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  1. 1074 was delivered to WF. It was spotted earlier by a friend and he got a shot of it enroute to WF with 1014.
  2. No, the 99s have the same lifts as the 96s. They are getting rid of them as they have major failures that are BEP (Beyond Economical Repair)
  3. This is a photo I took of 5121 when it was parked for scrap 4 years ago. 5224 is still at Quill. And as of right now, in the system it is listed as INS, meaning in service. I saw the comment but until shown otherwise, I would not list it as scrapped.
  4. 3218 was an accident bus. 8971 has been removed from the system, so it is retired
  5. The M shuttle ends at the end of the month. However it is now overtime and not picked work so Grand hasn’t been sending out the attics as much. Maybe one or two a day if even that. 6083 and 6087 to Quill
  6. It WAS at WF. It is now back at the vendor in JFK Airport.
  7. Bus has been off the roster for at least a month now.
  8. 5009 has always been a grand bus since it came from west farms
  9. Why would they repaint it into TA livery? 4904 is not the one they got from transit. That was 4978.
  10. That bus runs. Needs work and its more then transit is willing to put into it.
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