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  1. So it looks at if there are extra B68 trips running between Neptune Av/Brighton Beach station and what I assume is the Ditmas Av (F) station on the weekends to replace train service. I have counted at least four buses make the right from Cortelyou Road onto CIA. Either that or I’ve had too many drinks.

  2. 16 hours ago, Bay Ridge Express said:

    Quite similar to this old feature, though not nearly as descriptive. 

    Seems they're going to keep that going on the new site. I hope eventually they'll do something similar to the CTA where there's a detailed page or info for each stop. Like where to find a staffed token booth for example.

  3. 1 hour ago, trainfan22 said:

    Also I seen multiple buses in BK and the BX with "masks required" signs.

    There are new programs. The B103 northbound now reads “CADMAN PLAZA” instead of “TILLARY ST” and the B1 apparently lost “via 86 ST”.

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  4. 4 minutes ago, B35 via Church said:

    If i saw at least 30 people spread out across 3 separate buses early this morning on the first day of operation, this route is gonna take off in popularity....

    Not bad for a line they launched with pretty much no promotion or notice.

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  5. 1 hour ago, trainfan22 said:

    A while back I suggested on here that the BM's should follow the routing of the Ulmer Park and SI off peak express routes in Manhattan, the current off peak BM setup is every outdated. 

    The reason I suggested going via the East Village is that it keeps all the current stops in Downtown and Midtown. Uptown buses would follow the M15 from Pearl Street up to 23rd Street and then the old route to 57th Street. Downtown, follow the the M15 from 23rd Street to Pearl Street. Rush hours, the current Downtown Loop buses would be extended to Madison Square Park and the midtown super expresses would continue to use the FDR Drive directly to and from 23rd Street.

    Sending them via Church Street/Broadway is good too.

  6. On 3/19/2019 at 10:48 PM, trainfan22 said:

    While were on this topic, I wish the TA Promoted the X28 to Coney Island during the summer time. Maybe even an seasonal extension of the QM16 to Rilis Beach with off peak and weekend service. 

    I’ve thought about that too. Seasonal BxM8 off peak service to City Island would also be a hit.

    On 3/19/2019 at 9:32 PM, Lex said:

    Basically, what I'm wondering is if the current policy of mutual closed-door service and bus platforms with little to nothing in common with the local fleet's platforms is actually sustainable.

    In the past, Command allowed travel between Midtown and Downtown at a reduced fare in order to fill seats. That practice ended with the MTA takeover.

    Problems with express service have nothing to do with closed-door service or different equipment. Other cities with express service have similar setups. The issue is that the buses may not be useful outside rush hours which make them empty, unproductive and expensive to run. They might be good for going to work, but what about weekend shopping? Museum visits? Dining? Bars? Nightlife? Beaches? The Bronx expresses get it right in this department and they carry because of this. They’re popular because you can take them to work, but also to a museum, the park, bars, the zoo and almost everything else mentioned above.

    The opposite end of this are the BMs. I love taking them, but even I can admit it can be better. Peak ridership is strong, but apart from some Fifth Avenue shopping, there isn’t much of a reason to take them off peak. There’s a small but dedicated core ridership who take them because they do not want to or cannot take the subway. Maybe running off-peak service through the East Village along First and Second Avenues instead of the FDR Drive would entice people to use the service for non work trips. Plus, it would be a new market for express bus service. Heck, follow the X27/28 via Sixth Avenue and you’d still hit NYU, Union Square and nightlife activity. Case in point, whenever the (Q) is suspended, everyone and their mother in Flatbush and Midwood mobs the express bus. The hoards of young professionals moving in are up for paying more to get around. They’re willing to take the bus if it goes where they want it to conveniently.

    Solve that and ridership will go up.

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  7. I watched some leaked footage and found that:

    *There are wayside signals along the railroad tracks.

    *The transit agency is called Los Santos Transit, and the agency's tagline is "Catch The Arrow". No idea what joke Rockstar is making there.

    *Buses have actual passengers, I've yet to confirm if you can use them as a passenger.

    *And yes, you will love the train sounds.

    *There is at least one closed light rail station (Pillbox North).


