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  1. They have had these for a while. None of these came "back".
  2. 5397 was never a JFK bus. These were loans, as all 3 buses are back to their respective depots.
  3. Not worth the expense when all of the Orion hybrids are to be done by 2024 latest.
  4. 5583, 5586, 5594, 5598, 5614, 5677, 5680, 5726, 5736 and 5764 to scrap from WF (some of these may have been reported already). 4918 to scrap from FB
  5. Confirmed. 5082, 5109, 5124 also to scrap from UP. 5001 from UP also to scrap.
  6. I believe 177 was one of the units that got sent to the MNRR K-9 training center upstate, along with 142.
  7. False. Bus saw service today and pulled in at 6:27. 5192 to scrap from ECH. 5001 to scrap from FB.
  8. In the system that bus is under storage. So until it has been put on the scrap list, I treat it as such.
  9. 8933 and 8994 have been removed off the roster and driven to ECH Scrap. 9027 is the last standing unit at JFK and should be going soon.
  10. 7693, 7702, 7704 (Confirming to what Orion6025 said), 7706 to scrap from WF. 7735 is NOT scrap, currently in service on the Bx32 as of this posting.
  11. 4927 and 5212 to scrap from ENY 5175 to scrap from LG
  12. 1000-1015 to West Farms for Bx6 Select Bus Service 1016-1053 to Gleason for B35 Articulation 1054-1109 to West Farms 1075 and 1078 are most then likely going to be moved to WF when their own buses show up.
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