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  1. It doesn't. I had to spend about 90 minutes cleaning up after one rifled through my trash after spring cleaning.
  2. When the ads were up, they were frequently vandalized and seldom maintained. Sometimes, they would just fall off the tiles. I don't think advertisers want to pay for that, nor does the MTA want to deal with the hassle. So, the ads went away.
  3. An update Tried it again. Got it to work on my MacBook Pro. Here's what I did: Updated to the latest version of openBVE. Downloaded and installed the latest alpha version of mono. Downloaded and installed the latest version of SDL (1.2.15). Reinstalled openAL. After doing all of that, I still had the crashing problem. Then I noticed that I've always had the openBVE native app in the same folder as the .exe. On a whim, I moved the .exe out of the same folder that held that openBVE.app. Success, both work perfectly after the move.
  4. Have the same issue for a few months to no solution. I've basically given up and moved on with life.
  5. I would expect them to knock off the remaining R46s on the and . I don't see either the or getting anything new. We're likely getting R46s, then R68s (R211s sent to the ( and ). If we do get R160s, it's because they're headed for the scrap heap.
  6. Why is there this dire need to not use Second Avenue as a terminal? It seems really perfect for the , similar travel times, facilities, and so on. If you want to test a 24/7 , then test it on it's own merit, not piggybacking it on a G/O.
  7. I had no idea. Thanks for the tip! An updated version is in the works.

  8. Another vote for the Interboro. Almost always clear and very scenic, especially during the fall. Conduit Avenue ranks second.
  9. It's not my cup of tea, but I'm not gonna disparage those who are into it (admittedly, some of them are more territorial than class 5 vegans). The only thing I watch regularly on The Hub is Dan Vs. As far as the 90s, I don't think we'll ever get back to that level, but there's some effort to put quality back into animation again. Adventure Time, Regular Show, Archer, Bob's Burgers, even the Ben 10 franchise are some examples. Honestly, anything is better than that flash drivel from Canada. Ugh.
  10. Like we really needed to give the world more reasons to hate us.
  11. I figured we needed something to counter all the red light and SBS drama. To that effect, we could use this thread to recognize when a B/O goes above and beyond. Good idea?
  12. Why the hell not? Private interests have paid for vintage runs that were open to the public in the past. If someone who isn't Jack and Jill Taxpayer wants to toss some money for subway service, by all means, GO GO GO.
  13. Because it would still cost more money. Staffing the trains aren't the only cost of running them.
  14. Seventh Avenue-53rd Street. It's an earth science report gone awry.
  15. They do not want the buses. I believe the MTA wanted to extend the buses into campus at one point.
  16. Exactly. Different country, different laws. Mind your own business and move it along.
  17. Yes. I've ridden between Flushing and Penn during the overnight hours many times. It's perfectly safe. I'd have to agree. It would be a bit better if they actually lit the damn place.
  18. Well... what can I say. I've reread all of your posts in this thread now a couple of times, and the only opinion that I'm left with is that every argument I've read from you has been condescending, petty, dense and paternalistic. None of the many valid points raised by other members have been cogently rebutted, and the only defense I've seen from you was that all opposing opinions are petty, provincial or dense. So be it. We've found something we can all agree on. You ARE entitled to your opinion. And my opinion is that I've still haven't heard a single argument for the train extension into New Jersey that isn't a condescending, childish and hypocritical attack. Thank you for respecting my opinion, although judging by your past record, you probabaly won't.
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