    Will it cost '$1' to ride? And is it like the cops come after you if you hop over it to avoid paying? 

    Perhaps. A fare was charged whenever you took the Liberty City Subway.

  8. I took it again this evening. Worked out well, in fact one of the other riders greeted me with saying "You're back!". I guess expresses have some camaraderie attached with them. I'll be living there starting Tuesday.


    Now I don't know if service got any better on that line, but the 100 used to have the problem of buses running few & far between......

    This evening, there was a conga line of about 6-8 buses on layover at Kings Highway.


    the B100 in the morning is always packed with those NewFlyer CNGs both AM Rush and PM rush

    Saw a couple this evening that were packed also, although there was still some room in the back. That's a problem with the low floors in general.

  9. Right, better lookin middle aged women; Wasn't tryna imply that there were hot young 20-somethings all over the place (you won't find that on any express route).... On the BM3, yeah, I do find that there are more seniors on that route (compared to the rest of the BM's)...

    I would think there's at least one or two of them on the Staten Island expresses. Y'know gym, tan, laundry...


    I find the BM's during the week to be relatively quiet though so Kriston should be able to get a piece of mind going to or from work even if the bus is crowded. What's surprising is how crowded the Midtown Super Expresses get though...

    The only time I've taken it was during the evening rush hour. The bus was sparsely crowded since one had already passed about 15 minutes before. It was a quiet uneventful ride.


    ...but on the BM3... Please... On Saturdays they're usually all old and if I take it during the week, it's mainly middle aged yenta types...

    Eh, I take the B25 on a regular basis. I'm used to the elderly. It's weird that no matter the line, they always seem to end up next to or near me, no matter how crowded or empty the bus is. In fact, I've been told once that the reason that someone sat next to me is because "I'm non threatening" and a "nice young man".

  10. I use the BM3 and if you're in Midwood, it should be relatively quick.  If you're in Midwood above Avenue L, you have the choice of the BM1, BM3 and BM4, so you're not just limited to one bus.  If you don't feel like dealing with the hassle of the (B) and (Q) or the crowds, stick with the express bus.  Just give yourself an extra 20 or so minutes in case there is traffic just as you would with the subway in case there was a problem and you'll be fine.  If you work on the East Side then they definitely save some time because you don't have to deal with any transfers from the subway.

    Work is on the West Side, but I don't mind walking to/from Eighth Avenue, exercise is good! That one time I took it there wasn't any horrendous traffic on the expressway or FDR Drive. I wonder because I always hear about Jamie Shupak warning about backups on the Gowanus in the mornings.


    if ur going to live passed Av K meaning kings hwy etc, I think this express route is helpful whenever going to the city. But, on weekdays they changed 1 hour to 70 minutes for a bus  :huh:  but leave from 57 st, the same? Overall, its a helpful route on AM to Manhattan except on saturdays, there wont be that much on prbly 1-4 people 



    the BM1 is helpful to Mill Basin, but the BM4 ehh it got cut too much except the BM2 and BM5 go seperate ways

    Yes, I will be around Kings Highway (that is if all goes as planned). Would that mean I'd always have a seat during the AM peak?


    You mean three... The BM1, BM3 and BM4 all run together once they meet up at Ocean and Avenue K.  The three of them then meet up with the BM2 at Cortelyou and that's when she would have access to all 4 if she was boarding along Cortelyou Rd, but she would have to be in Kensington or Flatbush and not Midwood.  After the stops along Cortelyou then the BM3 and BM4 continue together and the BM1 and BM2 continue together.  


    BM4 is still useful because it runs earlier on Saturdays if you're going back to Midwood from the city in the morning and if she has access to the BM1, BM3 and BM4 then her waits will be pretty short as sometimes they run about 10 minutes apart depending on when she tries to catch one.

    He's on Kings Highway.

  11. There's a good possibility that I'll be moving to Midwood soon. I hate to be one of those posters, but I was wondering if anyone has any opinions on the BM3 since I've only taken it once (can't really get a fair idea that way).


    80% of the time I'll take the (B) or (Q) to work, but I was wondering if the BM3 could serve a decent alternative every now and then.

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