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  1. Already reported. 7573, 7593, 7612, 7630 JG to WF 8116 and 8119 to JA
  2. Not loaned from WF. Transferred out. As of right now, 5033-5034, 5152 and 5154 are still at QV. 5034 is on the Q1
  3. 6019 in service at CS. 687 in service at WF. 3334 to JFK.
  4. That is exactly what they did. Bus is not in the system yet.
  5. Unconfirmed. 2808 is at OF and 2882-83 are at Quill. Most likely will be swing buses, but give it a few days to really see.
  6. No. I just saw the bus as well. Entirely new SBS scheme. Here are a few pictures.. I know they are crappy pics but they were the best I Could grab.
  7. Now if CS already sent all their OGs out to QV, why would they take in more... Probably will send a few more but not the entire batch
  8. Yes, ran on the 38 today. It has since pulled in. 9511 was also out this morning. 9683 to scrap
  9. But yet the stats show that the Orion 7 CNGs and D60HFs are performing worse then those buses...
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