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  1. Again it was approved by the village, and no help or deal with the County. As far as I know there is like I said no grand master plan, they are just revitalizing the area as they go.
  2. It's more Wyandanch and Ronkonkoma as the County is helping with those Projects. Patchogue is just the villages own Planning or Zoning board doing the rezoning to get new businesses in and there is no big master plan like with Wyandanch and Ronkonkoma. Or at least no big master plan that I have heard about.
  3. Some routes are Interlined. There is a few S40 runs that are inter lined with the S66. The S68 interlines with S61 about the start of the afternoon Rush. A 6B driver heads to Hauppauge in the afternoon to be an S110 run from there. A S66 driver replaces the 6B driver that goes to do the S110. The second 6B in the morning from SCCC-Selden comes off a short run of the 6A A 3C driver heads all the way to Patchouge to be the S66. The First S110 driver in the morning heads from SUNY Farmingdale to Bay Shore to be a S45. The first S60 driver of the day becomes the first S56 from Smith Haven Mall. On Saturday an S59 driver interlines with the S60 that becomes the S69 There is also a Saturday Interline with an S62 and S57.
  4. It doesn't make sense to extend the S40, It's already a busy route, which I think from time to time gets delayed, Not to mention quite a few runs are inter lined with the S66. I'm very interested to see if they really do end up creating a new route for Babylon to Farmingdale. (If they extend a route I could see them extending the S25 or maybe the 2B.
  5. Only Sunrise and EBT, Inc have Gilligs. I only know what happened at Sunrise which is that Two Gilligs and an Orion VII 30ft were replaced, though the Gilligs they had replaced the ARBOC's they had which had been sent to SBC to replace said Gilligs. So far what I gather from someone that has gotten a few Transfers on a few SBC assigned buses, there they seem to be taken fareboxes out of Orion VII's and placing them in the brand new New Flyers and taking the fareboxes out of possibly the ARBOC's and putting them in the Orion's that had their farEbox taken out of. #1069's Farebox is in #7042 (The farebox was printing transferred with #1069's number on them) And #1025 had a different looking farebox and and was showing a diffrent number of transfers or something printed then it had before. EBT, Inc hasn't seemed to use their Gilligs much since way before the brand new New Flyers started to arrive, and infact I think someone said they were using one Gillig as an extremely last resort,
  6. The ARBOC's were suppose to a permanent part of the fleet, but disabled riders didn't like them since they first went into service. They were suppose to be reconfigured but from what I've heard they never were. My guess is Suffolk Transit decided it was better to replace them with either the full or part of the 43 bus Option order they had with New Flyer. (Which I assume the New Flyers are coming from) Though I should point out that another source is saying something different for what the New Flyers are replacing so I'm not 100% sure what is going on, but since the talk about ABROC'shave been around long I assume that is what is more likely happening.
  7. Two of the three Gilligs at Sunrise are suppose to be retired, from what I heard the Brand new New Flyer XDE35's are suppose to be retiring the 71xx ARBOC's everywhere else. (The three Gilligs were transfered to Sunrise to replaced the 71xx ARBOC's there that were used on the 8A, which were transferred to another company)
