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  1. 8 minutes ago, EastFlatbushLarry said:

    it has to do with the financial manner in which Bus Company buses are purchased. there's stipulation that when buses are purchased for Bus Company they can ONLY be utilized by Bus Company yards... be it the SC/CP c40lf's, the JFK/BP/LG artics, etc. NYCTA doesn't have that stipulation for their acquisitions IINM... for example, Flatbush loaning JFK some 46xx NG's a few summers ago, CS loaning buses to LG for the 53, etc. with that said, the preference is that loans from NYCTA to Bus Company be avoided when possible... the preference being the situation you see with former FP OG 65xx/66xx's ending up in the JFK/FR pool: TA units at Bus Co. only when near retirement. 


    I Think this only Applies to the Old Gen Orion VII's since the NYC DOT Paid for those buses.

  2. 7 hours ago, 4P3607 said:

    I am almost certain that I did not see 3888/9 - 3732/3 - 3587/6 - 3714/5 on the (J) before today. If I'm wrong my apologies.

    Also noted the complete absence of the yellow "Train Operators Cab" sticker signs on this consist. 


    R32's are rotated between ENY and 207th when a set needs inspection, they go to 207th eventhough ENY fixed up like 3-4 sets of R32's in their barn before they hit service. yesterday 16 cars were sent back to 207th and 16 R32's were sent to 207th.


    So this means most if not the whole 200+ fleet of R32's are in active service

  3. 4 hours ago, trainfan22 said:

    R46 5489 is stuck in the deferred maintenance era as half of the car is dark with some of the lights flicking on and off AND the A/C is broke.


    I rode a 5600 on the (Q) in the middle and it rode like garbage, I'm surprised that some of these cars are still running like shit after being out of Jamaica since April. This is what happens when they run them on the (G)(N)(Q) 24/7 as well as the (A)

  4. They're swapping R32 sets with other R32's from 207th. This set from 207th rides like complete garbage and 3682 has busted a.c. which is the head car.

    19 hours ago, Coney Island Av said:

    i'm looking at wikipedia and it says that 9333 and 9344 (R33WF refuse motors) are oos. can anyone possibly confirm if this is true or not? reason being is that the R42s are allegedly replacing the remaining redbird work cars. 

    Most of the R33's are in storage, more R32's and the R42's are supposed to replace them and push the R127/134's to the A division to displace their R33's



    3384/85, 3682/83 and 3806/07 207th to ENY

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  5. 6 minutes ago, VIP said:

    Those went back for thorough inspection from what I hear, NOT service. I know you didn’t say they went to their respective locations for service but someone here will take your update and RUN far with it. 

    Yea, people already started rumors. But it's just 4 cars, it's sandwiched in front of an R32. 

  6. 1 minute ago, darkstar8983 said:

    The point is that each yard should have two car classes to maintain, at least until the R68s are retired, then we can work on uniformity. The way the car orders have worked in the past lead to either one of two scenarios 

    1. yards with an uneven (on rare occasion, a 50/50 split like in Moshulu Yard) in terms of different car types Maintained: example: Pitkin and 207 St with the R46s and R179s

    2. small yards with only one car type: example: concourse and corona yards With respectively the R68s and R188s


    3. large yards with one car class and the remaining cars of that car class sprinkled between the other yards: example - Jamaica and its current R160 situation.


    When you try to uniform at this point, you’ll eventually end up with one yard that gets all the leftovers, and therefore has to maintain 4-5 different car classes. 

    When the R211s arrive, this could be an example of the rearrangement. 

    ENY: R143/R160/R179 (8-car units)

    JAM: R160A/R211

    CIY: R160B/R68+R68A

    PTK: R211/R179 (10-car units)


    CI getting the R211's as well for the (Q) and it would make sense due to the high ridership.


    I keep explaining to people, If these cars (Option order if we do get them at this point) It would be very logical to give them to Jamaica. 58 inch doors plus open gangway is very obvious that these would be for lines like the (E)(F) as well as the (A)

    why give coney the majority of the order if only 1 of their lines have very high ridership ( The (Q) )  The (N)(W) has Astoria as well but their ridership isn't as high as the IND


    These cars are coming in with CBTC installed so these might go to Jamaica and Pitkin first anyway (8th ave is next in line for CBTC, Who know now since it's been on hold so assignments could change)  Those Siemen R160's aren't gonna stay at jamaica since they are somewhat of an oddball. CI would get these back, The rest of the R160's might stay or some would go back to CI as well but not a large amount.


    Jamaica has 2 of the busiest lines in the B division, They aren't gonna be that stupid not to give the newest cars with CBTC installed new cars with larger doors to reduce dwell time.





  7. 30 minutes ago, trainfan22 said:

    An R32 is in (J) service right now signed up as the (Z) .


    Prior to this 32 (J) train pulling in an NIS 160 passed through the station heading to layup, apparently they sent the NTT to layup and kept the old SMEE in service..


    Just got off an LIRR M9, go downstairs and catch an R32 (J) train😁😊

    R160 might need to be serviced, I saw one yesterday with a bad compressor. this past weekend they ran alot of R32's


    It's still on a modified Schedule so that's probably why the (C) is still 100% R46's

    4 hours ago, m2fwannabe said:

    If anyone hasn't noticed, the (C) has been 100% R-46 since July 3.  AT LAST!!!!  Hooray!!!!:D

    Evidently those pair of wandering R-160A-1s from ENY went home after the day on July 2 for the Holiday Weekend.

  8. when they put R46's on the (C) back in 2017 some T/O's were stopping at the 8 car marker. This became a problem and they ended up taking the R46's off the (C) with a Note saying NO R46 EQUIPMENT on the (C) until they put them back on the (C) just to get rid of the R32's. This is why I'm not a fan of mixed length (C) trains, Plus it costs more to put an R46 on the (C) because now you have to have two crew at each terminal. With an R160/179 or R32 you don't need two crew to turn the train around.


  9. 18 minutes ago, Bill from Maspeth said:

    Shop Queen perhaps...……...too many road calls...……..poor performing bus...……...MTA Bus mechanical/hybrid specialists called in and too many new major parts required to bring it up to snuff...….just too expensive to repair in both parts and labor time required...…….retirement age. 


    When the Bus was at Baisley Park, There was nothing wrong with that bus. But it's not a big deal since that bus is about 14 years old.

  10. 3 minutes ago, happy283 said:

    How exactly? Its not like the T/O needs it to see since its not in the cab.

    yeah but the police have to look out the windows in between cars if they're looking for a suspect. for the last few days everything has been running smoothly with no issues.

  11. 7 hours ago, happy283 said:

    Perfect example of all bark no bite. Chains do nothing, stickers do nothing and those footprints in the stations do nothing. How about the MTA actually does something that will actually protect the workers. They should start by blacking out the RFW because then all the selfish and careless railfans would have no reason to enter the restricted area. A curtian or at the very least 2-3 chains per cab would also be sufficient.

    can't black out the window, NYPD would throw a fit. Plus it would be a safety hazard.

  12. 32 minutes ago, VIP said:

    Anyone know why the (Q) has an Alstom set? 9322-9318/8712-8708 currently in service via Brighton, and Broadway Express. 

    That's the (R) to 96th Put in, Goes back down as a (Q) to CI then Lays ups and its a PM (R) put in


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