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  1. That's done for historical reasons. Hence why the south Brooklyn BMT lines are labeled on the subway map.
  2. Oh Chipper10, how we've missed you...
  3. F**k You Cee-Lo Green The Ladykiller [Album not yet released] It's catchy, I swear!
  4. I would love for them to adhere to that plan, but I wouldn't put it past them to send them to another line and then we get more R46s (or hell, R68s).
  5. The R32s are sticking around for a while...
  6. As much as I like the R32s, the hand-me-down business is getting annoying. A car on my train earlier this evening had dead climate control. Even worse, it was the fifth car, which must have been hell on that C/R. As for the feds getting involved, as absurd as it sounds, much crazier things have happened in this city. I always thought someone in the neighborhoods along Fulton Street would end up complaining to a politician about it. It was only a matter of when. P.S. I found the comments about "the ghetto side of Brooklyn" and "angry black people" hilarious. Anymore groups you wanna put me in?
  7. There's one northbound train that terminates there during the late AM rush as well.
  8. I practically grew up on Manhattan Beach. I don't mind Coney Island either, but the former is usually less packed, and a bit cleaner.
  9. Foothill Transit out in LA has a few Orion Vs with the same setup and roar as the 1600s. Along with the D60s and those 45-foot Compobuses, those CNGs make some of the best noises to come out of a transit vehicle.
  10. The ones in the city tend to be a disorganized mess.
  11. It's rather difficult for a bus to make a right turn onto the transitway from those narrow side streets.
  12. I don't care for Twitter, but I do know it's useful in some applications.
  13. NYCT has made it clear on their Twitter many times that R160s on the was a temporary thing.
  14. On top of that, they won't pick you up unless you're Asian. I'll give the other van operators credit, they'll pick you up no matter your color or creed as long as you aren't riding for free.
  15. I rarely if ever take a van, and if I do, it's because I do not have a MetroCard on me, or during the overnight hours when bus service is extremely infrequent and often erratic.
  16. Oh, I wish the banhammer shows up soon...
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