  8. As current a roster as I've got As of 6/11/19 (Updated 6/18/19) Para Transit 1205 is OOS after an accident in Riverhead 7130 OOS after an Accident in 2018 Possible order over next five years 201x New Flyer XDE35 or XDE40: 43 Buses (Unknown amounts of each model) Suffolk Bus Corp (65 total - 58 buses needed weekday, 47 buses needed Saturday, 16 buses needed Sunday; 60 buses needed Summer weekdays, 49 buses needed Summer Saturdays, 18 buses needed Summer Sundays) Ronkonkoma Yard (79 Total) Routes: S40 (4 Weekday Run, Weekends),S42 (1 Weekday Run, 1 Saturday Run),S45 (2 Run Weekdays & Weekends),S56 (1 Run Weekdays and Saturday),S57 (3 Weekday Runs, 2 Saturday Run),S58 (1 Weekday Run, 1 Saturday Run, Sundays),S59,S60 (2 Weekday Run & 2 Saturday Run),S61,S62 (1 Weekday Run, 2 Saturday Runs),S63 (1 Weekday Run, Saturday),S66 (2 Weekdays Runs, 1 Saturday Run),S68 (1 Run Saturday),S69 (Night Loop Weekday and Saturdays),S110 (3 AM Runs, 3 PM Runs),3A (1 Weekday Run, 2 Saturday Runs),3B (1 Weekday Runs, 2 Saturday Runs),3C (3 Weekday Runs and Saturday),3D,6A (Saturdays),6B (1 Weekday Run),7A,7B (1 Weekday Run) 2010 Orion 07.502: 1021-1022,1025-1026,1032,1035,1037-1038,1057-1058,1060,1062-1063 [12] 2010 Orion 07.503: 1066-1067,1069-1070 [4] 2017 New Flyer XE35: 7021-7030 [10] 2017 ARBOC Spirit of Mobility: 7118-7125,7127-7129,7131-7135,7138-7140 [19] (Chevy Express Chassis) 201x New Flyer XDE35: 7038,7041 [2] ----------------------------------------- 2007 Coach and Equipment Phoenix Ford E450: 2711,2713-2719,2725 (9) 2008 Coach and Equipment Phoenix Ford E450: 2806,2808,2812,2814,2816,2818-2819,2826,2830 (9) 2009 Starcraft Starlite Ford E450: 2906,2910,2916 [3] 2010 Starcraft Starlite Ford E450: 2933,2939 [2] 2012 Coach and Equipment Phoenix Ford E350: 1204,1206-1209,1213,1215-1217,1220-1222 (12) 2013 Coach and Equipment Phoenix Ford E350: 1301-1329 [29; 2012 Chassis] 2014 Coach and Equipment Phoenix Ford Ex50: 1401-1408 [8] 2015 Coach and Equipment Metro Lite Ford E350: 1501-1538 [38] 2015 Coach and Equipment Phoenix Ford E350: 1539-1544 [6] 2017 Coach and Equipment Phoenix Ford E350: 1702-1742 [40] 2018 Coach and Equipment Phoenix Ford E350: 1801-1860 (60) Coram Yard (22 Total) Rotues: S40 (1 Weekday Run), S42 (1 Saturday Run) S45 (1 Weekday Run?),S56 (1 Weekday Run), S57 (1 Satuday Run),S58 (3 Weekday, 3 Saturday Runs),S60 (2 Weekday Runs, 2 Saturday Runs),S61 (2 Weekday Run),S62 (3 Weekday Runs , 3 Saturday Runs), S63 (1 Weekday Run),S66 (1 Weekday Run, 2 Saturday Runs),S68 (Weekdays, 1 Run Saturday),S69 (Night Loop, Weekdays),S76 (II),S110 (1 PM Run),6A (Weekdays),6B (1 Run Weekdays, 3 Saturday Run),7B (Weekday, Saturday) 2010 Orion 07.502: 1016-1019,1023-1024,1027-1031,1033,1036,1059,1061 [15] 2010 Orion 07.503: 1068,1075 [2] 2017 ARBOC Spirit of Mobility: 7113-7117 [5] (Chevy Express Chassis) Bay Shore Yard (9 Total) Routes: S40 (1 Weekday Run), S42 (1 Weekday Run),S45 (2 Runs Weekday?), S47(Summer Only), 3A (1 Weekday Run),3B (1 Weekday Run) 2010 Orion 07.502: 1020 [1] 2010 Orion 07.503: 1071-1073 [3] 2017 ARBOC Spirit of Mobility: 7126,7136-7137 [3] EBT Inc (52 total- 37 buses needed weekday, 25 buses needed Saturday, 11 buses needed Sundays) Routes: S1,S20,S23,S25,S27,S29,S31,S33,S41,S54,1A,2A,2B 2005 Gillig Phantom 35TB102: 5030,5032,5034,5055 [4] 2008 Gillig Advantage BRT Low Floor: 8001-8004 (4) 2010 Orion 07.501: 1001-1009 (9) 2010 Orion 07.502: 1039-1053,1055-1056 [17] 2017 New Flyer XDE35: 7011-7020 [10] 2017 ARBOC Spirit of Mobility: 7101-7108 [8] (Chevy Express Chassis) Twin Forks Transit* (27 total - 13 buses needed weekday and Saturday, 7 buses needed Sundays) Sunrise Coaches Inc. (21 total) Routes: S92,8A 2005 Gillig Phantom 35TB102: 5004-5005,5077 [3] 2010 Orion 07.501: 1010-1011 (2) 2010 Orion 07.502: 1065 [1] 2010 Orion 07.503: 1078,1081 [2] 2017 New Flyer XDE40: 7001-7010 (10) 201x New Flyer XDE35: 7031-7033 (3) Hampton