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  1. .5524 & 5650 to scrap. 7565. 7607 & 7636 to scrap.
  2. 716 to WF 677 currently not in the system. Probably got sent back to NF
  3. You have to remember, unless damaged, or 7746, anything from 7685-7819 isn't going yet
  4. I don't think we need to report new buses as repainted
  5. As per the DTS of Spring Creek, these buses will be in the reserve fleet for SC once they come out of the shop. They are there for service on a 90 day loan so that JFK does not have to loan hybrids anymore. All 5 are undergoing work at SC right now. Here's some pics: -Nick
  6. Yessir. Especially that one individual who said you made this post because you miss your "rustbucket of an Orion" as he called it. Damn fools
  7. CORRECTION: Found out that 9207 actually did go to scrap. A unknown# D4500 has replaced it
  8. Do you know how much it costs to retank a CNG bus? It is a much cheap option to buy used buses.
  9. 9079 is retired. 9207 is now an NYPD RTS. 9307 is still in active service at LGA. 6000 is on a hold for the museum fleet.
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