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  1. According to one photographer, they're on the , , and .
  2. The MTA site is reporting that Long Island Bus service is "making all stops after the City Line to Jamaica". Do they mean open-door service?
  3. The was a problem. Ice kept getting stuck in the door mechanism at every stop. Must have been hell for the crew.
  4. A blizzard warning has been issued for the city. It will be in effect from 6.00 am Sunday until 6.00 pm Monday.
  5. Allegations of homophobia aside, the Brooklyn Bus Map is now dated for January 2011. Off the bat, I could see that it notes the X27/X28 split.
  6. I've never, ever gotten this close to advertised speeds during the daytime. It's a miracle!
  7. If you're taking a sabbatical from your bathtub or shower, please be kind enough to spray yourself with Febreze or wear a car Air Freshener (or a lit incense stick) around your neck. Your fellow railfans and customers will appreciate it. That is all.
  8. That applies to older readings they haven't bothered to change. The Q56 displays "via JAMAICA AV", and the B44 displays "via NOSTRAND AV" to name a couple of examples. "B43 LEFFERTS GARDENS - PROSPECT PARK STA" is a good example of a detailed NYCT sign.
  9. I think people are overreacting. If he want's to text while operating a muitl-ton 510 foot train, who are we to chastise him about it? If he wants to text, or down a 40 of Budweiser, or snort a line in the cab, who are we to judge? Whistle blowers like this are the ones who screwed up Metrolink in LA.
  10. Has anyone brought (or thought of buying) a MetroCard from any of those random strangers who hover around the vending machines? Their offers seem too good to be true, and they probably are.
  11. As much as I respect the men and women who keep our city moving, would you (or any other Bus Operator for that matter) take a pay cut if you were given a 30 or a 35 foot coach instead?
  12. I thought it involved the New York Stock Exchange. They had offices in MetroTech and were known by employees in the complex to be rather paranoid about security.
  13. As soon as someone figures out a way to download cable service, we'll tell you. I have a pair of bunny ears that was already hooked up to the TV. My local stations weren't working before the cutoff anyway. Other than the cable boxes turning to the Alert Channel, it's business as usual in this household. I could care less about losing FOX, there isn't much worth watching, and WWOR is Rerun Central. When a media outlet uses Glee as a bargaining tactic, I lose all respect for said outlet.
  14. If you have Optimum Online, you can't. They're blocking Cablevision IPs from watching FOX programs on Hulu and the FOX website.
  15. Since the and have been the center of discussion around here, I'd thought I share this bit of info. It looks like they're in the first stages of building elevators at Utica Avenue. There will be one from each platform to the mezzanine and one from fare control to the street level. The ramp above the express tracks will also be reconstructed so the grade is ADA compliant.
  16. West Indian Day Parade. Puerto Rican Day Parade. Game. Set. Match.
  17. <rant> OH, FECK OFF WITH THAT. I'm sick of city dollars going to out to Nassau County. Both Westchester and Suffolk both pay their way. Nassau County needs to get it's isht in gear and cough up the money to pay for their bus service. Enough is enough. No more free rides, not on our backs. Long Island Bus can't get out of the MTA soon enough. Where's the "No Thanks" button when you need it?</rant>
  18. Unless you've just missed a train, the wait is less then 12 minutes, unless the railroad blows up. I'm not arguing that. It's great that it runs on time, I just want it to run more of the time.
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