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  1. mac5689

    Updated 9/25/18 SCT Roster

    I wonder if they did keep #5041 if they are keeping it just in case something happens to #1064 since other then that I don't see a reason for keeping it since other then that extra morning bus on the 10B they only need two buses.
  2. mac5689

    SCT Proposals 2012-2013 Thread

    I'm always surprised when I see a Spirit of Mobility tracker being used on the S29, since I always assumed the S29 carried a fair amount of people since they have used 40ft's on it. Unless they carry less during the late afternoon/early evening then they do the rest of the day.
  3. mac5689

    SCT Proposals 2012-2013 Thread

    Sorry B35 I was asking Catman. I must have not realized that I quoted you when I started my reply. Can I ask what time of day your experiences are with the S29? I only ask because I noticed a few times near the end of the day EBT seems to put a Spirit of Mobility on the S29.
  4. mac5689

    Remembering the S94 (East Hampton/Montauk Fanning)

    They seem to be using #1064 on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday on the 10C. The rest of the week it seems to be a Spirit of Mobility.
  5. mac5689

    SCT Proposals 2012-2013 Thread

    I'd like to know why you picked the S29 and not the S23, since the S29 was for a time the only bus going from Babylon to Walt Whitman Mall. (While apparently for a time having a offshoot to SCCC-Brentwood or somewhere around there, before the S33 was extended to Hauppauge in 1987 or so) Does the S29 just not draw as many passengers any more then the S23 does? As a not for the S31 for a time it use to go up to the old Suffolk School (The full name escapes me at the moment) in Melville. I don't know how frequently it did but since it was shown like the above mentioned S29 offshoot I assume not very frequently.
  6. mac5689

    Updated 9/25/18 SCT Roster

    Also incorrect multiple 2010 Ford/Starcraft/E-450/Starlite including #2947 and the others that have been used on the 7A and S76 were retired.
  7. mac5689

    Updated 9/25/18 SCT Roster

    Oh a slight correction about #7012's accident. It should be that I did hear about #7012's accident, though at the time I didn't know the Bus number just that a car had hit the rear of a SCT bus.
  8. mac5689

    Updated 9/25/18 SCT Roster

    Sounds like #7130's accident would have had a higher probability of Frame damage then #7012's would have. My guess though is that currently both buses are being held at Impound for any inspections and then any legale stuff that might come up from their accidents, then probably repairs. I would be shocked though if #7012 is actually going to be retired, I mean I haven't known SCT to retire a bus after such an accident unless it was due for retirement anyway. (As with #5076 and #5081) Or at least that's assuming that the New Flyers aren't built that strong as the other buses, though It's possible someone believes it will be retired. Do you know anything about #7130's accident? I don't think I heard about it. (I didn't heard about #7012's though I didn't know the bus number or anything else other then a SCT bus had been rear ended at a light on Vets)
  9. mac5689

    Updated 9/25/18 SCT Roster

    Oh #7130 being out finally explains why #7134's tracker hasn't been jumping around LOL. #7134's tracker somehow was partly sync'd with #7130's so it would jump from time to time between where #7134 was and wherever #7130 was. And here I thought they fixed the problem LOL.
  10. mac5689

    Updated 9/25/18 SCT Roster

    I'd have to remember what I was searching when I stumbled upon it first, if was many months ago when I had found it.
  11. mac5689

    New Suffolk Transit Roster

    Yes you can use it. Warning though yard assignments for Suffolk Bus Corp may not be 100% correct.
  12. mac5689

    Updated 9/25/18 SCT Roster

    EBT is cheap. 5054,5057-5059 were all said to be in bad shape when CBS Lines, Inc received them, also a Mechanic for EBT posted on Instagram how he had to keep changing either engines or Transmissions on buses. Also #5032 was reported to have been used without heat this past winter. I don't have a 119xx, since STS didn't get any 2011's from AE with that numbering, though is it possibly you mean #19118 since that was involved in an accident in the same time frame as #11620 and #11622?
  13. mac5689

    Updated 9/25/18 SCT Roster

    The Video actually doesn't show much of any damage to #7012, though I assume it's bumper suffered some. The video just shows that the Car suffered horrible front end damage and pieces from it's front that either fell or was removed by FD.
  14. mac5689

    Updated 9/25/18 SCT Roster

    Unless the frame was damaged that sounds like it would be repairable. Though I'll have to check out the video to see where exactly in the rear. I mean Suffolk Transportation Service, Inc (Sister Company to Suffolk Bus Corp) had a School Bus get hit in the rear bumper and that was repaired and the bus is still in service. East End Bus Lines, Inc had a school bus get rear ended as well though that looked like it the frame was damaged and was probably juncked. Both School Buses were brought from Atlantic Express when they bankrupt. Transloc is the only place. I usually use the Desktop version.
  15. mac5689

    Updated 9/25/18 SCT Roster

    How damaged was #7012? Did your source know why it was retired instead of sent out for repair? Also any idea where #5041 and 5042 are? Their trackers haven't come up and seeing as HJ only has two routes, they aren't really needed there. Last I heard I believe one or both had been waiting for disposal.


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