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  1. 3419 off the roster, entire right side of the front end is done. Saw pics today
  2. That came from UP. When it was at ENY it was a great bus
  3. No it is not painted. It is a wrap. You have to remember, on 5364-5411 (minus 5368), those buses were extreme rushjobs to debut the new scheme. Can't use those much for comparison other then that it is a fully wrapped bus.
  4. Preview photo of 6004, which confirms two things: 1. They will have the flood light behind the first wheel. 2. The light blue on the lower half is blue SBS. *Not my photo. Credit to whoever took this picture*
  5. More then likely they added runs to the Q44 for the summer, and because none of the even XD60s showed up, they had to borrow buses from elsewhere to compensate for the added service. Let the first 5-6 even buses show up and hit service and those buses will be gone
  6. Yeah but truth be told, they have the equipment to handle a shuttle of that size compared to us.
  7. Just got word, the MTA will not be doing the Long Island Railroad Shuttles this summer. Governor saw that the runs were damn near 59+ hours each, and revoked the work. Shuttles will be operated by Coach USA. Buses will come in from the midwest from Dillions and Butler to help out.
  8. 6063 is confirmed at Grand for training. It replaced 6059.
  9. The first at MTA Bus are not all wrap. 5368, and 5412 up are based with blue and the graphics are decal.
  10. KB got 5685-5714 brand new. Prior to this their highest 5500 was 5509 from the 1999-2000 order. 5524 was new to 100 street
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