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  1. There were 2 on the on sunday and 2 R46's on the Yesterday there were no R46's on the
  2. Dude Use common sense They don't always put new cars on lines to directly replace them. The R160's only directly replaced the CI R42's and some R40's at CI yard. Everything else was pushed to other lines to retire their cars. ENY R42's > Jamaica to kill off the phase II R32's. R160's killed off the R42's at Jamaica plus pushed out R46's to pitkin to kill off the R38's and R40's. If that were the case the would have gotten R160's
  3. If those open gangway cars pass, where the f**k do think those cars are gonna go Besides the where else those cars you think those cars are gonna go. The has the highest ridership in the B division. They're not gonna waste time putting cars like these on those lines. Not gonna be 100% but they'll end up there. And I never said Jamaica is loosing all the R160's. Only a chunk, could be up to 250 or more cars. Historiclly queens always got new cars first with the exception of the R42's and R68's. Coney Island should wait, there's no need to give them these cars so early. The base order isn't gonna replace all the R46's. They could easily give Jamaica 200-250 cars that could push out 200-250 R160's back to CI. To bump out a small portion of R160's. It's obvious the is getting them first.
  4. dude do you see how big those doors are, Its very obvious they're getting them and they were always planned to get them. why in the f**k would they not give Jamaica these cars knowing queens has the highest ridership. these will come with CBTC on board and in the board meeting they did say the is getting these as well as the and and in the future the (Astoria CBTC) along with the would get em as well. those R160's are going back once those R211's are coming in. the Question is would Jamaica get the Base order or the option order? nobody speculating, You're just talking out of your ass again
  5. there's 2 R46's on the and 1-2 R32's running on the right now to the rockaways
  6. Bruh, it would be hilarious if they start sending them back
  7. when the started running R160's, The R42's were gone from jamaica. It only ran R32's, R46's and a set or two of R160's.
  8. even if they do go with this because of the idiot upstate, this would blow up in his face.
  9. and the funny thing is they can use 5 sets of R32's, that's really all they need but with the R179's keep having their issues they'll still need 7 sets of R32's for the (A). there's not enough 10 car trains since the R179 order doubled the amount of 8 car trains. ether way they're still gonna need the R32's. if they retire them, then it's gonna be hard to keep gap trains and service levels at normal. this in turn will make things worse.
  10. he's just being a fool, people think this is a joke until it effects them. nobody don't want to wait for a train for 15 mins during the rush hour because an R46 or R179 needs to be serviced.
  11. When 2nd ave opened concourse lost 3-4 trains, pitkin lost 3 trains and Jamaica lost 4-5 but gained 3 when the R179's started on the pitkin lost 4 MORE R46's to Jamaica Concourse never got their trains back. If there were enough trains why in the f**k do they need a Train off the to use on the in the AM rush the R42's are now gone, If they decided to give the all the R179's ENY would be short. Pitkin lost 7 trains of R46's in total Coney Island is getting R46's (which needs a higher spare count due to age vs. an R160) TA doesn't want to move the R179's off the so they have to use R46's from the to the in trade for the R32's that would run on the until retirement meaning the has to steal from the in order to make service with the being left with nothing. the R179's aren't reliable, if they were them retiring the R32's would work. but due to their issues they need a high spare factor. Its common f**king sense. Nobody wants a another godamn car shortage. the R211's will be in service by next year, so they can use those 110 R32's 60-70 out of that 110 would be used until 2021-2022 like originally planned.
  12. they already starting to strip some cars
  13. imo This is just a wait and see thing. Its gonna be extremely hard running the with no spares and with the running every 15 mins if there isn't enough trains. @VIP alot of credible people on that R42 last run were talking about it, Trust Me I rather them be wrong and all of this be speculation. Even if they go with this plan, it will backfire real bad. the being mixed length trains was and will be a disaster. they're just better off making the 100% R179's and sending 50 R32's to ENY with 60 staying at 207th for the . them getting rid of the R32's will hurt they system more than helping it knowing the issues with the R179's. by the time all of those issues are resolved, the R211's will already be entering service.
  14. Even with the R179's they wouldn't have enough. If the jackasses would have made this order mostly 10 cars, the everything would have been different. when the was getting the R179's, It pushed out 4 sets of R46's to Jamaica on top of loosing 3 R46's 3 years prior due to 2nd ave opening. so the spare factor for the R46's dropped and the needed an R32 off the with 2 cars added and that 1 R68A to make pm rush hour requirements. the would need all 188 8 car R179's to be 100% R179 with 44 car spare factor, and 24 R32's as back ups incase those R179's shit the bed again. this would leave ENY with no spares since the R42's are gone. the issue with the R46's on the was: 1. Double ending at both terminals meaning needing extra crew to turn the trains around 2. mixed length trains that would leave people confused as well as train operators they could have waited until the first R211 passed their 30 day test to retire the whole R32 fleet.
  15. yeah and be short on cars, have you noticed that the R179's are unreliable and the spare count for the R46's will be 2 to none. every subway car in the B division is gonna take a hit and mdbf will drop system wide
  16. the R46's are assigned to the they just happen not to pop up on it yet, imo they should just make the 100% R179 and move 64 R32's to ENY for rush hour use and reserve fleet. the governor wants them gone, originally the R32's were gonna drop to 110 anyway. that was the original plan. trust me this will blow up in all their faces, i bet this jackass is gonna force them to put the R211's in service too fast instead of testing them
  17. this whole R32 thing is sadly becoming more true The will get 7 R46's like before (Disaster waiting to happen again) the will get 7 R32's until retirement (In March) IMO they're jackasses for this, I do not know how they are gonna pull this off with barely any spares. now the R46's will be worked to death since they're gonna Be on the and lines 24/7. along side the lines. their mdbf is gonna drop within months. Now if the R179's were reliable, then yea they could have gotten away with this with 3-4 sets of R32's on standby. in reality they only need 5-7 R32 trainsets to run. and Alstom has outright brought Bombardier rail division so things just got more interesting. I wonder if they will deal with the R179 issues but thus is great since alstom has a great relationship with the MTA. Cuomo has alot to do with this R32 retirement and is bending over to take it in the ass also if there's not enough trains, the will run every 15 mins even during the rush, that's the shit that got me tight
  18. they don't need them imo, they got new cars when the R160's were brand new. the need em alot more esp the . those large doors would help with dwell times. but CI would get a decent chunk of cars too. if anything the should get some too.
  19. i think pitkin will get them first for the and Jamaica would get the 2nd half for the Im hoping they stick to that, CI should not get alot of these cars, Only enough to put them on the
  20. nope, 2021 They need to test out everything before the cars enter service. it takes 12-15 months for testing, they have to test and program the train thru the whole B Division.
  21. Make that 3, one was taken oos in the morning on the
  22. there were 2 R32's on the today, 1 to far rock and 1 to lefferts
  23. imo they should just make the 100% R179's and send 50 R32's to ENY and Keep 60 R32's for the
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