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  1. Very nice. Could you implement a way to input something like "Then every x minutes until:" mid schedule?
  2. For now it's on hold. Things got in the way and I didn't like how it was turning out. I'm trying it on a smaller scale first.

  3. If you seriously believe that New Jersey will pay anything towards this, I have a bridge to sell you.
  4. I've had the same question too. MTA Bus Co buses didn't have maps on the buses behind the operator until someone complained to the newspaper.
  5. So it wasn't because the MTA felt clean diesels were cheaper and were just as clean/efficient?
  6. There's also a crapload of budget issues. MTA Bus routes are run with a blank check from the city. That isn't the case with NYCT.
  7. That's happened many times before. Slightly annoying, but not a nightmare.
  8. NYCT's Twitter reports that limited subway service will start at 6 AM.
  9. WNBC is reporting that buses will be up and running by 5pm, possibly sooner. Now that's 4:30 PM as of WABC. Service remains fare free.
  10. There are MTA supervisors going up and down Fulton Street with some regularity. If anything starts up first, it would be buses along subway/rail routes.
  11. I like bikes. I like bike lanes. And I would have to agree. The policy of the day is bikes first, everyone else be damned. Good transportation policy makes things easier, efficient and safer for all users and methods. Not just a minority of militant transplants. Exactly why I'm a bit wary of the whole bike rack idea. I understand (and support) on routes that travel out to isolated areas or cross rivers, since some crossings don't have pedestrian walkways. Outside of that, I'm not entirely convinced that the amount of people using bikes on your garden variety local route is worth the expense there. Especially when one can cycle the same amount of distance in probably less time (not to mention the cost savings for people with pay-as-you-go cards and the exercise you get).
  12. I wonder if anything went out to the East in exchange...
  13. Most times, yes. It's scheduled to come every 10 minutes, and it does, 90% of the time. Unless they've suddenly started running secret invisible trains, I have to disagree. There's always at least 2-3 (A)s or (E)s for every . Even at Utica Avenue in the mornings, there's usually a 2 or 3 (A)s before the shows up. That's the way they are scheduled. As long as the ridership on the and continues to be higher, there are going to be less ©s. There's no way around it.
  14. I will not re-read your sentence, because I've come to realize that what you post is mostly junk. Why I bothered replying in the first place, I don't know.
  15. So that's why the runs so well, because the South Bronx is so desirable! Ya learn something new everyday!
  16. Maybe the closed-door policy is outdated. Long distance services shouldn't be making every stop in Queens anyway. Open the doors and run limited in the city.
  17. Park Avenue South (south of Grand Central) is completely different from Park Avenue. Not as residential as Upper Park Avenue. As for the lack of revenue bus service, they probably don't want any. If it matters, southbound Third Avenue buses terminating at 96th Street deadhead on Park Avenue.
  18. There's some stuff concerning real-time train info (for the B Division) in the Capital Plan.
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