Jitney (6 total) Routes: 10B,10C 2005 Gillig Phantom 35TB102: 5041 (1) 2010 Orion 07.502: 1064 (1) 2017 ARBOC Spirit of Mobility: 7109-7112 (4) Total number of Suffolk Transit Buses: 156 Total Number of SCAT buses: 218 * Twin Forks Transit is the contract holder, Sunrise Coach Lines and Hampton Jitney are the sub contractors as well as co-owners of the company. Official Retired Buses (Buses before 1981 were either brought used by the County or were owned by the Private companies and used on routes after the creation of Suffolk Transit) 1959 GM TDH5106: 617 (1) 19xx GM TDH4517: 330,340 (2) 19xx GM xxxxxxx: 92,333-335,395,421,435-436 [8] 1960 GM TDH4517: 420 (1) 1960 GM SDH5301: 101 (1) 1960 GM TDH5302: 371 (1) 1961 GM TDH4517: 106 (1) 1962 GM SDH4501: 1334 (Leased from New York Bus Service?) 1962 GM TDH5301: 409 (1) 1963 GM TDH4519: 527 (1) 1963 GM SDH4502: 102 (1) 1964 GM TDH4519: 837 (1) 1964 GM TDH5304: 158 (1) 19xx Flxible Flxette: 705 (1) 1965 GM TDH4519: 292-294,840 (4) 1966 GM TDH4519: 108,111,700 (3) 1967 GM TDH4519: 104-105 (2) 1969 GMC T6H4521: 517,528 (2) 1973 GMC T6H4523A: 904,909,917,920-921,924 (6) 1974 GMC T6H4523A: 124 (1) 1975 Flxible 45096-6-1: 14-15,828-829,836 (5) 1981 New Flyer D901A-10235C: 108-115,119-120,550-557,800-806 (25) 1982 Gillig Phantom 3596TB: 5-13,(5,118-125),7-13,125-127,209,558-562,815-820 (31) 1982 Chance RT52: 1-4,4-6,20-22,113-117,121-124,210-214,807-814,810-812 (37) 1987 Gillig Phantom 35102TB: 701-702,8703-8704,710,8720-8733,740-742,750-760 (33) 1988 Chance RT52: 300-303,320-321,340-341,350-352,880-884 (16) 1991 Gillig Phantom 40102TB: 9100,910-917 (9) 1991 Gillig Phantom 35102TB: 9101-9108,920,930-934,940-941 (16) 1993 Flexible Metro D 30096-6T: 9301-9303,9311-9316,9321-9326,9331-9342 (27) 1996 Gillig Phantom 35102TB: 9600-9617,9620,9630-9636,9641-9655,9660-9661 (43) 1997 Gillig Phantom 3096TB: 9701-9702,9711-9714,9721-9726,9731-9734 (16) 1999 Orion 05.503: 9901-9942 (42) 2000 Gillig Phantom 35TB102 Suburban: 2000-2005 (6) 2005 Gillig Phantom 35102: 5001-5003,5006-5016,5021-5029,5031,5033,5042,5051-5054,5056-5060,5071-5076,5078-5081,5091-5096 [51] 2010 Orion 07.501: 1012-1015 (4) 2010 Orion 07.502: 1034,1054 (2) 2010 Orion 07.503: 1074,1076-1077,1079-1080 (5) Total Number of Retired Suffolk Transit Buses: 446 Retired SCAT Roster (List in incomplete.) 1993 Unknown Ford E Series: xxxx-xxxx (2, Transferred to Suffolk County PD renumbered 29784-29785) 199x Coach and Equipment Metrolite Ford: 1909-1910 (2) 1995 Coach and Equipment Phoenix Ford E350: 9405-9406 (2) 1996 Coach and Equipment Phoenix Ford Ex50: 9407-9408 (2) 1997 Coach and Equipment Phoenix Ford Ex50: 9428-9429 (2) 1998 Coach and Equipment Phoenix Ford Ex50: 9432 (1) 2000 Coach and Equipment Metrolite Ford E450: 94xx,9414,9446,9494 (4) 2002 Coach and Equipment Phoenix Ford E450: 2201-2218 [18] 2003 Coach and Equipment Phoenix Ford E450: 2301-2316 (16) 2004 Coach and Equipment Phoenix Ford E450: 2401-2405,2407-2425 [24] 2006 Coach and Equipment Phoenix Ford E450: 2500-2501,2503-2509,2511-2516 (15) 2007 Coach and Equipment Phoenix Ford E450: 2701-2710,2712,2720-2724,2726,27xx-27xx (19; #2702 & 2724 transferred to Suffolk County PD) 2008 Coach and Equipment Phoenix Ford E450: 2801-2805,2807,2809-2811,2813,2815,2817,2820-2825,2827-2829,2831 (22, #2813 Sold to South Fork Natural History Museum and Nature Center; #2822 Transferred to Suffolk County Parks Department for Smith Point Park Shuttle) 2009 Starcraft Starlite E450: 2901-2904,2907-2909,2911-2915,2917-2927 [23; #2920-2921 Sold to the LGBT Network] 2010 Starcraft Starlite E450: 2928-2932,2934-2938,2940-2949 [20; #2931,2943 Sold to the LGBT Network; #2936 Sold to the Town of Smithtown Senior Citizen Program; #2944 Sold to the Shinnecock Senior Citizen