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  1. Unless you've just missed a train, the wait is less then 12 minutes, unless the railroad blows up. I'm not arguing that. It's great that it runs on time, I just want it to run more of the time.
  2. You say that as a railfan. It's not great having to wait 12 minutes for a train during the height of the evening rush hour.
  3. Clinton Hill is doing well, but it's not "wealthy".
  4. Just goes to show you that reading comprehension is completely dead within our community.
  5. Woot! I'll keep in touch with you as I make progress.

  6. Born and raised in Brooklyn, but would love to move out to Queens some day.
  7. WARNING: The following contains material of a graphic nature. It may be disturbing for some viewers. muerte en tren indio
  8. I'm glad I'm not the only one who's noticed this. There's no good reason that connecting bus routes aren't shown on route maps. Neither for why there aren't maps aboard buses. What makes this even more astounding is that buses transferred from NYCT usually have the maps taken out, even if they're for the correct division. Supposedly according to the other board, they're doing the shuttle in a couple of hours.
  9. I've always wanted to tackle a bus map. I'm pretty interested in this. Have a look at some of my previous work to see if I'm right for the job.
  10. Speaking of which, new column signs are up that read "Jay Street-MetroTech". MetroTech is obscured by a piece of tape on the northbound platforms, while it's out in plain view on the southbound platforms.
  11. All that bickering might have been for nothing. (via Subchat)
  12. No. Still, no. We are not "some other city". We are New York City, and I'd us to continue to be New York City.
  13. After seeing the idiots in some of these videos, how can anybody in their right mind be opposed to abortion?
  14. Some genius decides to film under a train.
  15. There's a simple explanation for all of this: The public is stupid.
  16. I have on a few occasions, mainly when needing to hop up and down Sixth Avenue on a Pay-Per-Ride.
  17. I'm assuming it's a blanket procedure. That ain't slightly. That's full blown.
  18. That's done for historical reasons. Hence why the south Brooklyn BMT lines are labeled on the subway map.
  19. Oh Chipper10, how we've missed you...
  20. F**k You Cee-Lo Green The Ladykiller [Album not yet released] It's catchy, I swear!
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