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  1. 27 minutes ago, bwwnyc123 said:

    All of the Siemens R160s should stay with Coney Island.

    They can't, there's 260 of them. About 170 or all of them has to go to jamaica


    Imo all of them are going


    Btw the (Q) isn't getting R46's unless they need a train. They're mainly for the (B)(N)(W)

  2. 55 minutes ago, NewFlyer 230 said:

    I just love the convenience of the (M) running via 6th Ave and up to 96th street on the weekends. It’s a shame that once the (L) train construction is over everything is going to go back to normal with the lack of direct uptown service for North Brooklyn residents. The (M) I was on Sunday around 3:30pm was packed even up along 2nd Ave. A lot of people got off at 72nd street which is where I got off too, so I suspect that this temporary extension of the (M) has created ridership to grow a bit. And after so many months of having no proper signage the stations indicate (M) service to 96th street which helps. So it just makes me wonder if people are going to fight against the weekend cutback of the (M) to Essex Street once the (L) resumes it’s normal service to Manhattan. 

    They need to make the (M) to 96th permanent on weekends. It's a great help especially if you need the upper East side. 

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  3. 9 hours ago, m2fwannabe said:

    Siemens and Alstom were supposed to be able to blend but CIY never made it work right so has separated as much as possible.  Jamaica would need to have different components and protocols for the Siemens cars.  They have been potentially problems since delivered about 2007-08.  Occasionally mixed but they have not ran together well.  Jamaica will mix EVERYTHING up because of the severe equipment schedules.  Everything with wheels need it out there every day.  There's only 375 Alstom cars to send to Jamaica as now.  That makes all propulsion the same kind with fewer potential problems.

    They'll separate them and put special stickers on them if it becomes an issue. If it were up to me I would solely put them on the (E).

  4. 8 hours ago, m2fwannabe said:

    Sorry its still wrong on the R-160's.

    Its 80 R160's staying at Coney Island, I had it backwards.  Its 180 Siemens R-160B's going to Jamaica.  Don't know which ones hopefully as a block.  That matches up with 485 total because of the 60-footers.  You all probably figured that all out any way but anyhow.  That's the whole ball of the wax.

    Lot of people trying to help me by having problems for short term.

    Before the swap, total fleets were 1,121 at Jamaica and 914 at Coney Island.  Afterward they will be something like 1,210 at Jamaica and 825 at Coney Island because of the 60x75 foot lengths.


    Itll probably more R160's staying at CI, remember the R46's reqire more spares than the R160's. I would say 120 R160's would stay at CI.

  5. 23 hours ago, KK 6 Ave Local said:

    This happened yesterday. I'm not exactly sure what happened, but from what I saw, my (C) train stopped at 135th in the exact manner it would normally - and the doors didn't open. It stopped, then started moving again. I think this one was the operator's fault, seems they forgot to open the doors, especially considering it was normal at every other stop. Might also be something relating to the R32s in general.

    This happened to me at grand ave on an R160 (R) train as well. I tried to tell the t/o but he pulled off.

  6. 15 minutes ago, R68OnBroadway said:

    The (E)(F) need the R211s because the gangways and wider doors will allow for shorter dwell times on the jam-packed QBL.

    I love it when people keep saying give CI the R211's when Jamaica has to get em for the open gangway and mainly the wider doors. CI has gotten both the R68's and R160's brand new and first. CI would get the 211's too for the (Q) but pitkin and Jamaica getting them first.

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  7. 5 minutes ago, mine248 said:

    It’s more of because of how Montague doesn’t have enough clearance for the R32s. Plus, if the R32s were to be sent to CI, they would be restricted to the G as the other lines served are either potentially rerouted via Montague or running with CBTC on.

    they can turn the train at Jay St since they redid the switches. ether way i doubt the R32's will ever leave 207th

  8. Just now, subwayfan1998 said:

    CBTC in QBL would complete around 2021-2022? Then why does NYCT Subway says is currently is in the testing phase and equipment changes later then? Swapping MUST STOP!

    its not gonna stop, I thought this was bullshit too but it is what it is. Most people aren't gonna mind the R46's and putting them on the (B) isn't gonna hurt. Im gonna miss riding these on the (F) and not gonna miss these on the (R).

    and its only gonna be for 2-3 years, once the R211's start coming in, then thats when you'll see R160's make their way back to CI.

  9. 2 hours ago, Lawrence St said:

    And why can't they push the R32's and R42's to Concourse for the (B) and send the R68's to the (Q) ?

    from the rumors i heard they don't want them at CI plus it would make more sense for the (A) to loose some R46's rather than to loose the R32's since CI has to maintain another car type. If it were up to me 50 R32's and 50 R42's would go to CI for the (B) , 172 r32's would remain at 207th for (A)  and (C) service

  10. 1 hour ago, subwayfan1998 said:

    Hey Guys, CBTC is currently in the Testing phase and equipment changes will be mate at a later unknown date according to NYCT Subway

    the R46's are going to CI get over it, I don't like it either but some parts of Queens Blvd are gonna be cbtc active. hence why they're doing the swap.

  11. Also the 10 car R179's were always planned to go to the (A)


    I don't know why y'all want them to go to CI when they don't have the parts for the cars. 130 cars would be an oddball fleet, with a chunk of 8 car R179's on the (C) with the 130 for the (A) it make the most logical sense to keep an on there. 

    If it's that bad, they can put the R32's on the (Q) and restrict them to rush hour use only since it's a 60 foot car. 


    I'm tired of the we need to f**k the (A) line over and give them hand me downs. The R46's are 45 years old, the majority of the (A) fleet is R46's. The R32's and R179's make a small chunk of the (A) line's fleet.


    The (A) hasn't gotten a full fleet of new cars since the R44's. 



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  12. 1 hour ago, subwayfan1998 said:

    CBTC in QBL supposed to be Completed in Fall of 2021.


    Jamaica before the swap had 396 cars (49.5 train consists)

    Coney Island has 580 R160's (58 train consists)

    So far Jamaica lost 3 sets of R46's so now it's at 46.5 train consists.


    Jamaica would only need 460 R160's out of 560-550. (CI lost 2-3 r160s already) 

    (E) uses 26 trains

    (F) uses 46 trains

    (R) uses 31 trains 

    Coney Island is gonna need more R46's than what Jamaica has because of spares. Remember CI took 2 or more sets of R68's from concourse. So concourse will need those R68's back.

    So the (A) would have to loose more R46's as more R179's come in. This means more R32 (A) trains and maybe R42 (A) trains if they need a higher spare count.

    In theory Jamaica might need only 460-470 R160's since they require the least amount of spares vs the R46's which would require more spares due to their age.


    So my speculation of what the assignments would look like

    (B) R46,R68

    (G) R68 or R46

    (Q) R68A 

    (N)(W) R46, R160



  13. 29 minutes ago, VIP said:

    Not yet. They’re there for repairs R46 5582-5586. If the swaps were happening, Coney Island would have gotten 207st’s R46’s directly Not Jamaica yard. And that alleged cuomo set R160 unit was from the (R)  More R46’s have been assigned to the (F) and the (R) still manages to have 1-2 sets of R160’s during the week, and like 3-4 sets on sundays. 

    A reliable source confirmed its apart of CI's fleet now. with all the Queens crew doing cbtc training at corona and on the (L) it all makes sense.

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