Nutrition Program] 2012 Coach and Equipment Phoenix Ford E350: 1201-1203,1210-1212,1214,1218-1219 [9] Total Number of Retired SCAT Buses: 181 Official Retired Routes List **The 7D/E, 10A, and 10D/E were proposed to be cut in 1990. It is assumed they were cut because another route that was listed with them was mentioned as having been cut but restored a few years later. It is assumed that if they were indeed cut they were restored around or before 1993 as the routes were listed on the 1993 system wide bus map S94 - (1981-2018) *19xx-2018 Summer Only Route Montauk Village to Montauk Light House; 1981-199x Full time route from Southampton to Montauk Village S35 - (1981-2016) S71 - (2001-2016) S90 - (1981-2016) 1B - (1981-2016) 5A - (1981-2016) 7D - (1981-1990,1992?-2016**) 7E - (1981-1990,1992?-2016**) 10A - (1981-1990,1992?-2016**) 10D - (1981-1990,1992?-2016**) 10E - (1981-1990,1992?-2016**) S74 (1981-1998) S21 (1981-1990) 1C (1981-1990) 9A (1981-1990) S64 (1981-1987?) 4A (1981-1987) 4B (1981-1987) S76 (I) (1984-1987?) 7C (1981-19xx) 8B (1981-19xx) Total Number of Retired Routes: 21 Former Operators CBS Lines, Inc (1989-2011) Inter-County Motor Coach (1977-2011) Alert Coach Lines (1977-1978,1981-1994) Coram Bus Service, Inc/Coram Line Service, Inc (1981-1989) The Blue Coach Lines (1981-????) Louis A. Fuoco Bus Service (1981-????) Babylon Transit (1981-????) Lindenhurst Bus Co, Inc (1981-????) Long Island Airport Service (????) MSBA (1973-1975,1977-1981) SeaShore Transit, Inc (1978) Holbrook Transportation Corp (1975-1977)
  9. Were there people on board? Maybe the drivers keep them off when nobody is onboard. I remember seeing somewhere else where someone asked a similar question and someone posed that maybe having the interior lights off in some places helped the driver see better. I know in the past some drivers ran with some of the interior lights off or with all but the set closest to them on. (Though those would come on when the door was opened)
  10. I wonder if they did keep #5041 if they are keeping it just in case something happens to #1064 since other then that I don't see a reason for keeping it since other then that extra morning bus on the 10B they only need two buses.
  11. I'm always surprised when I see a Spirit of Mobility tracker being used on the S29, since I always assumed the S29 carried a fair amount of people since they have used 40ft's on it. Unless they carry less during the late afternoon/early evening then they do the rest of the day.
  12. Sorry B35 I was asking Catman. I must have not realized that I quoted you when I started my reply. Can I ask what time of day your experiences are with the S29? I only ask because I noticed a few times near the end of the day EBT seems to put a Spirit of Mobility on the S29.
  13. They seem to be using #1064 on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday on the 10C. The rest of the week it seems to be a Spirit of Mobility.
  14. I'd like to know why you picked the S29 and not the S23, since the S29 was for a time the only bus going from Babylon to Walt Whitman Mall. (While apparently for a time having a offshoot to SCCC-Brentwood or somewhere around there, before the S33 was extended to Hauppauge in 1987 or so) Does the S29 just not draw as many passengers any more then the S23 does? As a not for the S31 for a time it use to go up to the old Suffolk School (The full name escapes me at the moment) in Melville. I don't know how frequently it did but since it was shown like the above mentioned S29 offshoot I assume not very frequently.
  15. Also incorrect multiple 2010 Ford/Starcraft/E-450/Starlite including #2947 and the others that have been used on the 7A and S76 were retired.

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