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  1. Thought we went over this. And STOP writing on my page please. PM me, thanks! I will do the rest this weekend and I am not sending the ones that are done. I do things all at once. Also, about the NG, it will NOT be done decal scheme because no NG has been done in that scheme. And it will NOT be numbered 6257 because that is an Orion V. So pick another number.



  2. \/ It will be done soon. I am currently on vacation and will not return till Sunday, the 1st of August.

  3. Hey East New York Can I have Vou E- Mail.so that I can Email You a bus drawing I made. if Not can You repley Telling me how to post on NYC transit Forums.

  4. Hey it is Nick. You told us to come wats up

  5. hey sup uh nice pics (all)

  6. Im gunna post iht publicly

  7. Oh cool. Hey do you have AIM. If you do PM it to me.

  8. Ok. So there is this thing called school. I am sorry but it will be done when it is done. I am not going to leave my grades behind to make a paper bus.

  9. Please note to all vistors and members that Novabus 5000 (me) is formely R160B 8717 and I will now post under this username.

  10. Thanks alot. Its great to have it.!

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