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  1. 7693, 7702, 7704 (Confirming to what Orion6025 said), 7706 to scrap from WF. 7735 is NOT scrap, currently in service on the Bx32 as of this posting.
  2. 4927 and 5212 to scrap from ENY 5175 to scrap from LG
  3. 1000-1015 to West Farms for Bx6 Select Bus Service 1016-1053 to Gleason for B35 Articulation 1054-1109 to West Farms 1075 and 1078 are most then likely going to be moved to WF when their own buses show up.
  4. 1074 was delivered to WF. It was spotted earlier by a friend and he got a shot of it enroute to WF with 1014.
  5. No, the 99s have the same lifts as the 96s. They are getting rid of them as they have major failures that are BEP (Beyond Economical Repair)
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