 set. It was empty and people were spread out throughout the cars.
  13. For now it's rush hour only, there's about 3-4 R32's running as Z trains
  14. I heard nothing about security, the only thing I heard is the union reps will ride the trains to see if anything goes wrong.
  15. The R179 might have went to 207th while the R32 is at ENY being prepped for service
  16. ENY will have 7+ trains worth of R32's so 1 or 2 might run all day
  17. This is what I was explaining to people, Not everyone has an AC and on top of that the people who do isn't gonna be able to afford a high electric bill. Not everyone got unemployment so the aftermath is gonna be alot worse economic wise. people don't think, They rather kiss ass or they live in a house with space.
  18. Yeah but at some point I need to make income, I stayed in long enough with no unemployment. each phase I went to see how the system was before i make judgement on when I can return to making deliveries. So far trains have been somewhat packed . we only had 5 deaths today, While I understand how you feel, Nobody is gonna want to stay in. I do agree with fans crowding the front, That part they shouldn't do. But you can't force people to stay home after staying in for almost 4 months. we have had protests from the start of this month and after the 18th, No new cases were recorded to the point people had had to be hospitalized in ICU. That was the whole point of doing PAUSE. Yeah I knew this was gonna happen I don't see nothing wrong with riding, As long as they social distance it shouldn't be an issue.
  19. If they do that then they're dumb, The area is roped off for a reason, It's supposed to be up to 12 trains in total and from what i heard they might start tomorrow.
  20. you know that we are in phase 2 going into phase 3 right. lots of people are outside and going to work and etc. While i do agree with the crowding at the front but you can't tell people to stay home. we have stayed in for 3 whole months, That whole essential worker stuff is out the window since non essential jobs are back open. It's the summer and its 80+ degrees outside. no one is staying in. as long as people wear a mask and socially distance themselves, It should be fine. Railfans are gonna fan, as long as they do right by wearing a mask and socially distance themselves from others, It should be fine. Plus Beaches are opening for swimming on the 1st so you gonna have crowds regardless.
  21. I didn't see a single R179 in that yard, those are probably at 207th awaiting inspection. They were testing the doors on them and etc. They took one whole 8 car train into the inspection barn. Plus one set was already configured in the 5x3 position. All 6 tracks on the deck were R32's.
  22. There's about 66 R32's at ENY. The whole deck is full of R32's
  23. about 3 ex triboro TMC's made it until around late 2008 early 2009.
  24. That Bus been had a S50 EGR, If it was an ex triboro 7100 then that was the one you got. That bus had that engine since it was at triboro. It was a former Methanol powered TMC RTS
  25. 16 R32's were transferred to ENY so this totals up 44 R32's at ENY. 10 R42's pitkin to CI 8 R160's 207th to ENY (got tagged) 8+ R179's ENY to 207th
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