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  1. I haven’t had a chance to get over to Culver or Fulton this weekend. Anyone have notes on ridership? Seems like Twitter is a flutter with the to Stillwell Avenue. I do remember when I lived on Fulton Street, the was very popular and carried people on both ends of Jay Street, though I guess since it’s staying on Eighth Avenue that’s moot.
  2. The DOB (Department of Buildings, not Buses) ordered the building vacated. There might be a danger of the building collapsing partially (or worse) if the bus is moved. If you remember a guy aggressively flagging you down at 34th Street last Wednesday, then that was me.
  3. I took the B99 from the city after the subways went back to 24 hour service and it was a pretty fast trip. Shame it’s going away, it was better than spending for a Lyft. We picked up a few others who didn’t want any part of the subway at that hour.
  4. Do you mean the ones (51xx-52xx) with the TwinVision signs? I loved those! Too bad they always broke.
  5. The stop list for the Q98 and the B98 are at the end of this press release from the governor’s office.
  6. In the Command days this was advertised to the public, anyone can take a bus between Downtown and Midtown on a local fare. That obviously stopped after the takeover. In most cases, I’ve seen B/O refuse those who want to take the BMs this way in this day and age. But, you can still transfer between them heading southbound so long as you explain your situation and ask the operator nicely. After the Staten Island redesign, those customers were refused by operators after they were told that they can transfer to the uptown BM expresses and vice versa.
  7. That is correct, it is the IND Second Avenue Line according to emergency exit signage. I think the radio change happens at Lexington Av-63 St.
  8. So it looks at if there are extra B68 trips running between Neptune Av/Brighton Beach station and what I assume is the Ditmas Av station on the weekends to replace train service. I have counted at least four buses make the right from Cortelyou Road onto CIA. Either that or I’ve had too many drinks.
  9. Seems they're going to keep that going on the new site. I hope eventually they'll do something similar to the CTA where there's a detailed page or info for each stop. Like where to find a staffed token booth for example.
  10. The MTA has been updating the list of stops for each line that they have on their website.
  11. There are new programs. The B103 northbound now reads “CADMAN PLAZA” instead of “TILLARY ST” and the B1 apparently lost “via 86 ST”.
  12. Not bad for a line they launched with pretty much no promotion or notice.
  13. A BM3 just rolled by on the way to Manhattan, service is actually running.

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