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  1. They've bungled up Final Cut Pro X, can't say I'm surprised here...
  2. I had a hot car this afternoon. 3683.
  3. The sign itself should resemble a square with rounded corners.
  4. In that case, I'll give it a try. While we're on the subject, there are two Pay N' Sprays that can fit a bus, in Alderney on Panhandle Road and in Broker on Tulsa Street. The bus looks a lot better with a repaint job. The map should be complete very soon, I just need to figure out Alderney and Eastern Broker.
  5. They left the tanks out for the sake of realism, since the Army never shows up if you commit a crime in real life. I haven't brought the episodic content either, I don't find motorcycle gangs interesting, nor do I want to be running night clubs. 1. Go to Frankfort High 2. Push pedestrians out of the windscreen window 3. Hours of fun
  6. Haha, our Columbus Av lines are the same, except mine continues to Little Bay. I'm shocked you don't have anything going over the Algonquin Bridge.
  7. Still a work in progress. Been very bored lately.
  8. At least his announcements are good. (via SubChat)
  9. I actually used to hate both of those. Now I can't get enough of them.
  10. What are some thing that you would never, never eat in a million years? For me, it'd be tuna or meatloaf. I just don't find it appealing whatsoever.
  11. Every night at 1.00 AM, a tone goes off at stations (that have an active speaker system) system-wide. Anyone know why?
  12. I guess you can't get anywhere in society anymore unless someone sees you naked.
  13. A revamped TripPlanner. It now includes all of the MTA services (and PATH).
  14. I was actually searching Google for something else (which I'll share with you via PM when I find it) and I came across the site. The new MyTrip (from the bus ads) is active.
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